'Thoughts'-'Demon thoughts'

"Speech"- "Demon speech"

Jutsu/text- demon jutsu

Several bruised and winded Narutos lay together in a clearing, the nearby trees all marked by the group; some more bore furrows purposefully carved to test a clone's strength, while many others were embedded with kunai and shuriken that missed a lucky clone. One of the Narutos, quickly rejuvenated by the short break rose and, with a glance, banished the others into clouds of smoke.

"Ok, I've got that technique. Let's see what else I can learn." It had only been a few minutes since he stole the Forbidden scroll, so the Hokage probably hadn't recovered from his nosebleed yet. "Hmm, element clones? Maybe later…wow!" Almost at the bottom of the scroll there was a technique that, if it actually worked, would unlock any latent bloodlines carried by the user. It would search though its user's genetics for dozens of generations until it located at least one bloodline ability.

'This will show Sasuke that the Sharingan isn't the only cool bloodline out there!' Naruto started the long chain of hand seals, but stopped short when he noticed they were for the jutsu directly above his. At reading the title, Bloodline Theft technique, Naruto restarted the correct jutsu's hand seals.

The ability to steal bloodlines was tempting though; a bloodline was the ultimate weapon and Konoha had several powerful ones he would easily get a chance to take. It would be easy to gain fame, glory and respect with even a single bloodline's powers backing him, let alone several of them. "I can't do that to...I don't need to…" After a moment of actually considering the ability to steal from his fellow villagers, he put the technique out of his mind and proceeded with the Bloodline Awakening technique. "I can become great on my own."

Which was fortunate; had he continued the Bloodline Theft jutsu, he would have been doomed to a horrid fate, as under the jutsu was a small scribbled note. "Do not attempt. Incomplete." The technique, created and tested by Orochimaru, had never fully worked.

Some of the problems were relatively basic; it needed a massive amount of chakra and a very complex seal jutsu for it to potentially work on a person. Without those, his test subjects always died instantly. No, the conflict arose when he actually did succeed in forcing the technique upon a person. That was when the bloodline would manifest its own modified chakra, which would then eat away at the user's chakra system.

No matter how far he went to preserve the lives of his subjects, to get a stronger test subject or take only a few features from the recreated bloodline, the technique always spelt the death of its user. Eventually, after untold numbers of failures, he simply gave up on it, starting fresh with other techniques that would achieve the same goal. Of those new techniques, the only one salvaged by Konoha was the bloodline reawakening jutsu below it.

Over a hundred correct hand seals later, Naruto was beginning to lose focus; occasionally, he would catch himself trying to skip over a seal, or start a different jutsu, much to his chagrin. Physically worn from an extremely long day and restarting the jutsu five times, he almost cried with joy when he realized he was on the last five seals. His numbing hands contrarily decided that that was the perfect time to take a break.

Three seals away from achieving something that would change his life forever, Naruto's fingers locked themselves in an awkward position, far from being even an imitation of a real seal and the world momentarily disappeared before him. For a second, it seemed that a second of blindness was the only consequence of failing to complete the jutsu with so much chakra built up for it.

He was wrong. Painfully so.

Blue chakra exploded from every chakra point in his body, the force of which easily blasted each and every one of his chakra gates open. Unable to withstand the massive force which it wasn't designed to resist, a small portion of the seal on his stomach started dissolving, releasing an in infinitesimal fraction of Kyuubi's chakra. That demonic chakra slammed into Naruto's own and, without further prompting, the two battled for supremacy.

Fortunately, the demon charka was limited in quantity and the human chakra potency, so after only a moment, they canceled each other out, leaving but wisps of both to repair the damages; all of this was, of course not without further consequences.

The power of Kyuubi's chakra had burned though every one of his chakra gates, changing his natural chakra's limitations. Unrestrained, his own chakra quickly fulfilled its most basic purpose and worked toward restoring his body and chakra system to normal. Basing what rate his chakra should flow at on the potent and destructive demonic energies that had just traveled through him, the gates were reformed smaller than normal sealed as such, now made to never open without their utter destruction.

