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Ash ran to the top of the first hill, and smiled when he saw Waterlog Town right below him. "We're finally here Pikachu," the trainer said.

"Pi!" Pikachu cheered as he glanced at the huge town below them. The town was situated near a giant river, that ran into an ocean not too far away. It was a little bit bigger than Lamda Port. And in the center was what looked to be a giant swimming area. Ash glanced behind him to see his other friends: Hikari, John, and Sarah reaching the top of the hill. They stopped when they saw the town below them.

"Not a bad looking town," Hikari commented.

"Ya," John agreed.

"Well, should we go find the gym then?" Sarah asked.

"Yes, and we better hurry before Ash starts freaking out," Hikari giggled.

"I'm just excited about gym battles," Ash defended.

"Ya, but overconfidence could mean losing a gym battle," John warned.

"Ya, ya. I know," Ash sighed. "Let's just go." The group nodded and they walked down the hill and towards the town. They glanced to the side to see the river sparkling in the sun.

"It sure is pretty," Sarah said.

"Ya, I would like to go swimming here," Hikari added.

"We don't have time, we have to get to the gym," Ash said.

"All right," Hikari sighed. As they approached the town, they saw three people coming towards them.

"Um, excuse me kids," the man said. He was wearing glasses and had a hat covering his blue hair. He was wearing a tan jacket, with sweat pants on.

"What is it?" Ash asked.

"Well, you see. Our car broke down, and we were wondering if you had any electric Pokemon on you?" the woman asked. She had her red hair tied into a bun, and was wearing a blue jacket, and some jeans.

"Sure, we can use Pikachu," Ash replied.

"Oh, that's so kind of you," the woman said. As Pikachu walked towards them, he was snatched by a short thing with whiskers, and a tan hat.

"Ha, we got Pikachu," the person said. The three people then jumped into a familiar balloon.

"I know who you are!" Ash shouted.

"Of course you do," the girl laughed. "Prepare for trouble from the skies!" Jessie said.

"From beyond the stars, a nasty surprise!" James spoke up.

"An evil as old as the galaxy..." Jessie said again.

"...sent here to fulfill our destiny!" James spoke.

"Meowth, dat's me!" the cat like Pokemon announced.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!" Jessie said again.

"To extend our reach to the stars above!" James said.

"Jessie!" the girl announced.

"James!" the boy said.

"And Meowth are the names!" the cat like Pokemon said.

"Anywhere there's peace in the universe..." Jessie said.

"Team Rocket..." James said.

"...will be there..." Meowth said.

"To make everything worse!" the trio said in unison.

"Wobbuffet!" a blue Pokemon said, his left hand going to his head.

"Mime! Mime!" a little pink Pokemon announced.

"Team Rocket!" Ash, Hikari, Sarah, and John bellowed in unison.

(opening music, same as Battle Frontier)

Faster Than a Speeding Aquabullet!

"Give back Pikachu!" Ash commanded.

"You should know by now twerps, we will never give back stolen things!" James laughed.

"Stop!" a voice bellowed from near the river. Ash and co. turned, along with Team Rocket, and they saw a tall man wearing a blue shirt with a picture of water Pokemon riding the waves. He had an angry look on his face, and his blue hair was combed back into a neat look.

"Who are you?" Jessie asked.

"It doesn't matter! All that matters is that you give that Pokemon back to the kid!" the man commanded.

"Ha! Make us!" Meowth laughed.

"Cacturne!" James commanded.

"Dustox! Let's make our point!" Jessie commanded as well. The man smirked as he pulled out a pokeball and tossed into the air.

"Swampert, let's go!" the man called out. A blue Pokemon with orange things on his cheeks, and both arms and legs. He also had grey things that looked like ears, as well as a pointy one extending from his back side. Ash pulled out his pokedex and aimed it at the blue Pokemon, who looked to have an angry expression.

"Swampert, the water/ground Pokemon. Swampert predicts storms by sensing subtle differences in the sounds of waves and tidal winds with its fins. If a storm is approaching, they will pile up boulders to protect themselves," dexter commented.

