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Summary: Ash, Hikari, and Pikachu, along with coordinator Sarah, and researcher John. They travel the region of Gannon and battle new trainers, and new pokemon. With new adventures all around, they will discover mysteries of the world of Pokemon, and battle some powerful gym leaders, like the eight gym. Brock, Misty, May, Max, and Drew appear later. Along with other characters like Gary, Oak, and Ash's mom. Will Ash become the next Pokemon Master? And who will join the ranks of the top coordinators? And what of Ash's feelings for May, will he reveal them? The adventure begins, so get ready to catch 'em all. Advanceshipping in the end (Ash and May love).

A/N: Here is my first Pokemon fic, and I hope it is good. I'm going to make this like a series, kind of like the Battle Fronteir, and the other seires. So, read on and tell me what you think.

We find our heroes Ash and Hikari, as they head off towards the region of Gannon. Both are really excited and are ready to begin their journey. Ash hoping to find new Pokemon, and Hikari just wanting to travel. The adventure in the Gannon region begins.

Ash stood on the ferry looking over the railing. Pikachu sat on his shoulder and was shouting in excitment as they approached the port of Wateran Town. His eyes turned to the side to see Hikari walking up to him. "We are finally there," she whispered as she lend over the railing and watched as they approached the port.

"Ya, I can't wait to start collecting badges," Ash said excitedly. Pikachu cheered in excitment as well as the ferry continued on its way. Hikari smiled at the two, her eyes turning to stare off into the distance.

"I can't wait," Hikari whispered. The ferry closing in on the region of Gannon.

(opening music, same from Battle Frontier)

Gannon Calling!

After the ferry entered the port, Ash and Hikari exited it and headed towards the Pokemon Center. They saw a crowd standing in the middle of the street, and quickly ran over to see what was going on. As they approached the area, they could make out a guy with short red hair, and a blue tie on his shirt. He wore a formal shirt, and black slacks, his hand raised in the air. "Thank you all for your hospitality!" he called to the crowd as they continued to scream his name.

"Greg!" all the girls shouted, and the guys were just as excited to see the famous trainer.

"Greg, I heard that name," Ash pondered to himself as he stared at the guy in front of him. Greg's eyes turned slightly to stare at Ash, his smile widening.

"Ash!" Greg called as he ran over to the trainer. "It's so nice to meet you." Ash just sweatdropped as he stared at this weird trainer. "Oh, and is this your girlfriend?" he asked, turning to face Hikari.

"W-What!" the two of them shouted. "We are not going out or anything!"

"Oh, my appologies," Greg said with a bow. "I was hoping you would give me a little battle Ash?"

"Sure, I would love to battle you," Ash said excitedly.

"All right, all we need now is a judge," Greg said.

"I'll do it," a voice said from near them. They turned to see a guy with glass staring at them. "I have my referee licence anyway." Greg nodded as the judge took his position. "This will be a battle between Ash and Greg!" The others cheered, mostly for Greg. Hikari was the only one cheering for Ash.

"All right, let's get things started!" Greg announced as he grabbed a pokeball. "I choose you! Magmar!" A pokemon with red and yellow colors appeared in a flash of light. His tail has a fire burning on the end, and has two sets of flames on his head, kind of like his ears.

"Woah, a Magmar," Ash said excitedly as he pulled out his pokedex.

"Magmar, the fire Pokemon. Magmar blows out intensely hot flames from all over its body to intimidate its opponent. This Pokemon's fiery bursts create heat waves that ignite grass and trees in its surroundings," dexter commented.

"Wow, haven't fought one since Kanto," Ash said excitedly. "Go! Pikachu!" The mouse Pokemon jumped down and stared down his opponent.

"Magmar," the fire Pokemon said with a grin.

"Pika," Pikachu challenged.

"Magmar vs. Pikachu!" the judge called. "Begin!"

"Magmar! Go and use Fire Punch!" Greg commanded. A surge of fire surrouned Magmar as he jumped towards Pikachu.

"Pikachu, dodge it!" Ash called. Pikachu rolled to the side to dodge the attack in a fast motion. "Now use Iron Tail!" Pikachu's tail was glowing brightly as he front flipped towards Magmar. The fire Pokemon just smirked as he grabbed the tail of Pikachu.