On Naruto's right arm a small black hair melted into his skin, unnoticed as he thrashed in agony. Twitching in a small circle of ash, he tried to correct the technique, which he was almost sure at this point would kill him if he did nothing. With a laborious attempt at controlling his hands, he added in the last three seals he remembered from the scroll- seals from the bloodline theft jutsu.

Fortunately, the pain soon stopped, allowing him to relax enough to hear Iruka calling out to him from somewhere in the trees. Tentatively, Naruto tried to sit up and he quickly discovered that he didn't feel any pain. Jumping to his feet he realized that he actually felt better than when he started the jutsu, even if it had been a failure, though his right arm and head both itched and throbbed with an irritating, but ignorable, pain.

"I hope the first jutsu is good enough for me to pass. If I needed to learn two or three to pass that secret genin exam…" By the end of that night, he would feel more emotional pain than all his years of physical torment combined. As Mizuki killed Iruka, the one person figure in Naruto's life that he could almost call family, a great demonic beast howled with tainted joy within him.

A little after midnight, Naruto stumbled into his neglected apartment, Iruka's headband in hand and his eyes bloodshot. "I'm worthless." He muttered, remembering how powerless he was when Mizuki attacked, how poorly he battled the treacherous chunin. A team of Anbu arrived as Naruto faced defeat and resolved the conflict, moments too late to either save Iruka after the man shielded Naruto from an attack or stop Mizuki from telling Naruto about the demon within him. Emotionally exhausted and physically weakened, he flopped down onto his bed and after considering the idea of giving up being a ninja for a few minutes, fell into a troubled sleep.

Three a.m.

With a start, Naruto awoke, coughing blood out of his mouth and nose. After a few moments of sputtering, trying to get the taste of his own blood and the fear of drowning out of his mind, he opened his eyes to a red tinted, blurry world.

Shaking himself, he rubbed his eyes, trying to clear his vision when a slight pain shot through his eyes. With all the strength he could drag forth, he rose from bed and started towards the bathroom when he saw out of the corner of his eye that his pillow was rich and soggy with blood.

Immediately, he felt his face, but detected no cuts; checking over his whole body, he didn't find a trace of injury. Writing the blood off as part of a strange dream, he tossed the pillow aside, rolled a shirt into a ball and was about to lay down on it when he distinguished that his vision was blurry and tinted red.

Annoyed, tired and tormented over Iruka's death, Naruto summoned a shadow clone to examine him and end the oddities of the dream. Both gasped in shock. Crimson tears poured down the original Naruto's cheeks, dripping alongside his sweat down onto his shirt and bed.

The clone, conversely, bore the scarlet eyes of a fiend; more unnatural than a fully activated Sharingan. There wasn't a difference between the various parts now; red dominated every aspect of his eyes, flowing without interruption from his pupils and irises to the unnamed white area.

Now completely convinced that he was dreaming, Naruto dispelled the clone and ignoring the occasional jolt of pain and wet feeling, sank back into sleep, ignorant to the changes his eyes were undergoing.

The next morning

Naruto grudgingly peeled himself from his red-caked shirt and dragged himself towards his kitchen. Halfway there, he heard a faint whoop of approval and stopped, listening to see if he could determine the source. It took only a second for him to notice his half open window, and as he started to walk towards it to investigate, a large rock burst through.

Easily half his weight, and certainly large enough to do lasting damage to him, it blasted through the window and wall around it, shards of glass merrily trailing after it. As he braced himself for its impact and summoned as much chakra as he thought he would need for a jutsu, he perceived something odd.

Instead of racing towards him, it approached slowly, as if it was trudging through thick syrup. Moving as fast as he could, which also seemed oddly slowly, Naruto's hands darted through the hand seals for his newest jutsu and summoned a shadow clone directly in front of the rock. His copy, which appeared much later than he expected, never even got a chance to move as the stone tore through it and continued on its path towards him.

Under normal circumstances, that would have been a bad thing. Fortunately, the reality bending strength of Kyuubi's chakra still tainted his own and the rock became the focus of his jutsu. In slow motion, it twisted to match his form and, while he stood there amazed, it smashed into him, slamming Naruto into wall and shielding him from the glass. Snickering, the new Naruto clone helped his creator to his feet, so they could appraise the damage they caused. The window was simply gone, but at least his wall only had a dent in it.