"Wow," John commented.

"Ya," Sarah nodded.

"Swampert! Use Ice Beam!" the man commanded. Swampert took his head back and shot a stream of ice out that froze Dustox and Cacturne. "Now, Tackle!" Swampert ran forward and jumped up, knocking the two ice cubes back into the balloon, and hitting Team Rocket in the process. The blue Pokemon then appeared in the balloon, and picked up the container that held Pikachu and jumped back to the ground. "Finish with Hyper Beam!" Swampert turned around and fired a huge blast at the balloon, making it explode in the process.

"Why did that guy have to show up!" Jessie welled.

"I guess this is our punishment for trying to steal," Meowth sighed.

"Ya, and stop your whining Jessie," James said.

"You just shut up!" Jessie snapped.

"Looks like Team Rockets blasting off again!" the trio screamed in unison.

"Wobbuffet!" the blue Pokemon also screamed.

"Mime! Mime!" the little Pokemon added as they disappeared into the sky. The man walked over to the group, and stood beside Swampert as he watched Pikachu jump into the trainers arms.

"I'm glad you're okay buddy," Ash grinned.

"Pika," the little mouse nodded. Ash then turned to the man and extended his hand.

"Thanks for saving Pikachu," Ash thanked the man.

"No prob, it's not right for people to steal another's Pokemon," the man told the group. "By the way, me name is Ryan."

"I'm Ash, and of course this is Pikachu," Ash introduced himself.

"My name is Hikari," the blue haired trainer told Ryan.

"And I'm Sarah," the other girl said.

"John is the name," the last boy said as he shook Ryan's hand.

"Nice too meet all of you," Ryan smiled. "So, where are you guys headed?"

"Headed to Waterlog Town so that I can challenge the gym there," Ash replied.

"I see, I'll take you to the gym then," Ryan nodded as he returned his Swampert back to his pokeball. He then turned and walked towards town. John then thought of something as they walked.

"Do you know a group of people that live not to far away from New Grove Town?" John asked. "There names were Rebecca and Rob?"

"Oh yeah, they are my family," Ryan replied.

"So, you're the one with the Aquabullet, I would really like to see it," Ash said.

"I guess my son told you about that Pokemon. He is my sons favorite one after all," Ryan said. "I'll show you later, after the gym."

"That would be great, I bet he is really strong," Ash said with excitement.

"Ya, he's strong. He's actually stronger than a lot of other Pokemon that gym leaders use," Ryan said.

"Cool," Hikari commented.

"Do you know what type of Pokemon the gym leader uses?" Sarah asked.

"Ya, I do. But I won't tell you. You'll find out during the battle," Ryan said.

"That sucks, now I can't decide to use," Ash groaned.

"Well, can you tell how many Pokemon you can use?" John asked.

"Nope," Ryan chuckled. Ash sighed as the group continued on their way into Waterlog Town.


Ash, Pikachu, Hikari, John, and Sarah stood in awe at the site of the huge gym in front of them. It was the place that Ash and Pikachu saw in the center of the town. It had the same look as one of those places some trainers go to swim and such. They saw Ryan walk in, and followed him into the man area. It was a giant pool with some platforms situated all over the water, a good distance from each other. "It seems that he uses water Pokemon." They looked up to see a huge crowd all ready in the area.

"What's going on?" John asked.

"Guess they heard about the gym battle," Ryan said. "They always show up to cheer for the gym leader."

"So I have to fight in front of a crowd," Ash groaned.

"Looks like it," Hikari said. Ryan walked pass the man who was standing on the referee platform, and took his spot at the far end trainer box.

"Ryan? You're the gym leader?" Sarah asked. Ryan simply nodded as he waited for Ash to get into the trainer box. The other three walked up into the stands and took the closest seats to the arena.

"So? Ash is battling," a voice said from beside them. The trio turned to see a man with a Hawaiian shirt, and sunglasses on. He was also pretty big in the stomach department.

"How do you know Ash?" Sarah asked. The man turned to smile at the girl.

