chapter 1: Burn Baby Burn

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ok, so here's the summery

Summery: years pass, Sakura has changed, Naruto has changed to, even his looks are different, and Sasuke returns to find everyone has changed, what happens when things go wrong? can Sasuke adjust and can Naruto get used to his ex-friends return? and what the heck is Sasuke hiding anyways? FIND OUT! (and for heavens sake, what is with that damn cat?)

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anyways, here we go.

The smell of fire, soot and ashes was thick in the air. you could smell it for miles around. everything that came across the smell knew what it was. not a single creature in all of creation could deny it. but not only could anything or anyone deny what the smell was, they didn't want to deny it either, they celebrated the smell, for it was a welcomed omen to what was to come. it showed them all that it was finaly on it's way, the end to the sound of orochimaru. and it was all thanks to the fire that burned it to the ground.

while every creature could smell the fire, soot, and ashes, only one young man could see it. and he was the resin for the fire, and he was glad of what he did, and what he saw.

The fire was burning the place to the ground. And the only thing he could think of as he sat in the hollow was 'burn baby burn.' The fire was taking everything, the fire he had started. 'Orochimaru's precious home, maybe they would all die in there to. Maybe even Orochimaru himself. kami, please let him be dead.' he thought, hoping all the while.

Even though he hoped that the horrible bastard was dead, he didn't believe it. he knew the truth. He knew it wasn't true. Orochimaru wasn't dead, he hadn't even been in the stupid place when it was set on fire, he had left. left right after he did that to him. oroshimaru had done the worst thing possable to him. he had done it, and now sasuke had gotten his revenge, and now he would have to run. If Orochimaru had thought it was going to turn out any different, then he should never have done what he did. He should never have done it.

It had happened just a few hour ago. All the secrets, all the lies. all of it. Everything that he hadn't known before had come out. Everything that Orochimaru had try to do to him, but had covered up with jutsu's, everything he had kept from him. What he really wanted, and how he planed to get it. It had all come out just a few hours ago. If he had known what old snake tongue had wanted, he would have never come here. If he had known that that bastard would try that. That he would do that. He would have stayed as far away as possible.

The bastard had called him to his office, and then did what he wanted to do for apparently so long. When Orochimaru had finished. He had left him there. He had done that and had just left him there. That's when all hell broke lose. He had honestly thought that it would be ok, that his little toy would just stay there. That was a big mistake. when he had come to. He had, after the shock had worn off, used a good Katon: Ryuuka no Jutsu and burned the place to the ground, as he ran.

He had come across many of Orochimaru's men, many of whom had tried to get him to help or tried to stop him. He had come across them and had simply knocked them all down, killing them, or knocking them out, he didn't know which. Some of them he knew that in any other situation, had even one of them thought that he was the one who started the fire... if they had known... they wouldn't have let their guards down, and he would have lost. But they all had expected him to just try and help them put it out, almost every single one of them had asked him to help them put the damn fire out. The fire he started. They had all thought that it had been an accident, or that it had been an intruder. And now, most of them were dead because of it.

And he didn't feel pitty for a single one of them. Not one. They had all been monsters. Every single one of them.

When he had gotten out, he had ran from the compound for a few minutes, only then had he alowed himself to collapse crying against a tree, and watched as the hole place went up in smokes. He watched as the trees caught fire. And he watched as the smoke rose up, signaling to everyone as far and wide as possible, that Orochimaru's home was burning to the ground. The home that most people knew as the village of sound, the only village to be completely berried under ground, was finally burning to the ground.

Of course, the first few ninja's that would come by wouldn't know it was THE compound that most of them had been looking for, for the past few years. It would take them a while to realize just what the place really was. But they would know, and they would eventually figure out what had started the fire. They would know that someone had used the Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu to do it. And then they would know that Sasuke was no longer with that bastard. They would know, and now he had to run. To run as far away from the place as he could.

