Foreshadowing Darkness

Chapter Thirteen: Second Chance

All good things must come to an end. -Unknown(Actually I've heard too many people say this to know who it originated from.)

Satoshi's POV, his mansion, bedroom with Dark & Daisuke, We'll say its 5:00 pm, since I haven't been using time for awhile

After checking on Dark and Daisuke I took a seat back into my chair (The one he had originally sat in). Krad was already lounging in a chair next to mine. "It seems Daisuke has started." I said, mostly to break the silence, he already knew.

He nodded in response, I could see he was thinking about something. I let him think, even if I asked he wouldn't tell me, he kept a lot of secrets to himself. I watched as Daisuke curled himself up in a ball. We would have to move him to a bed soon. Daisuke was in a state of healing, as it would be called. To put it simply, his Angel blood was finally taking affect. It might of started sooner, if Krad had not filled him with vampire blood, but Krad did not want to take the chance of it happening when he was older, or being reincarnated a few times before happening. Krad may not show it, but he cared for those two. He gave up everything he had to bring them back together. He was never aloud to return to the Angels Sanctuary again.

I stood up and walked to the window, it was still light out, but in a few hours the sun would set. Dark would wake up soon. I moved the curtains to the side a bit more, an unnecessary move seeing as they were already drawn all the way back. This room had a view of the woods that covered most of this side of the town. I ignored it for a moment and glanced up at the sky. The colors had yet to change, even though the sun was inching its way to the horizon. The sky was a baby blue, completely empty of any clouds. I saw sparrows dart across the sky into a group of trees. They would be off to hide soon, from the decreasing sun and settle for the night.

"Satoshi..." I heard Krad whisper behind me in a soothing voice. I didn't turn around though, instead I continued to watch the sky. It would start soon.

He came to stand slightly to my left, still behind me. He stood close enough that I could feel the heat emitting from his body. I watched as the blue slowly faded from the sky and a rang of orange, pink, and purples took over.

"...Are you ready? I know you've been helping me for a long time, but you don't have too." This time I did turn to face him.

"I never had too," I said. I was determined to do this, I had, in truth, been helping and planning for a long time, before I met him. "I'm going to help." I paused before smiling slightly and saying, "It's what I do."

He grinned back at me. "And so it is." He knew what I meant. I took one last glance out the window to see the sun as a small slit on the horizon.

"And so it begins..." I mumbled, and we both looked over to Dark who groaned.

Dark's POV, Dream World

The ground shook, interrupting my terror, and successfully shaking me from my stooper. Lusz leaned away, glancing out the window with a thoughtful expression. "Wha," I sucked in a gulp of air before continuing. "Whats happening?" I looked up at him as he tilted his head to the side, listening to something.

"This worlds crumbling, the edges are already gone." Another tremor shook the ground.

"Gone? But I don't see anything." He gave me a scolding glance.

"What did I tell you? This is only a small part of my world." He stood up completely and walked to the window. He threw back the curtains, which I had just noticed, and glanced about. I just watched from my chair; I had no desire to fall over if another tremor hit. Which, as Lusz turned back around, it did. He put his hand on the wall and waited for it to end before making his way back to me. "Come," he grabbed my arm and yanked me up, pulling me to the door.

I stumbled out after him and down the hall, another quake shook and lasted longer then the others. I had trouble walking down the hall as I bounced from wall to wall. Lusz lead me up a flight of stairs, which I thought was strange, and onto a flat rooftop.

"Why are we up here?" He ignored me and walked over to the ledge.

"Look," he pointed off in a random direction as I walked up to where he was.

"What?" I looked and when I saw what he was pointing at my eyes widened.

"You see now? It's crumbling, making room for yours to merge." All the edges around the city that made up his world had crumbled. Fallen down, looking like they had been blown up and left to rot for months. There was nothing left but the few bases of buildings and destroyed stone. I glanced around to take in the rest of the city.

It was an ugly place, trash littered the streets that held cars, but no sign of people. The place was a dump, in simple words. Like the bad side of town in a big busy city. The only thing was that it didn't smell, which was strange, but I didn't care to much. There was a broken street lamps on some of the streets, building broken into, windows broken, destroyed cars, doors open and hanging off there hinges, I didn't even see animals around.

"Augh, you live here?" I winced as I looked around again. "It's such a dump."

"It probably was," he said, then continued when he saw my skeptical expression. "I like this place, mostly because you Angels all have the same amusing reaction to it."

I lifted an eyebrow in question. "Same?"