"He defeated the Battle Frontier that I own," the man said.

"You must be Scott," Hikari said.

"Yep, and you must be friends of Ash," Scott nodded to the trio.

"Ya, we are traveling together," John said.

"I see," Scott nodded as he sat down beside John.

"Why are you here?" Hikari asked.

"I always like a good battle," Scott replied. "And I want to see how well Ash has grown."

"This match will be a 3-on-3 Pokemon battle!" the referee began. "Between the challenger, Ash Ketchum from Pallet Town, and our very own Waterlog Town gym leader, Ryan!" The crowd cheered as Ryan's name was called. "The challenger is the only one allowed to switch Pokemon! The battle is decided when either trainers Pokemon are unable to battle! Please select your first Pokemon!" Ryan pulled out a pokeball and tossed into the air.

"Hammera! I choose you!" Ryan commanded. A normal sized hammerhead shark appeared and showed his teeth to Ash.

"What kind of pokemon is that?" Ash asked himself as he pulled out his pokedex.

"Hammera, the hammerhead Pokemon. Hammera can swim really fast, and are really good fighters. When endangered by something, they don't hesitate to attack it. And unlike Sharpedo, who have an aggressive personality. Hammera are usually passive to other Pokemon and humans. Always sticking to them selves," dexter informed.

"Cool Pokemon," Ash said. "Now, let's see how my Pokemon is! I choose you Dragar!" An instant later, the little dragon Pokemon was standing on one of the platforms in the water.

"A dragon, this should be interesting," Ryan commented.

"First round! Hammera vs. Dragar, begin!" the referee announced.

"Dragar, use Swift!" Ash commanded. The little dragon Pokemon opened his mouth and shot a furry of stars at Hammera.

"Dodge them, and then use Ice Beam!" Ryan commanded. Hammera jumped to the side to dodge the stars and then fired an Ice Beam at Dragar.

"Dodge it quick!" Ash cried. Dragar flew off of his platform and onto another one. "That was close, one hit from Ice Beam and it could be over."

"Hammera! Use Hammer Strike!" Ryan commanded. Hammera's head began to glow as he jumped out of the water and at Dragar. Who flew too another platform so as not to get hit. When the attack hit, the platform was crushed and sank to the bottom of the pool.

"What kind of attack was that?" John asked Scott.

"I've seen Ryan's battles a lot before, and that attack is Hammera's strongest attack," Scott replied.

"So Ash better look out then," Hikari commented.

"Ya, if he doesn't, he will lose in no time," Scott said.

"Dragar, you need to look out for that attack," Ash warned. Dragar nodded as he prepared to attack. "Use Dragon Claw!"

"Drag!" the little dragon roared as his claw began to glow and he jumped towards Hammera and swung his claw out.

"Dodge, and use Water Pulse," Ryan calmly commanded. Hammera did a back flip back into the water to dodge the attack. Dragar was shocked as he looked around for the shark, he then saw him out of the corner of his eye, a blue aura surrounding his body.

"Quick, attack Hammera with Tackle!" Ash said. Dragar charged towards Hammera, but it was too late. A giant blast of water shot out at Dragar, and sent the dragon flying into the water. "Dragar!" Ash called out. But nothing was moving.

"It seems Dragar is unable to battle, the winner is-" the referee began, but was cut off when he heard a growl and turned to see Dragar climbing onto one of the platforms.

"You're okay Dragar," Ash sighed.

"Dra!" the little dragon cheered. Ryan was smirking though when he glanced at Dragar's soaked wings.

"Use Hammer Strike!" Ryan commanded. He wasn't waisting anytime as his Pokemon jumped at Dragar, his head glowing as he prepared his attack.

"Dragar, dodge!" Ash commanded. But the little dragon couldn't, he couldn't flap his wings. And he couldn't even move for that matter. "What's wrong?"

"Can't you see the water on Dragar's wings?" Ryan asked. "Since he got hit with a lot of water, and fell into the water as well. The water has weighed down Dragar's wings, he can't fly or move at all."

