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After dinner, Harry was bombarded by a large barn owl that seemed to think it was funny to swoop low over his head and scratch him with its talons before dropping a note down the back of his shirt. Many fun-filled minutes were spent trying to rid himself of the itchy parchment with Ron laughing in the background. But one of Harry's famous glares of Death kept him quiet for a while.

Finally getting the note out of his shirt, leaving the first two buttons undone, he discovered it was from McGonagall. Inside it said:

Mr. Potter,

Kindly meet me in my office as soon as you get this note.

And I'd like to let you know that this morning's incident with the dancing bacon prompted me to change my password.


Why was everyone so crazy lately? Harry shook his head and said his goodbyes to Ron, making his way to the Head's office and pausing to give the stone gargoyle a strange look. Please, please don't let the password actually be what he thought it was.

"Er…dancing bacon?" The gargoyle leapt aside and he just had to stop and stare. Who knew McGonagall had a sense of humor? Not patient enough to stand on the elevating stairs, Harry ran up the staircase and knocked on the Headmistress' door.

"Enter." He opened the door and was amazed at the lack of shock he felt at seeing none other than Draco Malfoy, looking cool and so damn collected as usual.

"Mr. Potter, please sit down," McGonagall said, gesturing to the chair before her. Harry sat, uninterested in the new office merely because one of the authors was too lazy to describe it. I wonder why Malfoy's here. I hope he's done acting so…weird.

However, Malfoy wasn't acting normal. He was simply bound to his seat. His eyes averted from Harry, muttering words only he could understand.

"Yes, well it seems, Mr. Potter, that we have a dilemma on our hands," she said calmly. Draco rolled his eyes but said nothing.

"A dilemma, ma'am?" Other than the Draco freaking out bit, there wasn't much of a dilemma, was there?

"Yes. As you could obviously tell, Mr. Malfoy here has had...odd reactions in your presence."

"Um.." What was he supposed to say? 'Oh, I'm sorry, I'll shut the weird machine off now'?

"Well that's OBVIOUSLY going to help us," he ground out, "Very wise, P...P..." he began hacking and his back was patted by the headmistress.

"Yes for some reason, the potion has no effect on young Malfoy here," she said as she calmed him down.

Eventually Draco was silenced and his eyes were averted, humiliated.

"And," How was he going to say this without being rude? "H-how can I help, ma'am? I know as much as...everyone else in this school, really."

"Well there are only two things you can do," she explained. "Either Draco must avoid you for all time, or you two must embrace eachother like brothers and form a bond that would make his respect soothen."

What kind of choice was that? He was already perfectly content with the way things were going, even though Draco was getting suicidally respectful. ...Okay, things had to change. If he avoided Draco forever, even though the thought was tempting, it would be pretty damn difficult to do. He was in half of Harry's classes and, thanks to Snape, was almost in consistent contact. But then if he became friends with Draco...what could happen? There were no more Death Eaters to worry about, no Dark Lord.

He sighed. Now or never. "I'd rather embrace him like a brother than avoid him."

"Alright then, just because it's how they do it in every god damned story that is in the fanfiction world of eternity, you two are to room together, It's the room right outside Defense against the Dark arts and the passwod is Om Winer." and with that she sashayed out of the office.

"Om what?" The password confused him for about five seconds until he realized what she just said. Room together!? That's so horribly cliché! With a Snape-esque swish of his robes, Harry stood from his chair and untied Draco's bonds. He stepped back. "Why does everything have to be different with you, Malfoy?"

"Like you're one to talk," he growled under his breath. He, however, went ahead of Harry as if on automatic and held the door open for the raven haired man.

"Um..thank you." This respect was something to get used to. He stepped onto the staircase and while it was moving down, he turned around and glared at Malfoy. "And what do you mean I'm one to talk? I don't ask for this stuff to happen, it just does!"

"And you think I..." he growled in pain and held his chest tight inside his arms which were squeezing him. "Please, shut up," he said, in pain.

And now was the time for Harry to get concerned. What was making him hurt like this? First in class, now this? "Hey." He reached out to touch the blonde, but something said that now wasn't the time. "If it helps any, um..." Come on, just say it! "I'm sorry."

"It doesn't," he snapped at him, making the walls reverb his coldness in his words. As they walked through the hallways it seemed as if Draco was talking to himself, sinc all he would do was move his head side to side as he walked and make random noises. Suddenly it stopped and he walked calmly, though his eyes poved otherwise.

He couldn't take it anymore. The silence was ridiculously suffocating and it wasn't helping the downward spiral of his depression. He wheeled around and began walking backwards before he stopped directly in front of Draco. "Malfoy, what the bleeding hell is your problem? I demand to know!"

"You," he answered immediately. Caring not to elaborate on that, he continued his way. Then again, he thought, a chance to speak his mind! "You say that you have it so bad...ha! You WISH you could have my life if you want drama," he hissed.

"That's the point I'm trying to make! I don't want drama. I just want to settle down, get married, have a goat. And newsflash: I do not think I have it that bad, though sometimes I think it's healthy to feel sorry for yourself once in a while."

"Once and a while!" he said, wincing at his own harshness but damn was it worth this. "Once and a while? Try all the time you sobbing little..little...DWEEB!"

Something about that statement just made Harry's blood boil. He wasn't too sure what it was, but it made him extremely angry and everyone in Hogwarts knew what happened when Harry got angry. But this time was a little more frightening. He drew himself up to his new height which, he was delighted to discover, was about an inch and a half taller than Malfoy. His anger filled the hall, the air crackling with his magic as it filled the corridor with his power. He lent forward, almost nose-to-nose with his arch rival, their eyes meeting. "Don't speak to me like that again," Harry said softly, dangerously. "I can kill you with a thought." I can!? It was like his body was on complete auto pilot. He couldn't control anything, just sit back and watch as he threatened one of the most powerful pureblood families in Britain. "I just have to wave my hand and send a thought. You don't have to like me, Malfoy. But you will respect me. Understand?"

Draco was furious. How dare he speak to him with such insane sureness in his words. He would have spoke his mind, had his mind, soul, and heart be dead set against it. He shook as he tried to fight whatever it was that made him so weak to this overbearing twit. "Fine," he hissed, saying not another word that could disgrace him.

Was it really that simple? "Good." Harry backed up about half a step and was suddenly in control of his body again, his eyes widening as he realized what he had just done. If Malfoy had gone a step further in his insults, he would be nothing more than a smear on the wall. Horror settled at the bottom of his spine as he turned and ran.

He watched him run but didn't go after him, for his body was far too tired after arguing with the other for so long. What was going on? Why couldn't life ever be normal for him? Why was the world suddenly going black as he slid to the ground in an exhausted heap.