Sasuke was the first into the bar, grudgingly henged to look more like his older brother. Bypassing some of Waves the dirtier, and weaker looking thugs, he strood straight to the edge of the room, were the workers with light ninja training were said to stay. Stopping directly in front of their table, and trying not to vomit in disgust at a ninja dragging a four year old girl under their table, he spoke.

"I have a job for you." As one, every person in the bar became oddly aware of his presence, giving Naruto his chance to slip shadow clones into the groups. Once the bar had mostly calmed and the weaker men had returned to their sludge, Sasuke pulled out a small wad of money. It was his own money, but the wealth of the Uchiha clan made giving up such a small amount insignificant. "You do your job well and far more than this will be yours. Call your men and meet me at the small warehouse closest to the new bridge at nine pm. If you do things right, you'll be rewarded well." He waved the money in front of their faces, then turned, and walked off. At the angry growls that would have probably signified a fight, he tossed the money into the air and escaped without notice as three dozen men tried to kill each other over it.

No one saw two boys above the bar, each forming a hand seal, glow with an aura of chakra and flicker away leaving two small craters in their wake.

Back at the training forest

"Ok, this is the easiest of my jutsu, but it'll take more chakra than most of your fire jutsu." Sasuke watched intently, as his newfound cousin preformed the seals repeatedly. After eight repetitions, the flow and seals were completely memorized so he stopped Naruto. The sharingan would have made it much easier, but as an Uchiha heir, some of its traits leaked over, even without activating it.

"Alright, I've got it." As Naruto's disbelieving look, Sasuke slowly formed the five seals, taking time to pushed roughly as much of his chakra into it as he would use for a his better fire jutsu. "Shadow clone technique!" A single clone appeared, but unlike Naruto's, it seemed for much more exhausted than it should have been. A small push quickly banished it, leaving nothing but smoke and a tired Uchiha behind.

"You just don't have enough chakra." Naruto almost laughed. The most versatile, and easy jutsu Naruto knew, and the class genius could barely use it. "Forget it, you need to train way more to get this down. Want to try the original fire version of this? Shadow clones are the easiest, but I guess if you better at fire jutsu…" Another, similar set of seals were performed until Sasuke easily mimicked them. "Alright, you just need this." Firing a single Hosenka, Naruto set ablaze a dead tree that sat a few meters away from them.

"Fire clone technique!" The clone built itself easily, quickly creating a second Sasuke who emitted a slight, dry heat. 'Told you I could.' It seemed to taunt before dissolving into embers.

"I didn't think you could really do it." The clone techniques had taken him forever, but Sasuke was almost done with two of them after ten minutes.

"Fire clones are easier that most other fire jutsu. Want to see some?" Both boys were back to forming seals as soon as Sasuke restored his chakra.


Sasuke dropped from the tree he had been perched on a glanced at his watch. It was apparently seven forty pm, even though they had been training for what felt like an hour. "Might as well go find the idiot." Picking up several scrolls he had chosen to travel with and storing them in various pockets, Sasuke started his search for Naruto. The scorch marks and chipped boulders made an easy route to follow and soon he was a few meters away from the other Uchiha eyed boy.

"Hey, I think I figured out the normal sharingan again!" Jumping up to a branch level with Sasuke's Naruto proudly displayed his completely now red eyes, the black tomoe slowing their spin with his landing. Excess chakra poured from his eyes in small, undulating waves, but the fact that it was the proper sharingan made that easy to ignore.

'He's already up to three in one of his eyes! I can barely force some of the memorizing abilities, and he's almost matured his! If I can't even catch up to him, Itachi will be far too strong for me.' Nothing of this inner dialog escaped as Sasuke pointed upward towards the darkening sky and spoke. "Let's get going. I want time to rest before everything starts." Naruto nodded, and they both drew a quick breath before exploding out of sight.

Eight pm

Four men, despite their tattered appearance matching their surroundings, sauntered into the warehouse grinning wildly. Behind them, looking even worst than their leaders, trailed thirty more, their eyes constantly glaring through the misty darkness, searching for danger.

"Right on time." There was a scream behind them. Looking back, all their followers had been sealed either in roots, or inside of large earth mounds. "That's a little more fair." The voice whispered something quickly and then started drifting lazily around them.

"Eyes!" One of the four had noticed something odd about their surroundings. There was an almost solid wall of glowing eyes on one side of the room. The bear sized fox laying taunt next to it didn't help much either. The beast grinned, displaying rows of fist-sized teeth before partially retreating into the darkness.

"Yes, I suppose you've noticed my companions." The monster's retreat gave them a chance to look around, and almost immediately, they recognized their employer. With less alcohol in their systems, they were immediately able to remember his status as one of the strongest rouge nin what entered Wave. "That's besides the point. You will purchase any items I find myself wanting, keep note of all Nin you see in Wave, and report all findings to me. If you can manage that much, I suppose I could reward you with you lives, and my wealth." They didn't get much of a chance to refuse the command before a cruel laugh surrounded them, and they each descended into personalized nightmares. One by one, they dropped.

As the last man pissed himself and passed out, Naruto dissolved all of the clones he had created. The fox they had formed with a joined transformation disappeared, and Sasuke dropped his own illusion. "I suppose we should release them. I've fix everything from here as long as Tazuna completes his side of the bargain." Naruto formed a dozen shadow clones to search the men for anything useful. Upon finding five scrolls with intricate markings on them, the clones were dispersed hiding two small blasts of chakra from any prying eyes.

Another set of sharingan eyes slowly appeared scanning the dust clouds. Once the two teens had successfully gotten out of his line of sight, Itachi's eyes faded back to their natural onyx color and he stared mutely at the area his younger brother had been in. "Live Sasuke. One day, when I have accomplished my journey, I will fight you again, and then I hope that you will be able to aid mission." Itachi morphed into a villager he has seen at some point and casually made his way back to the inn he had been resting. "Leader will find his quite interesting."

Ten kilometers away

Stretching his weaken muscles, Zabuza easily shredded the bandages on his neck, with a light tug. Casting a small slate of ice on his arm aside and ignoring his hunter nin's protests, he tested his sword arm. "Two more days, Haku. Then, we will complete this job." Leaving his massive blade on the ground, Zabuza settled in a cot nearby. "Rest up. If those brats are as good as they were last time, we'll need all the sleep we can get." Haku silently agreed, before propping herself up against a wall.

'Of course master. First though, I wish to pay a certain ninja a visit.' Zabuza listened as his apprentice formed an ice mirror on the wall she was leaning on and disappeared.

"Haku shouldn't be exposed to choices like this. The poor kid doesn't know how to handle them. As long as she gets back soon so we can strike right after I heal. You have two days, kid." The dialog was soon followed by steady, light breathing from the sleeping silent-killer.

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