Chapter 4

In John's truck the silence was so thick you could hear a pen drop. Ellen was in the passenger seat; Jo was in-between her and John. Outside the weather was rainy and one minute later it was hailing. John thought the weather was just as confused as he was. He needed straight answers now!

"How do you know that Sam is your son?"

Ellen looked at John with shock. " I am surprised that you waited this long to interrogate little ol' me." She acted like she was insulted. John was not fooled by Ellen's acting job. " Quit trying to avoid the question Ellen!" John said, the strain showing in his voice.

Ellen was a little apprehensive about explaining her investigation about her son but she also knew that she had to answer his questions. " Well, John, Ash discovered you could track demons by identifying their aura." John was listening with rapt attention. " So these aura are like a finger print? I wish I knew about these aura sooner." Ellen was surprised that she did not have to explain any further. " John, having this knowledge would not have done you any good. The older demons know how to camouflage their auras. We could not track down where Sam's location was because he was not using his magic until last month." Realization hit John like a thunder bolt. " That was the first time we met Sam!"

"That's right John!" replied Ellen. There was a long stretch of silence until Jo asked, "How is Sam? Where is he?"

John took a quick look at Jo in the rear view mirror and said, "Since Sam joined us he is mainly working with Dean. They make a great hunting team. As for your next question, Sam is at Bobby's. " Jo and Ellen exchanged worried looks at each other. Jo said the first thing that came to her mind. "What the hell were you thinking?" Ellen was equally mad with John and let her "mother lion" out. " What if he kills my baby? I will come after you!"

John looked at Ellen and thought she had such a beautiful face with determined expression and fire in her eye and he admired her desire to protect her demonic child. "Don't worry Ellen. Bobby is one of the kindest hunters I know. Besides, I found this collar that will make it impossible for him to be a threat to the people around him." John was not prepared for the reaction this would provoke. "John if anything would happen to my baby, I will hunt you down, pull out your arms and hit you with them." Jo was also mad at John but was more worried about getting to her brother. She was really mad at John, so she leaned really close to his ears and yelled, "Can't you make this go any faster?" John stepped on the gas pedal a little harder and he was now going 60. He was confused. "What's the big deal? The collar is just a precaution." As soon as the words left his mouth he knew he had made a big mistake.

Ellen was not happy with John and she was going to give him a piece of her mind. "The problem is, John, you could kill him!" Jo hit John on the arm really hard "You are a big ass!" The car swerved out of control for a minute but John was an ace at stunt driving and got under control before anything could happen. " How could a collar kill Sam?" Ellen took pity on John. " John, the aura is like breath for demons. The collar would prevent auras from exhaling." Realization hit John like a ton of bricks. " This is not good. It's like a fish out of water. I'm sorry Ellen. I did not know that Sam could die, please forgive me." Ellen knew that John's apology was sincere. "I forgive you but let's just get to my baby"

John nodded his head in agreement and pressed the gas pedal to the metal. Outside the sky was dark and ominous.