1(Just lately I've been so terribly busy and my AD/MM muse has just been… well dead. But it seems it has quite returned to me now. I've never wrote anything in this kind of perspective before so I thought I'd give it a go)

Look Closely

Across the room you'll see her; yes the one sat in the chair with her legs crossed looking more like she's watching a hanging then her 7th year's final ball. Oh she's happy for them yes; you can see that from the small forced smile painted upon her porcelain face. Yet, her vibrant eyes will tell you different. Look closely and you may just be lucky enough to notice the building of tears in her eyes as she watches her cubs, her Gryffindor's, her little Lilly Evens, her little Maurauders all grown up and soon to leave on their own lives. Take note of the strict bun, you would never quite guess that last night her husband untwisted this teaching façade and ran his fingers through the long raven locks, showering that long pale neck in light kisses, in a attempt to comfort her as he held her tight.

Look closely at her pristine emerald robes, how they fall modestly around her frame should you ever receive a glass eye such as Alastor Moody's you would see her slim frame is much younger then she leads those around her to be. Watch carefully now as she rises, that well painted smile flashing at her students and colleagues as she passes to the empty room beside the great hall.

If your one of the more observant people of the world you will see a white haired man, his warm friendly laughter bringing a smile to all those he passes. His long purple robes flow around his wiry form, should you be an observant one you would see him enter the same room as his wife.

Should you be extremely lucky you may just catch her resting her form against the wall her tears flowing down her cheeks as her professional mask slips from her face and smashes upon the floor. Should you be extremely lucky you would see her husband rest his hands upon her shoulders and pull her close, whispering soft nothings into her ear as he comforts her. Oh no such luck, you can see them now returning to the normal world, their masks of calm professional colleagues repainted upon their faces. But should you look closely as they gaze at the teens, should you be observant you would just catch a glimpse of the wistful, pained look in there eyes. If you were to look closely you would just see two parents watching their children grow and leave home.