She gasps for breath, and her eyes are dreadfully heavy. She watches as Dr. Meade quietly leaves the room. She can hear the cries of protest from outside, of India claiming desperatedly that they need to talk. Well, she won't see India. Her time's running out and before she closes her tired eyes for the very last time she wants to see her best friend, the only true friend she's really ever had. The only friend that's done everything friends should do for eachother.


Sure enough, the best friend enters the room and she smiles gratefully. She's happy that her friend bothered to come here, bothered to see her off. The friend mutters, "It's me, Melly," And sits down beside her, grasping her hand tight.

She knows she doesn't have much time. She looks up at her best friend and tells her what she want's to happen inlight of her sudden death. She knows that her friend has been in love with her own husband for several years. She knows how much her friend hates her and resents her bitterly for being the one that everybody has loved and cherished over the years. But for some odd reason, she doesn't care. Her friend saved her life once, and for that she will always be eternally gratefull.

So, there, she's said her piece. There's nothing more to be said now. She only want's to rest her head, close her eyes and be taken away from everything. But she'll never forget the people who have helped her. Especially Scarlett.