I stared out of the bus window. Trees, trees, trees. Pulling my eyes away from the "fascinating" view, I looked around the bus. My fellow passengers where a sleeping wannabe Kurt Cobain; an old, Italian lady who didn't speak any English and didn't know where this bus was heading; two college students and, of course, me. The only person on this bus that's under the age of sixteen.

The bus was heading to Windsor College, where I was going to visit my older cousin Randy. Randy's always been my favourite cousin and a kind of role model to me. He's a regular movie buff but specialises in horror movies. I remember once, when I was younger about eight or nine; Randy was baby-sitting me and let my say up wayyyyyyy past my bedtime watching horror movies. None of the crap stuff, real classics: Psycho, Halloween, The Omen… needless to say, my mother wasn't pleased and didn't pay him. Since that night I've loved horror movies and hung on his every word when he's schooling me on the rules & regulations of them.

I let out a yawn and stretched, I could see the college gates. I grinned.

I stepped off of the bus with my back-pack and portable C.D. player, and scanned the place for any familiar faces. Zilch! I walked over to where the driver was unloading the luggage. "Danni Meeks?" The driver called out. "Over here!" I stepped forward to get my Zebra-print, pull along suitcase. I pulled it away from the small crowd and searched the campus again. "Hey! Rose-Mary's baby!" A voiced yelled from behind me. I turned round to see cousin Randy standing there, both hands in jeans pocket. I hurried over to him, my case in tow. "Hi!" I excitedly greeted him. "Wow, you've changed" Randy slung his arm around me and we started to walk. "This is so kewl! I haven't seen you since that leaving party your mom threw for you" I looked up at him, noticing the little beard-thing he'd grew on his chin, "What's with the facial fuzz?" He gave me a dead-pan look. "It looks kewl, ok? And it's sophisticated" Randy told me, defending his new look. "Ok! So what's up with Windsor…." I trailed off when I set my eyes on what looked like a press conference and a couple of police-cars. I gave Randy a puzzled glance. "Listen, something's happened. Last night, two students, a couple, from here were murdered." Randy's tone was serious. "On campus? Where?" I asked, a hint of panic in my voice. "They where at the movies. Watching Stab."