A sound woke him from his trance, cousing him to look around quickly. When he found what had made the sound, he was shocked to see a purple cat staring at him from a little distance. But that wasn't all. The sound the cat had made alurted him to some people way off in the distance. It was them.

"Shit, why can't i just get a break. Why me? Damn it!" he whispered in exasperation, staring at the group that apparently couldn't see him from his hiding place.

While he had been watching the fire, he hadn't really been pay to much attention to anything else. And in that space of time, in the few minutes that he had been entranced by his home of the past 3 years burning to the ground, some of the other sound ninja's had figured out what had happened, and had started looking for him. The sound he herd, was of the bastards kabuto's voice telling the others to find him.

'Now, I think it's time to start that running' He thought right before a Shuriken flew over his head and completely severed the tree that we was sitting against, he looked up in time to see the tree start to tilt. To see it start to lean. He looked up in horror as the huge, 12 foot wide tree started to fall.

'Shit' he thought in that odd calm little voice that always seem to be waiting in the back of your head for something bad to happen. That voice that just said 'I told you so' when something got worse. And considering that a 12 foot wide and 200 foot tall tree was about to come crashing down on him, shit pretty much summed it up. And with that in mind, he ran.

The tree fell or rather kept falling at he ran. He herd it creaking, making and odd kind of roaring creaking sound that you usually think that are only in moves. It swayed slightly as it fell, and when it finally hit he was already out of the landing zone. The try crunched and in it's thundering roar of a landing, little else could be herd.

Sasuke hoped that the sound of the tree falling would cover the sound of his running feet for at least a few moments, but he wasn't hopeful. They were called "sound ninjas" for a resin. And sure enough, he herd their footsteps as they fallowed him.

As he ran he heard the sound of them getting closer. He knew that if he stopped even for a second, they would catch him. And they would not be to kind with him for burning there home. But it was their fault after all, you should never fuck with a Uchiha and get away with it. Not even if you were one. And the fact that that bastard had been the resin why his brother had gone nuts and killed his family just made it worse. So, he ran hoping that they would all eventually loose him and give him time to get away. He needed to get to someplace safe and recuperate after what had happened. And the closest place where he could go. He wasn't even sure that he would be welcome. But he had to get there. and so he ran.

Running straight out is never easy for long distances, not even for a shinobi. If you are being chased and you are both running full out, then eventually your going to get caught. That's just how it works. And like always. It sucked when you were right.

The one to catch up to him was Kimimaro's little brother Kimo. At least this bastard couldn't use his bloodlimit. But it didn't mean that he would be easy to beat him either.

Sasuke had never really liked Kimo to begin with. In truth, the only descent quality that he had was that he didn't sit around and do idol talk. He acted and never sat around talking. This was both a blessing to Sasuke and a problem, because, he still needed time to catch his breath.

Like predicted, Kimo stuck first. He threw quit a few Shuriken at one time and then rushed the pale boy. Sasuke wasn't completely ready for him. He barley had time to dodge the Shurikens and to get out of the way of the second attack. Kimo came at him again and this time managed to get a small dagger into Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke jerked back away from the white haired bastard only to be followed again and rushed, but this time he was ready for him. Summoning up the last of his chakra, he formed chidori in his right hand, and jammed his first right through the bastards heart.

Kimo's eyes went huge when he felt the impact. He just stared at Sasuke trying to figure out why he had betrayed them. Trying to figure out why he would destroy there home.

"Why?" He asked as he fell. His blood already seeping into his mouth.

"Because, Orochimaru is a bastard. Because he took my family from me. Because he fucked my brother up. And just because know one does something like THAT to me." he said it all just looking down on the white haired man. Then, as the man fell to the ground dead, he turned and started running again. Only this time he was a lot closer, he was even past a certain valley that held so many bad memories. He was so much closer, but so much more weak. He had used up all of his chakra when he had burned the compound to the ground, and now he had used up the last of his reserve. which meant it was only a matter of time before he passed out. Yet he was so close.

