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I found you and I lost you,

All on a gleaming day.

The day was filled with sunshine,

And the land was full of May.

-A Golden Day, Paul Laurence Dunbar

She wanted my gun and to Hell if I'd let her get it.

"Why don't you give me that one, right there?"

"I ain't gonna give me you nothin'. We've been through this Lucy."


And … missed me, I didn't let her knuckles hit their mark this time round. I was sick of her fists. I had the rare honour of watching the amusing spectacle of a stumbling Ana Lucia. She regained her balance and faced me, ready to get back at me. I lunged over at her and we landed with a whump. When she tried to reach around me for the weapon, I locked her hands in place above her head.

"Get-up," she said, her eyes never faltered from mine.

"Or what?"

She didn't answer, but tried to leap up using her leg, with her hip as the centre of gravity. It wasn't working, but I think a few bruises just sprung to life on my thigh. Not nice. I placed a hand upon the side of her jeans to stop her. That was when she slightly but noticeably jerked away from my touch. I instinctively lifted some of my weight off her and she looked away to one side. What's up with her? When she spoke, she was resigned and sounded tired even.

"You can get off now… keep your gun."

I had nothing to say, we both stood up, and I was still protective of my precious weapon, yet felt a newfound sense of …feeling for Ana.

You okay? I wanted to ask her, her face had lost its usual colour, whether it was determination, fire, anger, whatever. None of those were there.

"Why did you want it anyway?"

She shook her head slightly and was already walking away when she turned to me and calmly said, "I don't want anything to do with it anymore, and that's what matters now, okay?"


I went off to the beach, leaving Sawyer behind. I think he's still rooted to the spot. I could even feel the heat of his eyes on my back.

I fiddled with a bandage and my head wound, courtesy of the guy in the hatch, when Libby had to approach me and snapped me out of my reverie.

"…whaaat happened?"

I wanted to ignore her, ignore the world actually. I shook my head, dismissing her anxiety. At any other time, she would not have been satisfied. But now she was, cos…

"Hurley and I have a date, I was wondering if we could use your spare blanket, I don't want to walk all the way to the hatch and back again."

"It's all yours."

"Thanks," she smiled and I watched her make her way down to the shore.

Anyone near Sawyer's shelter was amused by the sight or rather, sound. He was making a racket in there. He must've been searching for something. All of a sudden the mini pantomime ceased. He smacked his head and sped off on high speed to the hatch. He'd left his novel there when it was his shift on the button.

He barged into the living room and what he saw threw torrents of rain onto his world.

I found you and I lost you,

All on a gleaming day.

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