Orochimaru fell. Dead. Having had his head torn off by a rasengan. Naruto leaned against a tree, tired from using so much of the kyuubi's chakra. Hinata limped her way over to him

"Y-you did it N-naruto-kun…" she whispered.

"hehe…I guess I did…Hinata-chan…" he slowly whispered.

She lay down in his lap. The war with the Sound was over. They had lost many shinobi, being attacked by Sound, Cloud, and Rock at the same time. Luckily, they had been able to defeat them with the help of their allies from the Sand and Mist. Naruto, while sad that he had to kill Sasuke, knew it had to be done. Orochimaru had transferred his soul into the last Uchiha's body, and then begun his war a few months afterwards. The war had raged for 3 years. The rookie nine and Team Gai had survived. All was well.


"Yeah, Hinata-chan?"

"I…I've always w-w-wanted to tell you…I…I've admired y-you for so l-long…n-now that t-the war is over…I can f-finally tell you…Naruto-kun…I-I…"


"I lo-"

"Hinata-san, time for breakfast!" Hinata turned over in her bed, mumbling.


"Come now Hinata-san, you have to eat!" She didn't want to get up. To get up would be to acknowledge that this was a dream. To get up would be to acknowledge that she was too late to confess. To get up would be to acknowledge that Orochimaru had managed to stab her love with Kusanagi before his rasengan had hit. To get up would be to acknowledge that her love had died before her eyes, before she ever had the chance to confess her love…