Title: Dog With A Bone

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Overview of Plot

- A dog found a bone (a right Radius of a female aged between 20 and 25).

- The dog and his owners aided in the retrieval of the rest of the remains (in Washington Park – the dog's usual walking place).

- The particulates found on the remains did not match the area in which they were found. Further investigation suggested that the female died of Smallpox and were buried in South East England (near the River Thames) in the 1600's. Findings also suggested that she was an American Indian, and that she may be Pocahontas.

- Booth and Brennan were sent to England to search for Pocahontas' grave in order to authenticate the find.

- Are currently waiting to meet with Harvey Lynch (a historian who works for the Gravesend Local History Society) in the hotel foyer... On to Chapter 10.

Overview of B/B relationship

- Endless flirting.

- Nearly kissed after wiping ice cream off Temperance's face.

- Booth checked out Bone's while she was exercising by the lake.

- Play a game of 'Scissors, paper, rock' and 'I Spy' on the plane, where Booth cheated. After a short argument Booth kisses Brennan (she kisses him back) until the air hostess interrupt.

- Have to share a room while in England – Had a playful fight about which side of the bed they wanted. They woke up in each other's arms.


Hotel Foyer

Harvey Lynch strolled thought the entrance of the Hotel foyer with confidence and spotted the partners right away. He recognised Temperance from her photo on the back of one of her novels. He was a huge fan of her writing, mainly because of her intricate plots and the seemingly unsolvable cases, not to mention the red-hot romance scenes. He would never admit to the last reason though.

He approached the pair and flashed a smile at Temperance and reached out his right hand in greetings. "Hi, I am Harvey Lynch, and you are the famous author and forensic anthropologist Doctor Temperance Brennan. It is such a pleasure to finally meet you. I am a huge fan of yours." After shaking her hand his wide eyes quickly scanned the length of her taking note of her curves and a small section of bare skin where her shirt had folded up and away from her jeans. Temperance was oblivious to where his gaze fell, however Booth was not.

"Hi Harvey, I must say, I have heard a lot about you as well, and if you are half as capable as they say you are, I will be more than happy to work with you," Temperance replied returning the complement.

Harvey turned to Booth and flashed him a smile. "And you must be Special Agent Seeley Booth," Harvey said giving the buff agent a firm handshake. "Pleased to meet you," he continued, sensing the agents dislike of him immediately. Harvey decided to be over-nice, to compensate for Booth's initial reaction.

Booth just smiled a tight smile in response and nodded in acknowledgement. He didn't trust himself to speak to this man just yet. What if his gut feelings were wrong? It would surely make for an awkward working relationship and might annoy Bones. Hang on! When do I second guess my gut feelings? Never! Might annoy Bones? When has that ever stopped me in the past? If anything, it might even encourage me to express my feelings.

"Okay then, how about we get going. I have narrowed the search for Pocahontas' grave to the North West area of the cemetery near where the original church was built. I will of course show you how I came to that conclusion, so you can verify my findings, and then we can go from there. Hopefully together, we can narrow the area to a smaller, more manageable block."

"Sounds great," Temperance replied as she followed Harvey out to his car. Booth followed close behind.

An office, Gravesend Graveyard Hall

As Harvey concluded his explanation of how the North West area of the cemetery was in his opinion, the same area in which Pocahontas had been buried approximately 500 years prior, Booth took a deep refreshing breath. His head hurt from listening to this guy. His accent annoyed him. The way he eyed Bones, his Bones, annoyed him. And it didn't help that this guy was kind of handsome, although Booth would never say that out loud. It was hard work just trying to look interested. He was bored out of his mind. He liked field work. He would dig up this whole cemetery by hand, as long as he didn't have to listen to this guy for another second.

Temperance on the other hand seemed interested in his findings, even though all of his data came from historical records, and not human remains, she was fascinated none-the-less.

"I have an idea for how we can further narrow our search. We simply need to take a number of core samples at a depth of four to seven feet, in three meter increments and send them to my lab. Hodgins should be able to compare the soil samples with particulates found on the remains, thus help direct our search," Temperance explained. She was always proud of her team, but being able to suggest their skills to solve problems made her day.

"That's fantastic. I will organise someone to do that right away," Harvey replied.

"That won't be necessary. But thank you anyway. I am willing to allow some people to work under the supervision of Booth and I, but I would prefer we did most of the work."

Booth smiled at the thought of Temperance trusting him. They were partners, but she was such a perfectionist when it came to her work that it was hard for her to even allow Zach, her assistant to take a small amount of control. Now, here she was, saying she would only trust herself and Booth. Not you, Harvey.

"In that case, it would be my pleasure to assign you both of my assistants for the afternoon. They are young, eager to learn and willing to listen," Harvey replied as he began to pack up his research papers and laptop computer.

"That would be very helpful. Thank you," Temperance replied with a smile.

Once they reached the car park and packed Harvey's equipment in the boot of his car, he turned to Temperance and asked, "What are you plans for dinner tonight, Doctor Brennan?"

"Oh, I do not know. Why? Can you suggest a place where we can go?"

"I do in fact have a place in mind. Would you be interested in accompanying me to dinner tonight?" Harvey asked Brennan hopefully.

