For the shortest moment, he was as still as stone.

The armoury door was open, no sign of Henry.

From Sawyer's line of sight, he could see someone was lying on the floor, unmoving. One look at the shoes and jeans, he knew it was her. He rushed over. Her eyes were open. Yet, her face was unreadable.


No reaction

He walked over to her side and knelt down on one knee, "hey, Ana… Lucia…"

As he reached out to shake her, she finally turned her head towards him.

She frowned.

He looked her over, trying to find any signs of injury, there were none visible.

"Are you hurt?"


She pushed herself into sitting position with Sawyer's help. Her still head lowered, she looked around the room.

"He was gone when I got here," her voice was still dreamy.

"What happened? Why were you on the floor."

"I was, thinking."

"Oh. I see," he said, not really knowing what to make of the situation.

Someone clattered through the doorway. Sun was carrying a bunch of clothing, her face poked out from the other side.

Ana and Sawyer were so quiet and lost in thought, Sun, who didn't hear or see them, stumbled over Sawyer's hand.


"Whoa there Sunshine!"

All the clothes rose into the air, seemingly in slow motion and then started falling back down.

Ana started laughing and Sun turned around, amused. Sawyer, too was smiling.

"I'm sorry, I didn't see you were here," she said, and proceeded to pick up all the clothing items off the floor, couch and table. She paused as she stood, with the last piece of clothing in hand, her mind replaying what had happened…Ana and Sawyer were…on the floor..? "er, I'm just going to go wash these." She said and quickly made her way out.

Sawyer turned back to Ana with a smile, "whadya think that was all about?" he enquired.

"hmm," she pondered, eyes narrowed, head tilted to one side, one eyebrow lower than the other. She looked at his lips and up to his eyes.

He too, looked at her lips, her nose, eyes. Their faces now excruciatingly close, both tried to breathe slower. Her eyes were now just looking over his shoulder. Wow, nice forearm, she thought. and they brought their lips brushing past each other. And they kissed. Just like that. He was still half kneeling, leaning down to her, she had one knee up and her upper body was turned to his, arms hugging him.

At a happy picnic spot, Hurley and Libby were laughing. He munched on a piece of cheese and she was sipping from a glass of wine.

At the beach, near the water's ever-changing edge, Jack and Kate were seated on the sand, facing the ocean. Etched in the moistened golden sand were two ethereal swans.

Sun and Jin were in the hatch to retrieve the washing, and saw the couple asleep on the couch, Ana's head resting on Sawyer's lap. He had one hand over her chest, the other limp near her head. Ana cradled a book with one hand over her stomach.

Coming back out with the washing, they smiled and chuckled, and Sun whispered something in Korean. She started running and he caught up with her at their tent.

"After we fold these up," she cautioned him.

"Won't take long," he smiled, watching her pack the clothes into neat piles.

"The day was filled with sunshine,

And the land was full of May."