Title: My Arch Nemesis Prime Time Drama



"How can you watch this crap?" I asked Turk as he was watching the new episode of Gray's Anatomy that he had saved on the DVR. "Its worse than the crap that Dr. Cox watches."

"Watchu talking about man? You love this show…"

"As if! This show is so lame, anyone who watches it is a mindless drama monger, and by the way none of the angst ever leads anywhere, they just dance all around each other, explaining every emotion they could possibly be feeling, yet getting no where in their relationships."

"Dude what's your problem?"

"Nothing anyway turn the channel, its Thursday night which means…" I plop down onto the couch next to Turk. "I am the king of the remote tonight."

"But I want to see if Bailey hooks up with that one chick!"

"Tuuurk!" Turk hands over the remote with the childish scowl which signifys his defeat.

Suddenly there is a knock on the door. I sigh and get up to go answer it. Its Dr. Cox.

"Newbie. Out. Drinking. Now." My shoulders slump. I hear a small noise of triumph behind me.

"No way Turk, you are not watching Gray's Anatomy! I may not be here but I'm still king!"

"Dude that is sooo wrong!" Turk stares at me with a hurt expression.

"Turk it will melt your brain! Just say no!"

"He's right Gandhi. That show is for losers-"

"That's what I have been trying to tell him-"

"Shut up Newbie, Its completely inaccurate, if you watch that crap, I will call you for a surgical consult every time I get a hangnail. I don't need you all acting like pansy ass drama queens, talking all day about your problems. We've got Carol here for that." Dr. Cox put a hand on my shoulder and I turned from agreeing with him to giving him a hurt look.

Turk just turned the T.V off and threw down the remote, scowling. We started down the stairs towards the bar.

"Hey Dr. Cox I really took offense to you comparing me to that god awful show."

"No talking until we are drinking." I followed behind him head hung low. It would be a long night.


AN: Do your part! Gray's Anatomy is opposite Scrubs! Shun them, shun them I say!