Jinx walked down the sidewalk of downtown Jump City, the fallen leaves of the autumn crunching under her boots. Not many people were out in the frigid fall weather, preferring to stay inside, curled up in blanket on the couch. Jinx sighed, her breath rising in a mist, normally she wouldn't have been out here either, but she just needed to get away from her teammates. They were starting to drive her insane.

After the incident with Madame Rouge and Kid Flash, she had thought she would have been able to walk away, but she just couldn't. She stopped on the street corner, and stared at the large 'T' on the island. The lone sentinel, assuring all of Jump City that they were safe from harm. Her mind wandered as she thought about what Kid Flash had said to her, maybe she didn't have to be a villain, maybe there was a chance.

She laughed at the thought, not a laugh of amusement, but more a wry laugh. Jinx knew they wouldn't let her in, the Titans, wouldn't forgive for everything she'd done, and even they did, the citizens definitely wouldn't. She had done too much harm.

Sighing once more she trudged on, the Tower disappearing behind the skyscrapers of downtown. She turned a corner, when a sudden gust of wind took of her hat, and it floated away. Jinx ran after, that hat was the only thing that she had left to remind her of her mom.

She chased it, and almost had it, but as she reached out to grab it, it was whipped away, and pulled around the corner of a building. Now she was angry, but there was no way she was going to let it get away. Running around the corner, she was prepared to chase as far as she needed to. It wasn't far.

Rounding the corner, she saw that right there, just sitting on the ground. She walked toward the hat and picked it up off the ground. Underneath, was a vase with a rose in it, and card attached.

"Why can't he just leave me alone," she grumbled to no one in particular. Although she wouldn't admit it, she enjoyed having someone who seemed so interested in her. She grabbed the rose, and pulled the card up to read it.

Even the most beautiful rose has thorns,

but even that can be avoided if you know what you're doing

Bad luck happens for everyone, not just you.

Don't distance yourself because you think you deserve it.

Leave that up to the ones you're distancing yourself from.

Remember, you always have a choice.

Bad luck isn't evil, it just happens

Jinx smiled and put her hat back. Maybe, just maybe, he was right. In fact, he was. Looking down she gripped the Hive belt buckle, and tore it off, and the Hive graduate ring. Everything do with them was torn off, and dumped into the vase. Smiling, Jinx set off. A new life was ahead.

-Several Hours Later-

Mammoth and Kyd Wykkyd sat at the table, playing poker with three different Billies. Mammoth stared around, glaring at his teammates. Wykkyd was completely emotionless all the time, so he had the perfect poker face. Billy was so emotional, that Mammoth had a hard time figuring out what was going in his head.

Gizmo sat on the couch, vigorously going at a video game. He was cursing up a storm at his losses, and whooping uproariously whenever he won. The normal routine was interrupted when See-More walked in. Mammoth looked up, "So," he grunted, "you find her?"

See-More sighed, and walked forward, "Yes and no."

"What do you mean?"

See-More took his hand from behind his back, and put the vase on the table. Tipping it over, he spilled the contents on to the hard surface. Mammoth scanned the items, cursing as he saw what they were. Anger filling him, he smashed the table, cracking it in half, and catapulting the objects across the room.

"When I get my hands on her…"

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