"Great. Now I need to fix my wall and my window." With an annoyed sigh, he repeated the previous jutsu and summoned twenty shadow clones. "Go to the area I trained in last night and practice until you run out of chakra." He stopped to think about their numbers, before summoning twenty more. "You know what to do." His own hunger reminded him of something. "If any of you bastards touch my ramen, you better hope you run out of chakra before I get back."

That was met by every one of the stomachs in the room growling at once. Hoping for the best, formed the ram seal, pushed as much chakra as he could into the air. This seemed to partially satisfy the copies so, as they filed out his door and the gaping hole in the wall where his window had once been, he rummaged through his fridge intending to eat before he left to the ninja academy.

The water boiling for his breakfast, he caught a glimpse of his clock and realized he only had a few minutes to get to get there. Abandoning breakfast, he sprang out the window, wrapping Iruka's headband onto along the way.

A week later

Fifty Naruto filled a small section of the forest, doing the one most common action in the training grounds. Using only the academy taijutsu style, along with snatches of poorly imitated clan fighting techniques, they battled as brutally as a young ninja could; clones killed each other using the crudest, fastest methods they knew. Naruto had improved his clones to the point that only an injury, no matter how minor, could dispel them, so each needed actually hurt the others in hopes of winning each fight.

Within ten minutes, only three Naruto remained, each eying the others to decide whom they should attack first. Two of them reached a non-verbal understanding and rushed the third, who immediately decided to run instead of fight uneven odds. Chasing him through the forest, trying to land a solid attack on him, the more injured of the two pursuers suddenly drew a kunai and with cruel accuracy, stabbed his ally in the back, dispelling him.

Looking back to where their target had been, the only warning he got was a flash of metal, as three kunai were embedded in his chest. Then, in an explosion of chakra and loose mass, he disappeared, leaving the real Naruto the reigning champion.

Recovering faster than expected, Naruto summon another dozen clones to try to improve his chakra control and practice his ninjutsu, while he set off to rest and get a snack before he met with his team.

Halfway back to Konoha he felt a burning pain that, while familiar, was still unwelcome. Assuming one of his clones did something stupid again, like burning something too close to itself, he jumped down from his tree and tried to block out the annoyingly persistent pain.

At an oddly steady pace Naruto's chakra once again rebelled against his body. This time, however, neither Kyuubi's seal, nor his chakra gates were forced to bear the brunt of the damage. Instead, the spiritual energy built in his head and eyes, and slowly changed from a minor stinging sensation to a sharp, stabbing pain.

The power then seemed to thrash, and expand through his body, now only faintly brushing against his inner demon and gates. With steadily increasing strength, it fluctuated, charring his favorite orange jumpsuit at random intervals and pushing all the nature around him to its limit, before slowly dispersing into the air.

"What the hell was that about?" Neither the ash blowing away from him, nor the shredded tree beside him had a response so, taking an odd route, Naruto sat down and concentrated on all the odd chakra related experiences he had gone through. Inevitably, when he became distracted, Naruto's eyes started to wander and then he noticed something.

His sight, which under normal circumstances was probably only slightly better average, was sharpening and dulling rapidly. This continued for several minutes, the dulled vision slowly improving until it was roughly the same as his normal sight. Then it all stopped and his head, which had only hurt under a few circumstances before, throbbed one last time, before all traces of the pain subsided.

This didn't really worry him, until he heard a wasp hovering over his head and looked up to watch it. Every single wing beat was visible, though slightly blurred. Jogging to a small branch of a river that pooled into a miniature pond, he stared into it. A Naruto with the legendary Sharingan eyes stared back. "It wasn't a dream…" His eyes were still blue, but a fat black tomoe, surrounded by red haze, had appeared in each. He fell to the ground dumbstruck. "It's really real…" There was only the sound of nature for a few seconds.

"I've got the Sharingan! Yes!" Screamed Naruto, as he danced happily on the edge of the water.


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