"Good Magmar. Now, toss him!" Greg shouted. Magmar lifted his hand back and flung Pikachu into the air. "Now, use Fire Blast!" Magmar took his mouth back and shot a burning star towards the skyward Pikachu. The mouse Pokemon was hit square and fell into the ground.

"Pika," the mouse pokemon moaned as it got back up.

"Finish it Magmar! Fire Punch!" Greg commanded. Magmar grinned as he ran towards Pikachu, his fist ready to strike. Before the attack could connect a net suddenly surrouned the two Pokemon and began to lift up.

"Huh? Who's there?" Greg asked as he looked up to see a Meowth shaped ballon.

"Prepare for trouble from the skies!" a girl with red hair said.

"From beyond the stars, a nast surprise!" a boy with blue hair spoke up.

"An evil as old as the galaxy..." the red head said again.

"...sent here to fulfill our destiny!" the blue haired boy spoke.

"Meowth, dat's me!" a cat like Pokemon announced.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!" the girl said again.

"To extend our reach to the stars above!" the boy said.

"Jessie!" the girl announced.

"James!" the boy said.

"And Meowth are the names!" the cat like Pokemon said.

"Anywhere there's peace in the universe..." Jessie said.

"Team Rocket..." James said.

"...will be there..." Meowth said.

"To make everything worse!" the trio said in unison.

"Wobbuffet!" a blue Pokemon said, his left hand going to his head.

"Mime! Mime!" a little pink Pokemon announced.

"Team Rocket!" Ash called out. "Give back Pikachu!"

"I thought we got rid of you when we came here!" Hikari called.

"I got them," Greg said calmly. The others turned to stare at him. He pulled out a pokeball and took it back. "I choose you, Scizor!" A red steel Pokemon appeared in a flash of light. He had four wings, and his hands were giant claws.

"Scizor," the pokemon muttered.

"Go Scizor! Cut that rope!" Greg commanded. Scizor took a step back, and then charged towards the net, his claws glowing a bright color. "Steel Claw!"

"Scizor!" the Pokemon called as he slashed through the net, making Magmar and Pikachu drop to the ground.

"Pikachu!" Ash exclaimed as he caught Pikachu in his arms. "You okay?" Pikachu nodded as he jumped to the ground. "All right, get them! Thunder!"

"Pika...Chu!" the small mouse Pokemon cried as a giant bolt of electricity shot out and destroyed the ballon.

"Not fair!" Jessie screamed. "Why does this all ways happen!"

"We are just unlucky I guess," James spoke.

"You guys are pathetic," Meowth said with a shake of his head.

"Wobbuffet!" the blue Pokemon screamed.

"Mime! Mime!" the little Pokemon also screamed.

"Team Rockets blasting off again!" the trio screamed in unison.

"Well, that's that," Greg said, his eyes turning back to face Ash. "Ready to finish our battle?"

"Oh yeah, let's do it," Ash cheered. "All right Pikachu let's continue." Pikachu nodded at his trainer before turning to glare at Magmar.

"Ha, you think you can beat me, you are sadly mistaken," Greg smirked. "Flame Thrower!"

"Mag," Magmar began as he took his head back. "Mar!" A giant flame shot towards Pikachu at lightning speed.

"Dodge it Pikachu!" Ash called. Pikachu rolled to the side as quick as it could, a few burn marks on his back. "Quick Attack Pikachu!" Ash commanded. Pikachu ran as fast as it could to hit Magmar.

"Finish it, Fire Punch!" Greg commanded. Magmar took his fist back and pounded it into Pikachu's face, knocking it hard into the ground.

"Pikachu," Ash said in shock. The mouse Pokemon tried to get up, but found it difficult. Ash's eyes turned to see Greg smirking, "Looks like I won." Ash gritted his teeth as he ran over to Pikachu, Hikari right behind him.

"Winner, Greg!" the judge announced. The crowd went wild as they followed Greg into town, the famous trainer enjoying the attention.

"You okay Pikachu?" Ash asked as he picked up his partner in his arms.

"I can't believe Pikachu lost, and in one punch," Hikari said in a soft tone. They heard footsteps approach them and looked up to see two people running towards them. One was a boy with short black hair, and was wearing a normal blue shirt, with some black shorts. The girl beside him was about the same height, and had long orange hair flowing down her back. She wore a simple shirt of blue and red, and had blue jeans. Just like May and Hikari, she had a bandana tied around her head, except this one was green.