He nodded. "Yes, most of you aren't quite use to, or straight out dislike, a city this dirty. Your place is really white clean, isn't it?" I thought about it for a second before nodding. I had forgotten how clean the place was.

I opened my mouth to speak, but quickly shut it as another tremor started. This one though didn't look like it was going to stop anytime soon. "H-hey!" I stumbled a bit, but he grabbed my arm again and steadied me.

"Come on!" He pulled me off again, dragging me down the stairs and through the halls until we came through a set of doors into the open air of the streets. "This way." He lead me, this time not pulling me along, down the streets and through the city. I wasn't sure which direction we were going, but I was pretty sure all the cities edges were being destroyed.

"Where are we headed?"

"To the center, the heart of the city." We maneuvered around cars and fallen street lamps, being careful as to not fall onto the shaking ground. As I pounded up onto the sidewalk I tripped and skidded across the ground.

"Ittai..." We may not of been in the real world, but pain was just as evident as if we were. I stood up using a building conveniently next to me to steady me on my way up. Without letting me regain my balance, Lusz pulling me off and around the corner of the building. I would of frozen in place if not for the fact that Lusz was still pulling me along.

Before me stood a large fountain in the center of a courtyard. At least, it looked like a courtyard, but why was it there in the middle of a rotten town? The fountain had three round layers to it. The bottom layer was large, its wall coming up to a little under my knees. There was statues carved into the outside wall and also little statue figures dancing about or sitting on the wall, some even seemed to be coming out of the low wall. The second layer was only two thirds the size of the bottom one. This one was decorated with flowers, vines, and little fairy people with dragonfly wings. The last layer was the design of a vase, being held up by a Fay. The Fay was a female, with long wavy hair flowing to her feet. The whole fountain was made from platinum marble, except for the Fay's hair and eyes, making her stand out more. The hair and eyes seemed to be made out of obsidian.

"Whoa..." I stared in awe as we stopped in front of it. I'd probably be annoyed at the grin he was giving me, but I was to busy with staring at the fountain. "I didn't know something so beautiful could exist here," I said as I glanced at him. He looked slightly insulted at what I said.

"Well, just because I like to live in a wasted city does not mean I hate beautiful things," he said defensively. I think I hurt his pride.

"Really?" I glanced back up at the fountain, it was over flowing with water, making a calming sound. "Sorry, I just always thought of you as a bad person."

He snorted. "I am a bad person, just not in the way you think I am."

I took the few steps to the edge of the fountain and looked back over my shoulder at him. "Will it stay?" I asked, my voice light, still in shock over the sight.

Lusz nodded. "It's the center, so it will stay. Besides, if you like it then it most definitely will stay." I nodded happily, turning to look back at the fountain. Some where in the back of my mind I realized the ground had stopped shaking. I looked about a bit, some of the surrounding building had crumbled. Everywhere around the courtyard was desolated. Everything was completely gone, nothing left but the piles of rock indicating that there once were buildings there.

I ignored then for now, turning back to the fountain before me. Lusz had abandoned my side in favor of the fountain off to my right. He was bent over, doing something, but I couldn't see, so I curiously walked over to him. He was knelled over the fountain, looking into it. When I looked, I didn't see anything other then water, but once my eyes focused on it an imaged appeared.

I gasped and took a step back. It was an image of the room I had woken up in prior to this unconscious state. Satoshi and Krad were talking quietly by the window and I saw Daisuke sleeping off to the side of them in a chair. The image in general didn't bug me, but the image did not only have Satoshi, Krad and Daisuke in it. On the bed, lying unconscious under the covers was me. Unless it was a photo or a mirror one did not find it disturbing to see oneself. But this was neither a mirror or photo and it left me with a disconnected feeling. I wasn't at all pleasant, and I would rather not of seen it.

I took a step back. "Wha- what is that?" Lusz smiled, a creepy kinda grin that makes me want to shudder.

"This fountain is not here for mere decoration." He leaned back, away from the fountain. "It has a purpose you know, and, of course, you see now what that purpose is." I nodded and swallowed thickly. It was a little unnerving but... I guess I could get use to it. I hope.

Daisuke's POV, Feverish dreams/ memories (Yay!)

I knew I was dreaming when I saw myself as a child. I looked about ten or so, but I couldn't be sure, I'd always looked younger then I was. I was bouncing around the kitchen, bringing supplies for some women in the middle of the kitchen. She was cooking and he(I) was helping her. I looked at her face and realized I couldn't see it. It blurred and the only thing I could make out was her short reddish-brown hair. She had on a green T-shirt, blue jeans, a light blue apron, with frills, on over it. She was humming happily as she spoke to the child. The child looked happy, smiling brighter then I could ever remember doing.

