When There Is No Escape

Chapter 1- First Death

Ashley pulled up to the drive way in her silver beamer. She had just gotten back from babysitting. Ashley was a very good babysitter. She made a lot of money off of it. Ashley is seventeen. She lives with her parents in a big, expensive house. She walked up to the front door of her two story house. Ashley pulled out her house key from her green purse. The key made a screeching sound when Ashley inserted her house key. She walked inside and into the living room. She dropped her purse as it landed onto the big couch. She reached for the television remote when the phone suddenly rang. "Who could that be at a time like this?" Ashley said to herself. It was close to midnight and her parents were out of town. She picked up the cordless phone and pushed a button. "Hello?" she said in a tired voice. There was no answer. "Hello?!" she screamed into the phone. "Ashley? Is that you?" a voice said. "Mom?" Ashley responded. "Yeah it's me honey. I just wanted to let you know that I and your dad are just a few miles away from home. We decided to come home early and we will be there in about ten minutes." Her mother said quickly. "Okay. I just got home from baby sitting. They exchanged goodbyes and Ashley hung up the phone. It only took a few seconds before the phone rang again. Ashley answered it instantly. "Mom?" she said. The voice that answered was a dark, dark voice. It was a deep voice. "Hello" it said. "Hi, who is this?" Ashley said curiously. "It doesn't matter" it replied back. "Well I know that this is some prank call so I will just hang up now." She said angrily. "If you hang up on me, I will cut you like a fish!" the voice said loudly. "Who are you?!" Ashley sobbed. "The question isn't "Who am I?" the question is "Where am I?". It said. "So where are you?" she said. "Your front porch." It said. Ashley ran to the front door. She unlocked the door and swung open the door. There was no one there. "What ever, bye now." She said hanging up the phone. She closed the door and locked it. Suddenly, the closet door opposite the door swung open and a figure with a white mask and black cape came running out of it with a big kitchen knife. He swung while Ashley ducked down and fell down to the floor. The figure tried to stab her, but Ashley moved, meaning he missed. She kicked him and she flew up the stairs. She picked up a flower pot and threw it to the figure. He just blocked it. Ashley opened her bedroom door. She slammed the door shut and locked it. She went to her window. Her parents were right down the street. "Help me!" she screamed! She turned around to see the dark figure. She knew it was her last minute of life. The dark figure drew up his sword and flung it into Ashley's stomach. He pushed her out of the window and she flew onto the ground. Ashley died.

All was silent. Blessed silent.