He leaves via the front door, walking out into the rain, out of her life forever. She wants to yell after him, wants to shout something at him to make him stay. When no words come she hangs her head, sobbing quietly at the front door, watching him walk away.

I can't wait until tommorow.

Something inside of her rises and she can't stop herself. She runs out, runs towards him, she hasn't lost him yet.. there's still time to repair this broken relationship. She won't just let him leave her all alone like this.

Not like this..


Not like this.

She catches up and grabs him, making him listen to her. She thrusts herself forwards at him, kissing him passionately. Her arms go around his neck and to her surprise he responds in exactly the same way, throwing his arms around her waist and kissing her just as passionately back.

They'll never be the way they were, they won't even be together again. As soon as the kiss ends when they both need to pull away to gasp for breath, he'll throw her a sympathetic look and then he'll walk away, just like he intended to in the first place. She won't go after him, but she will do one thing - she'll treasure that moment forever, that moment when for just one minute, they were together again, locked in a fiery embrace, never wanting to let go again.

But for now, they'll just be what they are. Two lovers kissing in the rain.