The New Family Member

Author notes: This is a sequel to the Ghostwriter story "Helping Out The Hunters." The song 'Born To Be Wild' performed by the band Steppenwolf.

Chapter #1

It was a rainy, stormy night when John and his son Dean and their new demon friend Sam had just finished a job. It was a very nasty poltergeist. They were covered from head to toe with a thick cover of slime.

Dean broke the silence by saying, " Dad, Sam and I don't know about you guys but after this funhouse I need a long relaxing vacation."

John took a minute to respond to Deans request. " I agree with you Dean. It would be logical to go to Yellowstone National Park. Right now we are in Idaho and it would take a one day drive to get to our destination." He heard two sets of "Yes Sirs" from Dean and Sam. John walked over to his car and grabbed two towels and gave them to the boys. John was impressed with how lighting quick Sam could catch the towel. Dean also had quick reflexes.

"Good catch boys" John complimented the boys. Sam had a look of surprise at the compliment. It occurred to John with sinking dread that Sam had never received a word of praise in his young life. John made the decision at that moment that he would do his best to make Sam feel like a part of his small family.

"Thanks Dad. Do you think we can go fishing?" asked Dean. Fishing brought back happy memories of life before the ceiling demon destroyed their small family.

John knows how important it was to Dean that they went fishing. They all needed happy memories to replace the bad ones. " Sure, son," John agreed.

After the group of hunters cleaned themselves of the thick slime, John said in a commanding voice, "All right boys, lets go to the hotel and get some sleep. Then in the bright and early we will start our drive to Yellowstone Park."

The two different facial expressions were very interesting and heartbreaking to look at. Dean's expression was relaxed and peacefull. Sam on the other hand had one of confusion and worry.

The hunters went their separate ways; John went to his mighty 4x4 truck. Dean and Sam went to their beloved Impala. Sam went to the passenger seat. As Dean was putting on his seatbelt he looked at his new amigo. "Sammy what do you what to do when we get to Yellow Stone park?'' Sam was in deep thought about this question. He knew this was not supposed to be a difficult question to answer, but he was drawing a blank. "I don't know how to answer that question Dean. What does a human family do when they are on vacation?"

Dean was very close to driving the Impala off the road. He was that startled to hear Sam to voice that question! Dean took a quick look at Sam like he was going to grow horns. "Sammy there is lot to do on a vacation. We could hunt animals. We could also make Smores, tell ghost stories and hike. Stuff like that."

Sam's expression was one of total confusion. " What are Smores?" Dean was in shock! He slammed on the breaks; the Impala was jerk ed to a sudden stop. " You've had Smores before! They are one of God's gifts to the world." Sam was a little taken back by Deans outburst. Sam replied very calmly, "Dean, I never experienced a family vacation before."

There was an uncomfortable silence for a long time until Dean asked, " While you were at college with Jess, didn't she introduce you to junk foods?

"No. I contended on surviving your world without my power. I also did not tell Jess about my demonic nature. I feared she would reject me if she knew the truth."

Dean understood Sam's reasoning. He was reminded when Cassie rejected him. "Well my friend, get ready for the wildest vacation you have ever had." With that said, Dean reached over to turn the radio volume up. The song "Born To Be Wild" blasted out of the speakers.