"Daisuke! Daisuke, honey! Come here with those! I don't want you eating them all!" The women scolded the child and he pouted a bit. He had grabbed the strawberries from the fridge for her and had only eaten a few before she scolded him.

"But Okaa-san! I wasn't going to eat them all! I was going to leave you a few." He went back to smiling as he skipped over to her.

"Yes, but you wouldn't nearly leave me enough for our cake." The women said teasingly, as she took the bowl of strawberries away, sending the child into a fit of giggles. Okaa-san. She was my mother? But I don't remember her... Her face is gone, I can't see her anymore. Why can't I remember her? Shouldn't I? But I don't re...

Everything went black. Most people would freak if that happened, but I didn't. I could feel myself waking up. What too, though, I will have to see...

Daisuke's POV, Waking up

I blinked my eyes open and was rewarded with a blurry image of the world. I blinked my eyes a few times until the blurry image turned into a ceiling, then a room, and after that, two figures. I stared blankly at them for awhile before I recognized them. It was Krad and some stranger. "Oh..." I mumbled and would of sat up except I realized that I already was. I looked down to see that I had curled up in a chair and fell asleep.

"Are you awake?" Krad asked, only to have the stranger, a guy, wave a hand at him.

"Of course hes awake," The guy said. He drew his hand back from where Krad had caught it and looked back towards me. "His eyes are open, are they not?"

Krad shrugged, "I don't know, with his sleeping habit it's hard to tell..." Krad's sentence wandered off before coming to a stop.

"I'm awake." I mumbled, finally able to form a coherent sentence.

"That's good." The stranger said, interrupting whatever Krad was going to say. Krad gave him a smoldering look, but he ignored him. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel fine. A little tired... but fine." The guy nodded. "umm, if you don't mind, who are you?"

Satoshi's POV, Bedroom, 6:45 pm

"Who are you?" I blinked. He didn't recognize me? What the hell? His didn't damage his head or memories, did he?

"You... Don't recognize me? At all?" He slowly shook his head.

"Are you a healer? Have I met you before?" I sighed.

"No, I am not a healer and yes, you have met me before." I took a step forward, I need to see what was wrong. "Come here, I wanna make sure your okay." He gave me a wary look.

"I thought you said you weren't a healer."

"I'm not, my profession is not that of a healer, so that would not make me one. Though I do know quite a few things, now come here. I wanna see what you did to your memory." He continued to be resistant until Krad spoke up.

"Its okay Daisuke, let him look." He looked over to Krad a second before slowly nodding. I gently placed my palm upon his forehead and let a tendril of my power slip in. I quickly probed his memory, trying to find what was wrong with it. Ah, so thats it. There was nothing wrong with his memory, well not completely. It just simply overlapped itself, it would fix itself on it's own.

The actually cause of this memory lapse was the fact that he was an Angel now. Almost completely, minding that vampire blood still flowing through him. It was simply as if he had been in a coma up till now and was just waking up.

I pulled my hand back, along with my magic, and rested into a chair. Krad was giving me a curious look, but I ignored him. "Hello Daisuke, nice to meet you. My name is Satoshi Hikari, I am of an old clan of witches, nearly wiped out as of now. Please, would you mind telling me what day you think it is?"

Daisuke cocked his head to the side with a confused expression. "Day? Its Sunday right? Dunno what year, I never had to keep track of it before." I slowly nodded, looking to Krad. By his expression I could tell he knew what I was trying to do by asking that question.

I looked back to Daisuke. "Well, its been almost one hundred years since you were awake." Daisuke blinked.


"You heard me right. Your Angels blood has finally took full affect, but at the cause of a memory lapse. It should come back in a week or so, so no worries."

"But, what do you mean by a hundred years since I've been awake."

"Simply, you are now completely aware of your self, it's as if you've only fell asleep for a few hours and are just waking up. Although, that would change once your memory has righten itself, though I wish it wouldn't take so long." I said with a side ways glance at Darks prone body laying on the bed.

"Oh! My God! Whats wrong with Dark?!" Apparently Daisuke had spotted Dark as I had looked over to him. Daisuke stood up and rushed a few steps forward before freezing, eyes going wide. "Oh, oh, oh..." He crumbled to the ground as Krad quickly rushed to his side, helping him back into the chair. "Why?" He croaked, tears started to streak down his face. "Why did he do that? Why?" Krad shushed him, trying to get him to calm down.

I quickly stood up and strode to his side. "Daisuke, you must calm down, It was not Darks fault, he had no control over it." I pushed him back down as he tried to get up again.

