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Tears stubbornly fell through thick, dark lashes sharing their reflective pain with choked sobs.

"Quit ye're bellyachin' ye blasted..." the begrudging surgeon spat at the sniffling Mauricio.

"Finish that sentence and you'll be missing your own belly." Sofia said coldly level, "That's not a threat, it's a promise" she finished just as calmly. The man's mouth snapped shut. The child continued to whimper under the man's less than gentle ministrations. He at last tied a small tight knot for the bandages across the boy's torso, then slowly helped him to sit up. Mauricio's bottom lip trembled and he quickly sucked it in, trying to preserve some of his dignity in front of the stranger. The man locked eyes with the child, and his furrowed brows slowly relaxed into as much of a sympathetic expression as a scallywag could allow.

"Listen, lil'un, ye need t' not be movin's'much, though I dou' th' cap'n 'll let ye." his voice gradually softened as he spoke, wide, tearful eyes silently persuading him. "Bu' I'll get ye somethin' t' res' yer back on." At the boy's incredulous expression, he continued, "Esta bien?" The addressed stiffly nodded. The surgeon leant his charge upon the wall of his cell and swiftly exited, not desiring any confrontations with the laconically quiet vixen. Her dark gaze followed him up the stairs, then trailed back to her sibling.

"So -"

"Don't!" Her shout startled the boy. "Don't talk, don't move, don't do anything." her voice was so choked, Mauricio couldn't find it in himself to respond. Silence overwhelmed the two for some moments.

"Lo siento."

"Que di -" she inhaled a breath, "What did I just say?"

Mauricio answered with a dull look. Sofia smirked.

"Forget it. You've nothing to be sorry about..." she fixed him with a glare as he made to open his mouth again, "It's not our fault, it's that stupid captain."

"Pardon me, madam, but I do rather prefer it when people talk about me t' my face." two pairs of eyes fixed upon Jack,´he captain's words entangled within his golden grin as he acknowledged the wry young surgeon's presence at his back. With a nod from his superior, Jedidiah reentered the boy's cell with a blanket, propping him comfortably upright.

"Now then," Jack sauntered to Sofia's compartment and directly into her face, "where were we love?"

"I wasn't talking about you, though I'm sure you fit into that category as well." Jack frowned.

"Not used to being wrong, Captain? Don't worry, that will pass."

"T' get t' th' point missy, you will be joinin' me for dinner." Jack snidely remarked, uninterested in her response as he turned his whole intentness to the abundant grime beneath his nails. Her lips drew back in a repressed yip, but just as she was about to gnaw him to pieces, he°resumptuously£ut her off with¡ sharp breath.

"And that's not a request, 'specially if you want t' get those knuckles treated." he glanced pointedly down at her hands, an uncomfortable cessation of his focus that impeled her to shrink back, pressing her hands into the crooks of her elbows.

"Oh, good then." Jack smiled, a brief overripe expression before he turned back to the stairs. "M'first mate will bring you a dress..." he called over his shoulder, trotting over to the boy's cage and slamming the door shut, "Oh, and Jed? You'll be stayin' th'night with your charge."

The physician's eyes lit up, jostling his patient when he leapt to his feet.

"WHAT? Cap'n, ye can't b' serious!"

"Oh, but I am." he dismissed the man's outburst, fumbling with his giant ring of keys. He exclaimed at finding the right one and locked the door. Jedidiah gaped at´he captain's actions and his fingers hung limply around the bars. Jack swaggered away, completely satisfied with himself, humming the same tune as before. Sofia glared at him as he walked past.

"I'm from Venezuela, not Ipanema you idiot!"


"Lo siento." - "I'm sorry."

"Esta bien?" - "Is it okay?"