Understand me - Chapter 15, Sakura's ordeal

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ok, so here's the summery:

Summery: Years pass, Sakura has changed, Naruto has changed too, even his looks are different. Sasuke returns to find everyone has changed, what happens when things go wrong? Can Sasuke adjust and can Naruto get used to his ex-friends return? And what the heck is Sasuke hiding anyways? FIND OUT!

By the way, I decided to introduce one of my edited versions of what Kui can do. In most stories he can talk to Naruto telepathically, in this one, it's not just Naruto, but anyone he wants to. Also, if anyone has any ideas about how I can make this story better, or if anyone wants to see something happen in this story, just let me know and I will think about putting it in.



(Is Kui talking to someone through telepathy)

Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi all entered Orochimaru's desert layer as swiftly and as loudly as they could. They weren't going to just sneak in and sneak out. They were here to kill as many people as possible, and they didn't care how many that meant would die. All they cared about was getting Sasuke back and nothing else.

Turning a corner the three ninja's came to a fork in the path. Glairing at the halls, the three each took their own path, knowing that their was a chance that any of them could wind up wear Sasuke was, and splitting up would be the fastest way to find him.

Sakura took the path on the left while Kakashi took the path to the right, leaving Naruto to take the middle path.

- with Sakura -

Sakura traveled down the tunnel, knowing that every thing that happened in all the other compounds were probably going to pop up in this one this time around, seeing as that now Orochimaru wasn't just trying to keep people out. But also keep one person in.

Turning a corner, Sakura was met with a dead end. Not being one to let something like a wall keep her from moving on, Sakura simply pulled a Tsunade and knocked on it ever so lightly with the back of her knuckles. Of course, ever so lightly for her meant that the wall didn't just crumble, but exploded outwards away from her. Smirking at what she dubbed "flimsy craftsmen ship" Sakura quickly headed into the newly excavated passage.

After only two minutes in said passage however, a voice called out to her. And it was a voice that she really didn't think she would ever have to hear again.

"hey little girl, I see dear grandma isn't around to help you this time."

Freezing in her tracks, Sakura turned around to face the way that she had just come from. Behind her was something she never thought she would see again, and had always hoped that she would. She always hopped that she would get another chance to beat the shit out of him, but had always thought that it would be impossible, seeing as she did kill him already. But it seemed that she hadn't killed him nearly enough.

"Sasori! How many times do I have to kill you to get you to stay dead?! How are you still alive, and why are you working with Orochimaru?! I thought he and Akatsuki were enemies!" she shouted, sounding just as pissed as she was.

Sakura was so pissed because in her opinion, Sasori was the reason that Chiyo died. If it wasn't for that bustard and his little gang of friends, then Chiyo wouldn't have died. If they didn't hunt down and capture Gaara, then she wouldn't have had to sacrifice her life to save the young Kazekage.

Glairing daggers at the man before her, Sakura waited rather impatiently for an answer, she really wanted to know what was going on because it might effect one of her team mates, and that was something she just could not allow.

"Orochimaru? Ha! Is that who you think is behind all of this? Orochimaru couldn't come up with a plan like this if he had enough brains to fill a tea cup!" Sasori said, laughing at the look on the pink haired girls face.

"but? If it wasn't Orochimaru then who is it?! Who took Sasuke?! Tell me damn it!" she shouted, glairing at the man with as much hate as she had in her hole life. Every thing she ever hated about anyone seemed to be in this man, and she hated it.
"maybe you should fight me and find out!"

- with Kakashi -

Kakashi was dealing with his own problems as he was currently stuck in a hole filling with water and really big fish with really big teeth.

'damn, should have seen this coming, how the hell did I end up down here again? Oh, I fell, that's right.' Kakashi thought dryly. He had been walking down his tunnel for several minutes before he had fallen into the hole that he was currently stuck in, when he tried to get out, he found that the walls and floor were made with chakra proof stone that was to slippery for him to grab on to begin with. 'damn it, where the hell did they get this stuff anyways?!' he thought while he took out yet another shark. It was already starting to tire him out, but he knew that all he had to do was wait for the water level to rise enough for him to grab the ledge. Or at least that was until her heard the most horrible sound that had ever graced his ears.

Hearing a slight sound of rock rubbing against rock, Kakashi looked up in time to see a giant plate of the mysterious rock slide out from the wall and right into place that made kakashi's heart stop. It was a lid. \

He was trapped.

Kakashi looked around the room for a few moments before his one visible eye turned itself into an upside down u shape.

"well this is an interesting way to die!"

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