"It would be our pleasure," Temperance replied chancing a glimpse in Booth's direction, hoping that he wouldn't mind spending the evening with Harvey. She was totally oblivious to the fact that Harvey had only asked her, not Booth.

Booth smirked in response. Temperance was the most intelligent person he had ever met yet she had no idea about life. He liked the child-like innocence of her. It was sweet that it had never crossed her mind to go out on a date and leave him behind. That's what made her special.

Harvey took a deep breath and decided against reiterating his proposal to Temperance. He wasn't happy about having Booth tag along tonight. He wanted to have a chance to get to know Temperance without having to deal with a competitor. Oh well, at least she agreed to come. "Fantastic, I will have my assistants contact you after lunch so you can begin collecting the core samples, and I will pick you both up at 7pm from your hotel. Until then," Harvey said with a wide grin as he turned and climbed into his car.

Temperance turned to Booth who had a satisfied look on his face. It pleased him no end to have Temperance include him in her dinner plans and to see the look of disappointment flash across Harvey's face.

"What do you want for lunch?" Temperance asked.

"How about fish and chips," Booth suggested. He had heard that the English still used old newspapers to wrap their fish and chips and they had the best taste. There was no way he could be in this country and not try the famous tasting fish and chips.

Temperance nodded in agreement. They strolled along the shoreline and spotted a take-away shop in the distance. Booth broke their comfortable silence. "You know, Harvey didn't really invite me for dinner tonight."

"What do you mean," Temperance replied in confusion.

"He was hoping for a hot date with the woman of his dreams," Booth replied trying hard to hide a smile.

"What! Hot date?! I highly doubt that Harvey had any intention of turning a simple dinner into a hot date. That is simply ludicrous, Booth."

"You aren't serious are you? He was flirting with you all day. How could you have not seen his wandering eyes or the way he sat extremely close to you while sharing his research? It was clear to everyone around, that he is attracted to you," Booth explained, perplexed at how competent Temperance was in most areas, and how inept she was in others.

"Flirting. You can't be serious. Even if he was, flirting is a universal and essential aspect of human interaction. Anthropological research shows that flirting can be found, in some form, in all cultures and societies around the world," Temperance rationalised whilst trying to pinpoint when this supposed flirting occurred. She still had no idea. "And besides, I enjoy your company, so I'm glad you will be attending my hot date, as you put it."

Booth's faced lit up at her remark and he quickly looked away, as if interested in something in the distance. She enjoys my company.

North West section, Gravesend Graveyard

When Booth and Brennan arrived at the North West area of the graveyard they were greeted by two young men. "Hi, my name is Ross, and this is Scott. We will be assisting you this afternoon. The core sampling equipment has been sterilised since its last use to ensure there are no contaminants."

Brennan smiled and introduced herself and Booth before turning her attention to the said sampling equipment. After a thorough inspection on the working order of the equipment she began delegating duties to the two assistants and Booth. They each set upon their tasks in silence.

Five hours later Booth was exhausted. He knew it would be a huge job, but he never thought that it would be this big. He had almost finished his designated area and looked around to see how far along everyone else was. Brennan in true form had no let up. Her concentration astounded him. How can she be still interested in taking core samples after five hours!? He for one was sick of it. He finished the last sample, catalogued it and placed it in its transportation case.

Booth strolled over to a small workbench, took a large swig of water, and wiped his mouth with his sleave. Brennan, Ross, and Scott seemed to be finishing up as well. Booth for one would be happy when today was over. He had been in many cemeteries before, but this one creeped him out. It was probably because of its long history and the sheer number of graves that littered the area and it didn't help that the sun had began to set.

Brennan, Ross, Scott, and Booth packed-up in silence, each doing his/her own task like they had been working together, as a team for years. Brennan looked around and began to miss her own team back in DC. She appreciated the way they worked and thought independently, yet as a part of a big group. The way they shared their theories with one-another and were open to constructive criticism. But most of all she missed the playful banter that was thrown around the lab, bringing a social aspect to the work place, considering most of them didn't have a social life to speak of.

Brennan gathered up the last of the core samples and placed them securely in the back of the truck. When she turned back around to check the site Booth slung his arm over her shoulders and heaved a sigh of relief. He had been sweating and was covered in dirt and dust. Booth's sweat smell was manly, mixed with tasteful men's deodorant. Brennan took a deep breath in trying to savour the sweet smell. "I am so glad that I am first in the shower tonight," Booth sighed.

Brennan shook his arm from her shoulder and turned to face him with her arms crossed, "What? I seriously doubt you will be first. You do realise, women have first priority when it comes to matters of personal hygiene, ask anyone."

"Ask anyone? That's your logical argument? Come on Temperance, I expected better from you," Booth laughed.

"I'm tired, Booth. Give me a break. Besides, we are not going back to the hotel yet. We still have work to do," Temperance replied as she slid into the backseat of the truck.

Booth followed her lead and waited for Scott to start the truck. "We have more work to do tonight?" Booth asked.

"Not a lot. We just have to contact Hodgins and tell him what we are looking for and send the samples via over-night post."

"Great. Conversation with the squint squad… That'll be interesting," Booth joked.

Brennan slapped him in the arm and pretended not to be interested.

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