These were the sounds heard through the hall to any one who would care to listen but at the moment, nobody did as they were all staring horror struck at the barmy old coot they called a Headmaster. The rezone for this moan and bangs was that the world-renowned Severus Snape was currently banging his head on the table in front of him. Why you may ask? Well, let's just rewind this a bit and see exactly why this strict and serious man decided to hurt the poor table.


And Play

It was as clam as possible as it was to be calm at Hogwarts and reportedly every student was supposed to be in the Great Hall for a big announcement that the Headmaster wanted to give. This also included the Professors as in Dumbledore's rezoning they were still students them selves. In the great hall every man, child and woman was wondering as to why they all needed to be there for a simple announcement though it did get them out of their first classes.

"Students," the students settled down " I would like to say good morning to you and thank you for being here. I am pleased to inform you that I have solved a very difficult problem. And no I am not talking about the Lemon Drop thief. A tear rolled down his eye as he thought of the atrocious thought I am talking about," He paused letting the students sit and suffer the suspense (or so he thought, they were all pretty much scared At this point) " I have solved our forever lacking dancing problem!" The hall was silent; the common thought was 'What?' and then it came " I have figured out that as none of you have ever had any training in the art of dancing it will start now. As of this moment all classes are canceled every Friday to attend the dancing classes! We will start today now every one please stand and follow my movements." It was then that the famous man known as Albus Dumbledor climbed on top of the head table and started…shimmying and doing strange moves that only muggle-born children recognized as Madonna and Brittany Spears. It was a scary thing to see and by all accounts it was a bad thing a very bad thing and that is why you could hear


As the only sounds in the hall as Severus Snape banged his head on the table in front of him. "God help us." Was uttered by several of the other teachers as Dumbledore started to swivel his hips. Several adults and children were sent to St. Mungos after this strange display some of which included Severus Snape, Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Hermione Granger and Ginevra Weasley. It was a sad day that day. The students would never be the same after that.

God that was so wrong to write though I'm not sure I did it well at all but hey blame me in a review. I thank you for reading and will see you another day, maybe.