"No, no, no, no, no, NO!" He was shaking his head frantically as he tried to stand, tears blinding him. "Why? Why did he have to do it? WHY! How could he be so cruel?!" If this hysteria kept up any longer he was likely to make himself hyperventilate and pass out. He needed to stop.

"Daisuke, Daisuke, please, you need to calm down. Your going to make yourself faint if you keep this up." Krad and I were now having trouble keeping Daisuke in the chair.

"Daisuke..." With that one voice everyone froze, even Daisuke in the midst of his hysteria.

Daisuke's POV, 6:59 PM

How could he? How could he do that to me?! I though he loved me! I LOVED HIM! How could he be so cruel as to kill me! His own lover! HOW! It didn't make sense, I didn't want it to make sense anymore. I wanted him to be gone, to go away, to disappears, ANYTHING! But he wouldn't, he never had. So, if he wouldn't disappear, then I would. I would disappear, I would make sure he would never see me again. And to make him suffer, suffer for what he did to me.

I would make him cry for the damage he had done me, weep at my absence as if I'd come back. Make himdream of me in his sleep. Until he couldn't take it anymore, I would make him suffer for my absence. See how he felt to be the one betrayed.

To feel like the one destroyed, to feel unloved, to feel dead. I would make him regret ever hurting me.

"Daisuke..." I couldn't help it, my body froze as I heard his voice. His voice, it felt like I hadn't heard it in ages... I could feel the tears that had momentarily stopped start up again in a great flourish of salty water.

I didn't want to hurt him. He may of hurt me, but I never wanted to hurt him. Never. I would cry my eyes out for him, but I would never hurt him. I loved him too much. As much as he loves you, I heard an annoying voice answer in my head. Yes... He loved me, but...

I couldn't understand why he did it. Why did he kill me, why did he have to? Did it have to be me, or would it'd been any person that he ran into first. Why me? What made me so special? I couldn't understand...

I watched him through my blurry vision as he slowly struggled to sit up in bed. No one tried to help him, everyone was too surprised to see him awake. He heaved a grunt as he came to a stop in a sitting position and turned his glazed eyes onto me. "Daisuke..." I could hear his voice caress my name as he spoke it. I'd missed him, I'd missed him so much.

I tried to wipe away my tears, but I couldn't help it, they just keep falling down in hoards. I watched as he slowly stood up, on wobbly feet as Krad finally went over to help him. He collapsed onto his knees in front of me, reaching a hand up to slowly caress my check as he wiped away my tears. I didn't see the point, as I couldn't stop crying.

"Daisuke... I'm sorry. It wasn't my fault." He brought up his other arm and wrapped it around my neck, bringing me closer down towards him. "I was changing, accommodating a new being. His name is Lusz Raigz, I've took a long time, but I've completely synchronized with him." He drew me closer so that my forehead was resting against his. My tears had almost slowed to a stop. "He shouldn't be a problem anymore... Daisuke." I watched as his eyes became shiny from unushered tears. "I'm sorry, so sorry. Please, please, you have to forgive me. I didn't know- I couldn't control it, he broke free. I didn't mean to! I didn't even want to! I'm sorry, so, so sorry Daisuke! Please forgive me!"

It was true. I could tell, people, whoever they may be, could only lie to a certain degree. Well some may go farther then others some may only stick to simply tricks. But Dark, I knew Dark could lie well, but not like this. This is a different type of lying, one he has no experience in. Krad, he could expect this from Krad, such a lie, but not from Dark.

Dark. My only love, the only person in these worlds I had ever loved. Not a crush, not lust, nothing had ever come to me about another being. It had always been Dark. And it always will be, a voice whispered in the back of my mind. It made me want to cry again.

"Dark..." I managed to get his name out, but I couldn't form anymore of the sentence I had wanted too, it was like the words had frozen in my throat and refused to go anywhere else. I brought my arms up and wrapped them securely around his neck, choosing to bury my face into the side of his head. He brought down his other arm that was unoccupied by holding me and wrapped it around my waist, trying to draw me closer to him.

I relented, sliding down to the floor and into his lap. "Dark..." I mumbled his name again. I wasn't sure what I wanted to say, or better yet, what I wanted to say first. I decided to just go with sitting there, in his lap with my arms around him and his arms around me.

"Daisuke... I'm sorry, please," he mumbled, I could feel his breath ghost over my ear. "Please tell me you forgive me. I don't know what I would do, what I'd ever do, if I could no longer see you."

