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Summary: AU. DaisukeXDark. "The darks secrets are not so subtle hidden. Its human ignorance that keeps it hidden..." Warning: characters may be OOC.

Foreshadowing Darkness

Chapter one: New Beginning

The eternal quest of the individual human being is to shatter his loneliness. -Norman Cousins

London, 1950, 11:56 P.M.

Fog rolled over the streets, covering everything in its path. The boy shivered in the cold and looked up at the half covered moon. It was full. The boy rubbed his arms and kept walking. He would have to feed soon, to saint that growing desire within him.

The boy walked down the street and quickly found his prey. With a command he made the girl fall asleep. Catching her he lowered her to the ground. He brushed his lips over her throat before he sunk his teeth in. He could feel the life draining from the girl as he drank her blood.

London, 1978, 2:38 A.M. Docks

Running for the docks full speed was the boy. He had been found by them. The HD organization was keen on whipping out his kind. And he may not be one of the most keen on being discrete it still shouldn't of been this easy for them to of found him. The boy ducked behind some barrels as bullets flew over his head.

He jumped up and around the corner before the person could get anymore shots at him. He needed to find a ship that was leaving and he needed to find one now. Turning he saw a ship just leaving and made a dash for it. Bullets went flying by him; the guy had rounded the corner. As he made a risky jump for the ship, a bullet finally hit and sunk deep into his left shoulder. Griding his teeth in pain he used his right arm to catch the railing.

Pulling himself up he looked back. The person stood there staring at him as the boat left. Holding his shoulder he turned and grinned. He had won, well in a way. Getting a good look at him he memorized his looks. He had amethyst eyes with dark purple hair. His clothes were completely black.

Daisuke's POV, Japan, 2000

"Daisuke, Daisuke, Daisuke wake up." I slowly opened my eyes to come face to face with Emiko. I rubbed my eyes as I sat up. "huhhh...?"

"Your going to be late if you don't hurry, Dai." I nod and she leaves the room. I get up and change into my uniform, grabbing my bag I run down stairs, grab food and out the door all in a few minutes. I ran all the way to the train then hopped on. Once we came to my stop I jumped off and ran for school. As I neared the school I could hear the bells ringing. Running faster I darted into the old building and down the halls. Before the final ring I slipped open my class room door and jumped in.

Slumping to the ground I gave a big sigh then stood up and sat at my seat. Saehara came bounding over from his seat. "Luucky! The teacher isn't even here yet!"

"Really? What's taking her so long? I hope she's okay..."

"Of course she's okay!"

Just then the door slid open to show the teacher there. She walked in and set her stuff down on the desk. "Sorry class, I was meeting our new transfer student. He will be here in a moment." She looked pointedly at Saehara. "Saehara take your seat."

Saehara went to his seat and the teacher was about to say something when the door slid open for the third time that morning. In stepped a boy with dark purple hair and amethyst eyes. I stared wide eyed as the boy scanned the room.


I sat on top of a water tower staring at the crescent moon. I had one leg curled up to my chest and the other dangling over the edge. I heard someone come to a stop behind me and I turned my head slightly to see who it was. He was standing there, his long cloak blowing behind him. "What do you want?" I asked as I turned back to the moon.

I could feel him smirk as he replied, "well isn't that an easy answer. I don't work for the Black organization for nothing, after all." I ignored him and continued to stare at the moon. "Don't worry, it will be full again." He whispered into my ear before he left.


As his eyes traveled around the room they landed on my surprised faced. He smirked and made his way to the front of the class. He wrote his name on the board and turned to the class as the teacher said, "Ok, people, this is Dark Mousy. He will be staying with us for awhile, does anyone have questions for him?"

Almost immediately everyone's hands went up. I turned my head and stared out the window as I drowned myself in my thoughts. Why is he here? They couldn't have found me this easily! I just got here! Did they follow me? No... I took that ship to Florida then came here... Then how? This is bad, real bad.

I Was knocked out of my thoughts when a loud thud was heard. Looking over I saw that the teacher had... Fainted? "Wha...?" The students gathered around the teacher. What made her faint? I watch as some of the students take her to the nurses' office. A little while later an adult came in saying, "Ok for the rest of Home room you may do as you please, just be quiet. Your teacher should be coming to in a few hours." The class cheered but was quickly quieted by the teacher. "No Noise."

A few minutes later a few students decided to leave. Others just gathered into groups and started talking. Saehara was talking with Satoshi, Riku, and Risa. I hesitated to joining them and then quickly made up my mind. It was a lot safer to leave. Getting up I grabbed my bag and started to head out. No one noticed as I silently slipped out the door. I didn't notice that someone had followed me until I had reached the trees outside the school.

"Where are you going?"

I spun around quickly to find him there, Dark. "Class won't start for awhile so I don't need to be here." And I'm better off where he is not. I turned before he could answer and started to walk away. I didn't go far before he caught my hand making me stop. "Yes?" I asked not turning around.

"You shouldn't leave the grounds."

"And who said I was leaving?"

"I did."

"What if you're wrong?"


"..." I kept quiet, still refusing to speak when a thought came to mind. Turning I glared at him and asked, "How did they find me this fast?"

He let go of my arm seeing that I wasn't going to leave. "Its not that hard, they all return home eventually." He grinned. I glared at him and before he could stop me, darted off at full speed. Determined to get away... for now.

Far away I stopped to catch my breath. I collapsed on a bench huffing. Looking around I could see I was in third district. School was all the way in first district. Great, I'm going to end up late. Well its better then being with him that's for sure.

Getting up I looked up into the blazing sun. The sun here sure is strong, why can't it be weak? Makes it easier for me, then I wouldn't have to waste so much energy. Sighing I start the long trek back to school. I wasted most of my energy for running, damn. I was going to have to feed soon, which meant he would be after me, for sure. Sometimes I didn't know if he wanted to kill me or not. Makes it really confusing for me, and I hate to be confused.

But the HD Order seems to think he's the best one to assign after me. They don't even try to put him on a different case, only mine. Lucky aren't I? Right. Reeal lucky. I thought bitterly. I decided to skip school that day; home was more inviting and closer. Changing direction I headed off hoping no one was home.

When I opened the door and peeked in it was dark. (A/N: As dark as any house gets when the blinds are closed.) Sighing I quietly stepped in and closed the door. I walked up to my room as quietly as possible just in case someone was home. You never know.

Closing the door I walked over to the small couch and layed down on it. Now what am I going to do? It's not like asking will work... I don't want to move again... Sighing again I rolled on to my side and let sleep take me, safe in the comfort of dreams.


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