"No," Ash said shakily. He closed his eyes as he waited for the attack hit. Dragar saw the coming attack, and his turned feral and beastly looking. He took back his head and fired a giant green blast at Hammera, hitting the shark directly. Ash heard the scream from Hammera and opened his eyes to see Hammera flying into a wall at the end of the stadium. When he fell to the ground, his eyes were swirling.

"Hammera is unable to battle! Winner...Dragar!" the referee announced. The crowd was speechless at the display Ash showed by defeating Hammera. Hikari was cheering wildly.

"I knew he would win!" she continued cheering.

"That was a nice short battle, but Ryan's Pokemon only get stronger," Scott informed the trio. "If I know him, his next one will win against the all ready exhausted Dragar."

"Is it going to be Swampert, or Aquabullet?" John wondered. The crowd watched as Ryan recalled Hammera, and then toss another pokeball. This time, Swampert appeared on one of the platforms.

"I wondered when I would fight him," Ash said. "I'm going to take him down with Dragon Breath."

"Good luck," Ryan smirked. 'You will need it,' he thought to himself.

"Second round! Swampert vs. Dragar, begin!" the referee announced.

"Finish it up quick with Dragon Breath!" Ash commanded. Dragar took his head back and blasted a huge blast at Swampert, who was just glaring at the attack.

"Dodge it and use Hyper Beam," Ryan calmly commanded. Swampert dived into the water to dodge the attack that caused a huge explosion behind him. He then lifted his head out of the water and shot a golden beam at Dragar.

"Dodge it!" Ash cried. But he remembered too late that Dragar's wings were still heavy from all the water. The attack smashed into the dragon and sent him flying hard into the wall right behind Ash.

"Dragar is unable to battle! Winner is Swampert!" the referee announced.

"That was a quick match," Sarah commented.

"Come on Ash! You can do it!" Hikari yelled. Her cheers were a little muffled as the entire arena was cheering for Ryan and his victory. Ash picked up a pokeball and recalled Dragar.

"You did good," the boy whispered as he put the ball away. "Guess I got a little fool of myself. Well, time to take him down. I choose you, Houndoom!" In an instant a black dog Pokemon was standing on a platform, growling at his opponent.

"Third round! Swampert vs. Houndoom, begin!" the referee announced once again. And the crowd began to cheer wildly for the gym leader.

"Swampert, let's end this quick with a Hydro Pump!" Ryan commanded.

"Swamp!" the blue Pokemon called out as he shot a huge stream of water at Houndoom.

"Dodge, and use Shadow Ball!" Ash commanded. Houndoom jumped to another platform quickly, dodging the attack like it was nothing. He then opened his mouth and shot a large dark ball at Swampert.

"Use Hyper Beam on that Shadow Ball!" Ryan commanded. Swampert took his head back and fired another golden beam, countering the other attack. As the smoke cleared, Houndoom jumped through the smoke, and was covered by it. Before Swampert could react, Houndoom used a Tackle attack, and sent Swampert into the water.

"All right, wait for the right moment and use Aqua Cannon," Ryan muttered. Swampert heard him and began swimming to the bottom of the pool, and watching for a chance to attack.

"Where is Swampert!" Ash called frantically as he searched around the pool. Swampert slowly came up out of the water behind Houndoom, which went unnoticed by the trainer or the Pokemon. Swampert then opened his mouth and shot a huge blast of water, more powerful than Hydro Pump by a huge ammount. Houndoom felt the attack and was shot into the water. "Oh no! Houndoom!" The dog tried to get out, but found it hard to swim. Swampert came up out of the water and send an uppercut into Houndoom's jaw, and sent him flying into the air. Houndoom opened his eyes slowly and corrected himself as he landed on a platform, but barely. He was panting hard as he glared at the Swampert that was on the other side of the pool.

"Swampert, use Mud Shot!" Ryan commanded. Swampert shot a storm of blue energy balls straight at Houndoom.