Dark... It was true, wasn't it? When I'd become a vampire, when he'd first learned of my existence, he had become obsessed with me, following me everywhere. It was like a game of cat and mouse, neither one getting too close to the other. One feared death, the other feared exposure.

This game, continuous pattern, was getting old. After a hundred years things did tend to get old, didn't they? "We should change it..." I muttered.

"You know..." I looked up, Satoshi had been watching us the entire time. Krad, on the other hand, had disappeared somewhere, probably left to give us more privacy, better then Satoshi seem to do. "He is right. This wasn't his fault, as strange as this occurrence was, it was never his fault. Dark is someone you should never of lost your trust in him, or..." He let his eyes travel between Dark and me, lingering on Darks surprised face for a moment before returning back to me. "Did you ever truly stop trusting him?" He turned away, heading for the door. "Did you ever truly stop loving him?" He had whispered it so lightly that I couldn't even be sure that I had heard him.

"Daisuke..." I turned my eyes away from the closed door to Dark. His face had lost its earlier surprise and had become more sober. "Daisuke... Do you still... trust me?" I wasn't sure if I wanted to answer, or what to say really. In the back of my mind I realized that a yes or no would be appropriate, but I didn't want to make it so simply. This wasn't simply, not in the least. Why was it that everything was always so complicated?

If only it were so simply...

I shifted a bit, so that I was sitting in a more comfortable position on his lap and was able to face him better. I lifted my hand up slowly, dragging the tips of my fingers lightly across his cheek. I repeated the action before I spoke up.

"What he said... It wasn't all true," I looked down, not able to hold his gaze. "I'm not sure if I trust you anymore, but," I hesitated a second, before shyly look up. "I never did stop loving you, even when I forgot you, my love was still there. I know... I can tell it wasn't your fault, but it wasn't a coincidence either, so the thing is... Who caused this? Was it just because of my presence at the time? I dunno..." I glanced down again.

"You've... Always loved me?" The disbelief in his voice was strong. I nodded. He was quiet for a second and I was wondering what he was thinking when I felt his fingers lift up my chin, making me look at him. I did, and what I saw there took me completely aback. His eyes showed love and sincerity, something they most often now-a-days lacked.

"Wha...?" I gave a response before my mind even processed what he said, and after I had said it I realized how stupid it was, it made no sense to what he had said. My surprise seemed to amuse him as a smile tugged at his lips as he tried to hide it from me. I glared half heartedly at him which only fueled his amusement. I mumbled something before saying louder, "yes, I have always loved you, are you blind? Its not that hard to tell..." He blinked owlishly at me, obviously confused. "I may be rude to you sometimes, and I have my moments, but can't you see?" I looked at him earnestly. "Is it that hard to tell? Would I even give you a second chance if I did not?" He blinked.

"Second... chance?" I nodded.

"What do you think this is?" He smiled, oh did he smile. It was so brilliant that it made my heart swell with happiness. It may have taken a long time, but we have finally gotten there.

"Thank you," He whispered, I don't think he could of managed anything louder. I leaned forwards rapping my arms around his neck, bring my face closer to his.

"Just don't go blowing it again, or I may not give you a second try." I watched his carefully as he sighed, closing his eyes. "Dark, I have a request." He opened his eyes and looked at me.


"Kiss me," and he did. I could feel his warm lips press lightly against my lips as he tried not to be to demanding. He was trying to convey how sorry he was. I pressed harder against him, showing that I already had forgiven him. He opened his mouth and ran his tongue across my lips, asking for entrance. I allowed it, parting my lips slightly so he could slip his tongue in. His tongue mapped its way around my mouth, exploring everywhere it could reach.

I reached up and entangled my hand in his air, pushing him as close as I possible could. He complied by wrapped his arms around my waist. Finally, after a few minutes, we broke apart. I kept my eyes closed, choosing to instead rest my head on his collarbone. He brought a hand up and ran it through my hair slowly, in a rhythmic way. My arms slowly fell down, to where they were almost falling off his shoulders as I completely relaxed against him. My heart beat slowed dramatically as I almost fell asleep in his arms.


"Hmm?" I blinked my eyes open slightly, seeing the side of his neck.

"Where do we go from here?" I chuckled lightly, watching as he shivered when my breath ghosted over his neck. I brought a hand up and lightly traced his jaw as I took my time answering. He got impatient after waiting for a few minutes and brought a hand up to enclose my hand within it, stopping my ministrations. "Daisuke...?"

"Where else is there to go from here?" I pulled back slightly so that I could look him in the eyes. "We have no where else to go but up." I smiled, pulling him down into another deep kiss. "No where but up, left..."


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