"Are you two okay," the boy asked when he reached the two trainers.

"Pikachu isn't," Ash said as he looked down at his injured pokemon.

"Poor Pikachu," the girl said from beside the boy. "John, let's take them to the Pokemon Center."

"I agree Sarah," the boy named John nodded.

"Thanks," Ash said.

"Ya, thank you," Hikari said with a smile. Together, they headed to the center. They got there a few minutes after they set out, and handed the Pokemon to Nurse Joy.

"Here," Ash said. Nurse Joy looked at it and back at the trainer.

"Don't worry, we will have your Pikachu back to normal," Nurse Joy smiled. Ash nodded and watched as the nurse took Pikachu into the back. He then turned his head to see a poster on the wall.

"Woah, its the advertisment for the Master Legue!" Ash exclaimed as he ran over to the poster, Hikari, John, and Sarah right behind him. Hikari stopped and gazed at the poster.

"The Master Legue is a tournament that spreads through 8 towns. To compete in the final tournamnet, and too recieve the tile of Pokemon Master. You have to earn 8 badges, and make it to the final rounds, where you will fight the Pokemon Master, and if you win, you are granted that title," Hikari read.

"Sounds intriguing," Sarah said.

"I can't wait!" Ash exclaimed. "I can finally compete and become a Pokemon Master."

"Hold on," John said. "You have to have competed in the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn legue tournaments, and made it to at least the top 16 in each tournament."

"I've already done that," Ash said.

"Well then, you better go get registered," John said. His eyes then shifted to the poster beside it, where Sarah was looking. "The Master Contest."

"Hmm," Ash said, his eyes turning to face the poster. "Only the best coordinators can enter." Ash's eyes lit up at that, "Maybe May will be there."

"Who's May," Sarah asked.

"Ash's girlfriend," Hikari joked.

"N-No she isn't," Ash stammared with a blush.

"I'm entering that contest," Sarah commented. "Since we are going to the same place, maybe we can travel together."

"That would be nice," Ash said with a nod.

"Fine by me," John said.

"Let's go," Hikari said, her fist pumping in the air.

"First things first," Ash said. He quickly ran to the desk and held out his pokedex. "Can I register for the Master Legue?"

"Sure," Joy nodded. "Let me just check your records."

"Oh, and is Pikachu better by the way?" Ash asked hopefully. Joy smiled at him before turning to face a Chansey.

"Bring out Pikachu," Joy instructed. The Pokemon nodded before turning and heading to fetch the moust Pokemon. "Now then," Joy said as she turned back to the records. "You were in the top sixteen in Kanto, and the top eight in both the Johto and Hoenn tournaments. You qualify to register." She hit some buttons, and the pokedex came back out. "Here you go Ash Ketchum, you are now registered."

"Thanks Nurse Joy," Ash smiled. He turned his head to see Chansey come back with Pikachu. "Thanks!"

"Chansey," the Pokemon smiled. Ash grabbed Pikachu and walked back over to the others.

"So, you registered?" Hikari asked.

"Yep, and since Pikachu is ready, we can head out now," Ash said.

"Good," Sarah nodded. "Let's hit the road!" The others nodded and together they headed out of the Pokemon Center.

"Now, let's see," John said.

"What are you looking at?" Hikari and Ash asked.

"It's a map, it will tell us where the first contest is, and also the first gym," John commented. "Ah, here we go. The first gym is in Waterlog Town. And the first contest is in Lamda Port, just south of Waterlog Town."

"Then Lamda Port it is!" Sarah and Hikari cheered in unison.

"Are you going to be competing in the contest too?" Ash asked Hikari.

"Don't think so, I want to travel right now. And besides, I don't think I'm ready for a contest of this magnitude," Hikari said.

"Okay," Ash nodded. He then turned to gaze at John, "What is the fastest way to Lamda Port?"

"We can take Route 67 and then pass through Dragon Valley, and we will be there within 5 days," John said.

"D-Dragon..." Sarah began.

"V-Valley," Hikari finished.

"Ya, it's full of dragon pokemon, maybe we can find one, and one of us can catch it," John said.

"Sounds good!" Ash said excitedly. The others nodded and headed out of town, and to the beginning of Route 67. They nodded to each other and began their journey down the path.

Our heroes have began their journey. And only time tells what happens. With new Pokemon and new adventures, anything can happen in the world of Pokemon.

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