"Use Shadow Ball!" Ash commanded. The two attacks collided and created a massive smoke cloud, bigger than the last one. Ash then saw away to get pass Swampert's speed, since that was what was keeping them at bay. "Houndoom!" The dog Pokemon understood what his trainer wanted and began jumping on the platforms, the smoke covering up his progress. The crowd watched expectantly, wondering what was going to happen next. Houndoom landed on a platform behind Swampert and opened his mouth. He then shot a golden beam at Swampert, which was a direct hit, and sent the Pokemon spiraling out of the pool area and into a wall. He then fell to the ground and his eyes became swirls as he groaned.

"Swam," the fish Pokemon groaned softly.

"Swampert is unable to battle! Winner is Houndoom!" the referee announced. Ryan recalled his Pokemon, and then nodded to the referee, who pulled out a button.

"One more to go," Scott commented. "And I know exactly which one he is going to use."

"We can guess as well," John said. "Is the Pokemon really strong though?"

"Yes, he is very strong," Scott replied. "Ash will have his work cut out for him." Ash waited for Ryan to call his next Pokemon when he felt the floor he was on, start to move back to the wall, making the pool bigger.

"Now, let's see how you handle this next one," Ryan smirked. He threw his last pokeball into the air, and a long blue whale looking Pokemon appeared. The thing was shorter than a Wailord, and he also had a series of five wholes and each side of the head. These were the only differences between this Pokemon, and Wailord.

"So, that's Aquabullet," Ash said excitedly. "This should be fun."

"Fourth round! Aquabullet vs. Houndoom, begin!" the referee called into the area.

"Houndoom, attack with Hyper Beam!" Ash commanded. The dog Pokemon shot a golden beam at Aquabullet, who dodged it faster than something that big should move. He was even faster than his Pikachu.

"Use Aqua Missles!" Ryan commanded. Energy surrounded the total of ten wholes, and then, 10 blue spheres shot at Houndoom at rapid speed.

"Dodge it!" Ash commanded. Houndoom barely dodged it, and landed on another platform.

"Finish with Water Pulse!" Ryan commanded. Without charging for a long time, the giant Pokemon launched his Water Pulse quickly at Houndoom, making it a direct hit. And it was even stronger than Hammera's own Water Pulse. Houndoom landed beside Ash with a thud, his eyes spiraling around.

"Houndoom is unable to battle! Aquabullet wins!" the referee announced. The crowd went wild at the short battle.

"Woah, that Pokemon is powerful," John commented.

"Ya," Sarah and Hikari agreed.

"But still, Pikachu should be able to win no problem," John said.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Scott said.

"What do you mean?" Hikari asked.

"You'll see," was Scott's simple reply. They watched as Pikachu leaped from Ash's shoulders, and prepared for battle.

"Final round! Aquabullet vs. Pikachu, begin!" the referee announced for the last time.

"Pikachu, use Thunder and end this quick!" Ash commanded.

"Pika...chu!" the little mouse Pokemon called as a huge bolt of electricity shot into Aquabullet, but the weird thing was, it don't hurt the Pokemon. Aquabullet let out a roar as he glared at Pikachu. The lightning attack's damage was barely visible.

"How?" Ash asked himself.

"I trained my Aquabullet against his weaknesses, which includes electric types, and grass types," Ryan answered.

"So, this won't be as easy as I thought," Ash groaned.

"Aquabullet, use Aqua Missiles!" Ryan commanded. The giant Pokemon launched the same devastating missile attack, which Pikachu dodged easily. Aquabullet suddenly came out from under Pikachu's directory, and smashed the mouse into the water.

"How did he move that fast?" Ash wondered.

"As you can tell, this Pokemon is one of the fastest alive, as long as he remains in the water," Ryan replied. Pikachu crawled out of the water and onto the platform, and quickly shook off the water.

"Aquabullet, use Aqua Cannon!" Ryan commanded. The Pokemon opened his mouth, and shot a giant blue beam of water straight at Pikachu.

"Dodge and use Iron Tail!" Ash quickly cried. Pikachu dodged the attack, and his tail began to glow as he aimed it for Aquabullet.

