Title: Axel guide to the perfect X-Mas

Author: KiraraCutie

Warnings: misspelling, cursing.

Summary: "Hey Axel here with Roxas as my camera crew and I'm going to show you how to make the perfect X-Mas."

Dedication: To everyone who has read my stories before. And would like a laugh at the crazy things Axel dose.

Disclaimer: Warning the makers of this video are not own by the author. And will be doing crazy things through-out these recordings. We suggest that the viewers of this program do not try this at home, as these stunts where done by professional.

A video camera is focusing on Axel who is sitting in a leather chair. To his right is the table. He's holding his hands together in front of him.

"Hey kiddies, guess what I'm going to show you how to make the most wonderful Christmas ever. … O gee Xenmas do I really have to say this?"

(Camera move to Xenmas standing with arms crossed)

"Both of you are the ones that want to have a Christmas party so make this tape for future references."

(Camera goes back to Axel)

Sigh "Fine I'm going to tell you how to make your Christmas… and now that Xenmas is out of the room I'm going tell you what I'm really going to do."

Axel stands up from the chair

"As you can probably tell I am your favorite red head, Axel."

(Camera swings around to show Roxas)

"And I'm Roxas doing all the camera work."

"Well, Xenmas wanted a nice, clam, peaceful, and appropriate Christmas tape. Well the mistake was making me do it."

"This is Axel guide to the perfect X-Mas." Both said at the same time.

"Let's go to the list shall we."

"You made a list Axel?"

Axel shakes a finger at the camera. "Of course I did and I'm checking it twice."

Roxas zooms in on Axel who brings out a folded piece of paper.

"First thing on we have listed is

Snowman Building
Tree Decorating
Hall Decorating
Gift Exchanging
Gift Picking/Purchase
Dinner Making
Picking Songs/Caroling
Putting Up Lights
Dressing In Spirit
Taking Pictures
Roasting Chestnuts
Sleight Ride
Hiding Places
Figuring out your Gifts

"What Axel no spiked eggnog?"

… "Good idea Roxas."


"So basically as you can tell from the list me and Roxas are going to have fun this Christmas, I mean X-Mas, There will laughs, tears, yelling, and whatever else may come about to rune Christmas for Xenmas."

"You can't finish that all in a week."

"But we can try… hmm think we can do a few things in one day come on Roxas this'll be fun. Here what's the first thing on the list?"

"… How to build a snowman."

"Perfect let's get to work."

"Axel it's 1:10 in the morning and it's snowing."

"Which makes it perfect for snowman building."

"No I'm going to bed we'll make this part tomorrow."

(Camera moves to show the door.)

"Aawwww, but Roxy."

(Swings back quickly can't focus yet)

"Awo, What was that for?"

(Show Axel on the floor)

"That you're to know never to call me that again," Roxas turns the camera towards himself, " and this segment of Axel guide to the perfect X-Mas. It officially over, I'm Roxas."

Camera goes back to show Axel "And I'm Axel, bye."

(Camera cuts)

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