Chapter # 6

Chapter # 6

It was two hours before Sam was back to normal. The group of hunters were exchanging theories about the recent murders of hunters, with the exception of Ellen and Jo, who were giving John the evil eye the whole evening. Bobby took it upon himself to play the peacemaker. "Jo, Ellen. I think you should tell John what you are thinking because it is not a good idea to go hunting when you have ill feeling toward someone in your hunting party."

Ellen didn't like the idea of being so open but she knew that Bobby had a good point so she would do as he asked her to do. "John, I am so angry that you put that damn collar on my son!" John was not proud of himself but he had to defend himself from the angry mother lion. "I didn't know it would be so harmful to Sam. Sam is like a son to me."

John's plea of forgiveness was falling on deaf ears. Ellen was just becoming angrier. " It was black magic, John!" she yelled.

Sam was worried that the situation was getting out of control and he knew he had to defuse it before it became explosive. Sam put a calming hand on his newly found mother. "Mom it's all right. I am fine and it was a mistake that John made and he is sorry. I forgive him but the question is, can you do the same?"

Ellen looked at Sam in shock and pride at the same time and smiled. "I am so glad you are my son" Ellen hugged Sam and kissed his cheek. Then just like that she was back to business. " All right. The people said in the police reports that it was a bear attack but one witness said that they were just setting up camp. The bear attack was not provoked."

Dean agreed with that statement " That's true. Who is the witness? We should go talk to this person." John spoke up next. "The witness was the victims son. The victim was his father."

The whole group had a moment of silence for the tragedy that happened to this boy. Bobby was the first to break it. " Sam, Dean should talk to the witness. Ellen, Jo, you should go snoop around town and try to find out if there is anything not right with the town. It may be a cult that are killing those hunters." Ellen and Jo looked at each other and nodded their agreement and they were also looking forward to shopping at the stores and they would make John pay for their purchases. John saw this look and he knew that he had to put a stop to this right now! " I think it would be better if Ellen and myself went to interview the witness." Before anybody could protest, John added, " It would look less suspicious If Ellen and I did it because we are older." Everyone knew this was not true but they knew it would be impossible to change John's mind once he came to make a decision.

Jo did not mind this change of plans because she was looking forward to getting to know Sam and his adopted big brother Dean.