He was so close. he could even see the village from where he was. He could hear the little stream that ran through it. But he could also hear the people catching up to him. He could hear them getting closer. There was no time to get to the village.

He heard a crunching sound and a slight gasp behind him, but he didn't turn to see what had happened. He just kept running, he felt so weak. So tired that if he stopped now he knew that he would pass out. And he didn't want that. He wanted his old friends. He wanted his old home. He wanted to be back in konoha. so he just kept running.

As he finally neared the gates he started to lose the last of his energy. He was happy to be able to see the open gates of the village. they meant refuge. They meant safety. As he neared them though, his energy failed him and he collapsed. Right in front of the gates, where the guards where standing. He had just enough energy to call out one of his friends names. Just enough energy to almost beg for help.

"Naruto..." he said weakly before he passed out

-at the same time - guards #1's point of view-

One of the guards gasped as he saw Sasuke running up to the village. His first reaction was to either a-run screaming or b-send a message to the Hokage about an attack. Then he saw that Sasuke looked weak. He saw how he was running, saw the desperation in his eyes. And most importantly saw kakashi nock the shit out of one of Orochimaru's men that were clearly chasing Sasuke. He froze. The only resin why some of Orochimaru's men would be chasing Sasuke is that he had finally come back to Konoha, and left that snaky bastard behind. In other words, he was finally home. and when a cretin pink haired girl and a cretin blond herd this...

His thoughts trailed off as he saw the boy fall to the ground,

"Naruto..." was all the boy said, and was all he needed to say. it said enough, the guard was right. He was back.

The guard immediately sent the other of to the Hokage for help.

"Tell her he's back, and tell her that Orochimaru's men are chasing him, and that Kakashi needs some backup." he said, but the other guard didn't hear him, he just stood there and stared at The boy on the grounds, "DID YOU HEAR ME?! I SAID GOOO!" he yelled picking up Sasuke and heading in a similar direction toward the hospital. The other guard jerked out of his trance and ran off to the Hukage's office.

-at the same time - guards #2's point of view-

When he got to the Hokage's office he flew right through the door. The moment he was though the door the Hokage looked up at him, she had just been sitting there yelling at Shikamaru for his detached attitude while he was working for one of the feudal lords. The look she gave the guard was not friendly and neither were the words.

"WHAT THE HELL?! Can't you even knock? Can't you see we're in the middle of something? Get out!" she yelled as a vain throbbed in her forehead. She needed to get some sleep but she still had a lot of work to do.

"But there's!' he managed to get out before she started yelling again.

"I said get OUT! If it's not an emergency then it can wait!"

"but it is an emergency! Sasuke's back and there are a bunch of men chasing him, he's been rushed to the hospital because he passed out at the gate, and Kakashi is fighting the men right now, but he needs back up!" he said in a hurry.

Tsunade had looked like she was going to start yelling again before she heard him say Sasuke. But the moment that he had said that she had just stared at him. If Sasuke was being chased then that could only be one thing. He was truly back. She took one look at the man then sent him to get other ninjas and then she left. She went out the door and practically flew for the gate. And when she got there. All of Orochimaru's men ran like hell. Except for the 3 that were knocked out. Including Kabuto, Who Kakashi was holding like a prize he wanted to have beheaded and mounted on his wall. She smiled at him as he just looked at her with glee in his eyes.

"Look what I found! Can we keep him? PL-EEEAASE?" he said in a childish voice as he held up the unconscious Kabuto. the fact that he suudenly made a chibi face was not lost on Tsunade. She smirked at him. She couldn't help it, she had wanted to kick the bastards ass for so long as well. just imagining the things that she could have done to him was almost as good as not having to do any paper work, well... almost as good. sighing deeply, Tsunade just couldn't not make a comment like this, it was just to easy.

"Well, he will have to be fixed. and get all his shots." she said with a slightly maniacal laugh. She rounded up the rest of the unconscious men and they carried them to the holding cells.

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