"Use Water Pulse!" Ryan simply commanded. The water attack smashed into Pikachu, negating the Iron Tail, and sending the mouse hard onto one of the platforms, which almost sank.

"Pikachu, please get up!" Ash called to his friend. The little mouse Pokemon slowly got up and panted as he glared at Aquabullet. 'I have to lower his guard, and then I can take him down with either Iron Tail, or Volt Tackle,' Ash thought to himself. And then something hit him, the thunder attack only touched the top part of Aquabullet, and he was barely hurt, but what if I hit him in that underside. 'He must have a soft underbelly. So an attack right there will take the Pokemon down. His only strength is the top portion, which holds both defensive and offensive power, but the bottom half holds none.' Ash grinned as he now knew how to win. "Pikachu! Jump into the water!" Pikachu wondered why Ash wanted that, but jumped in none the less. But, as he was jumping in, he heard Ash whisper, "Double Team."

"What is Ash planning?" John wondered. "Aquabullet can take out Pikachu in no time."

"Let's find out," Sarah told the boy.

"I bet Ash knows what he's doing," Hikari said.

"Let's hope," Sarah and John mumbled. Pikachu appeared in the air, and he seemed to come straight out of the water.

"Got you," Ryan whispered. "Use Tackle!" Aquabullet jumped out of the water and towards the Pikachu, which disappeared on impact. "What! A Double Team!"

"Volt Tackle!" Ash commanded. The real Pokemon was on one of the ledges and running at full power, and then he jumped to the side, electricity covering his body.

"Pika!" the little mouse Pokemon called as he collided with Aquabullet's underbelly, and caused him to growl in pain as he was dropped into the water. The electricity really hurting him. When Aquabullet resurfaced, his eyes were spirals.

"Aquabullet is unable to battle! The winner of the match goes to Ash and Pikachu!" the referee called into the stadium. The crowd was silent as they were shocked that Ryan lost the battle. The arena suddenly went back to what it was before, just a simple pool. Ryan recalled his Aquabullet, and walked around the edge and towards Ash.

"You did good buddy," Ash said to his Pikachu as he rubbed the mouses cheek. Hikari, John, Sarah and Scott joined Ash as he held his Pikachu.

"Great job Ash," the kids said.

"Nicely done kid," Scott grinned.

"Scott! What are you doing here?" Ash asked.

"Just popping in for a battle," Scott grinned. "Can't get enough of them."

"I know what you mean," Ash chuckled.

"Very good Ash," Ryan said when he reached the boy. He then extended his hand and shook Ash's own hand.

"Thanks, that was a really fun battle," Ash commented. The crowd went wild as they watched the show of friendship.


Standing near the exit of Waterlog Town, the group were saying bye to Ryan. "Before I forget, here is the Aqua Badge, which proves your victory at the Waterlog Town gym," Ryan said.

"Thanks," Ash grinned as he took the blue badge that was in the shape of a whale. "Alright! I got an Aqua Badge!"

"Pi, pikachu!" the little mouse cheered.

"The next gym is in a city named Shock City," Ryan said. "I wish you luck in the next battle. And to your next contest Sarah."

"Thanks," the group said.

"Well, Ash, I might see you later," Scott said. "Got to get back to the Battle Frontier. I wish you luck in all your other gym battles."

"Thanks, see ya Scott," Ash said as he began walking away. Followed by Sarah, Hikari, John, and of course Pikachu on his shoulder. The group turned slightly and waved to Ryan and Scott as they headed for their next destination in Shock City, and maybe a contest on the way. What other adventures wait on the road to becoming a Pokemon Master?

A/N: Ok, that was episode 6. In the next episode, the gang is heading through the woods, where Hikari gets lost. She meets some injured Pokemon, and a new one as well. Will she be able to protect the injured Pokemon from Team Rocket? And will Ash and co. find her? It's all about Hikari on the next episode, "The Lovely Forest Protector". I hope you can't wait. So, stay tuned.