Title: Dog With A Bone

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Mrs Clark's home (The Australian Ambassador)

Booth and Brennan approached the front door of a large house and knocked three times. Booth flashed his badge at the woman who opened the door and almost automatically she introduced herself as Mrs Clark. "Hello Mrs Clark, I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth and this is my partner Doctor Temperance Brennan," Booth said motioning to Bones when introducing her. We're here to talk to you about the supposed human bone your dog found."

"Ah, yes please come through. Our little Bruce hides bones all around the backyard for weeks, even months at a time, and we just thought it was one of those, until he brought it inside and left it in our living room. If you would follow me, I'll show you to the bone," a short plump lady said with a smile, ushering in her new guests.

Booth and Brennan followed the woman into a large marble foyer complete with marble columns and a staircase. Modern artwork adorned the walls in an unpretentious fashion. Usually such a large house, clearly upper class would be cold and unwelcoming effectively making Booth feel uncomfortable and small, but this place had a warm and inviting feeling. Booth felt right at home here and had a gut feeling that there was no way Mrs Clark and her family would have anything to do with the supposed crime he and Bones were investigating.

After following Mrs Clark into what seemed to be a sitting room she turned to face the partners and before she could get a word out Brennan assaulted her with a number of questions. "So I am to believe there was no flesh found on the bone itself? How long did you allow the canine to chew at the remains of a human? How much damage did your dog do to the bone exactly?" Temperance asked hardly taking a breath in-between each question.

"Bones, take a breath. Relax. Mrs Clark is being very helpful; there is no need to integrate her," Booth reprimanded her. God her dominate personality can be annoying at times.

"I apologise," Temperance said taking a deep breath, "I have been told I can be… task oriented at times," glancing at Booth for a moment. "Where did you say the bone was?" Temperance said this time in a patient and an almost pleasant manner. Booth smiled inwardly at his doctor's change in attitude and silently congratulated himself for the change. He knew she had it in her.

"The bone is in the kitchen on the bench," pointing towards a large white door. Temperance made her way to the door but before proceeding through she turned back to the diplomat as if as a second thought and asked, "May I?"

"Go right ahead," Mrs Clark replied, nodding her head whilst following the doctor through to the kitchen.

By the time Booth entered the kitchen Temperance had already placed her latex gloves on and was inspecting the bone. "A cursory examination suggests that the bone is in fact human in origin, a right Radius to be exact, and is that of a female aged between 20 and 25, however without the rest of the remains I will unable to identify whom this Radius belonged to nor be certain of the cause of death," Temperance explained aloud in a monotone, typical when sharing her findings.

Temperance held the bone up to the light and took a closer look at the damage the diplomat's dog had made. A few deep chew marks here and there, nothing suspicious though. Temperance turned to the diplomat who stood next to her and asked, "Where did your dog find this?"

"Bruce goes for walks with the kids down the park on Sundays, other than that he is at home in the backyard or inside," Mrs Clark replied, avoiding looking at the bone now identified to be human. She felt sick that she even had it in her house, let alone near her food preparation area. She took a deep breath to steady herself and looked back to Agent Booth.

"Mrs Clark, you are not obligated to allow us to search your property or to…"

"Anything you need Agent Booth, let me know," she responded with a smile attempting to focus on Booth rather than Brennan who held the said bone. "My children are not due home from school until 4pm this afternoon, so until then please take a look around my property and you can talk to the children when they get home. I'll organise one of my security men to escort you around."

"Thank you Mrs Clark. Your assistance in this investigation is greatly appreciated." Booth had never met a politician he liked; sure he had met many that he had to like, but never one he liked of his own accord. I wonder if Hodgins would assume some sort of conspiracy because she was too nice, and too helpful. Booth almost laughed out loud, hanging around the squints had changed him. He was starting to have paranoid delusions.

"Now that you mention it, I need a mould of your dogs jaw and some samples of his scat," Temperance said in her matter-of-fact way. "So I can eliminate the marks he made and focus of on the evidence".

"Not a problem, Bruce won't bite, go outside and take what you need. If you don't mind, I have a lot of work to do, someone from security will come and assist you in just a moment," Mrs Clark said this time leaving the room. She wanted nothing more than to get away from the bone. The thought of a human bone in her kitchen gave her the creeps.

Mrs Clark's home (The Australian Ambassador)

Two hours later

After a thorough search of the property Booth declared that the bone must have been found by the dog whilst being walked. A conversation with Mrs Clark's children will no doubt prove his findings. With nothing else to do until the children came home from school, Booth asked Brennan if she wanted to stop somewhere for lunch.

"Sure, I wanted to try a new restaurant, if you're game to try something different," Temperance suggested with a sly grin.

"What are you implying, Tempe? That I only ever go to Wong Foo's?" answering his own question in a mock tone. Temperance loved it when Booth used her first name. It felt personal. When he used her pet name, Tempe, she got shivers down her spine and butterflies in her stomach. Before replying she took a breath to calm herself.

"No, just wanted something a little healthier today. There is a salad bar up town that Ang told me about," Temperance replied, enjoying the effect her little jab had on her partner's fussy taste of food.

"Okay, lead the way" Booth smiled, wondering why she would need to eat healthily. She looked in fine form to him.

Mrs Clark's home (The Australian Ambassador)

At 4:30pm Booth and Brennan were once again pulling up at Mrs Clark's home. Temperance was too busy on her phone with her publisher to realise they had arrived, so Booth ran around and opened her car door for her. She thanked him with a smile, finished her conversation as she followed him up the stairs to the front door. After two or three swift knocks two rowdy kids answered the door followed closely by their nanny. "Hi" they giggled.

Their nanny ushered them away from the door way and invited Booth and Brennan into the house. They were led to a comfortable lounge room to wait until Mrs Clark to finish a meeting. As they waited they heard the children playing in the next room. The sound of happiness echoed the walls of the house and gave Booth another feeling of being home. There was just something about these people that seemed right.

"Why are you smiling, Booth," Brennan asked perplexed about her partners behaviour. Usually he had his 'game face' on when they worked a case, but today he seemed different.

"Don't you feel it?" Booth asked turning in his seat to stare at her. "This place, it feels like home."

"I don't understand. Your home is a small house on the other side of town. Nothing about this place bares any resemblance to your place of residence," Temperance said, even more confused at Booth's topic of conversation.

"No, not the look of the place, the feel of the place!" Booth explained emphasizing the word feel by smoothing out the couch he was sitting on in an effort to show Temperance how comfortable he was. "And it's not that small! There are three bedrooms," Booth exclaimed in an effort to defend his home from Temperance's judgement.

"The physical properties of this house do not affect an emotive response from me. The feel, as you put it, of a house is rather subjective and as such each individual feels something different. My home feels like my home, largely due to the fact that it is filled with my personal possessions. This house has none of my own belongings and is decorated in a manner far from the way I would have decorated it," Temperance replied in an effort to explain her feel for the house they were in as opposed to the feel of her own place. "And I did not mean for you to take offence at the size of your house. It was merely an observation," Temperance stated as an afterthought.

Booth shook his head and stared at her in response, wondering if he would ever be able to explain his gut feelings to her in a way she would understand. Nah, she is too scientifically minded… If you can't see it or measure it, she just wouldn't get it.

Temperance shifted in her position on the couch feeling somewhat uncomfortable under her partner's stare. She lifted her left leg over her right, crossing her legs and began to look around the room they were in. Unknown to Temperance, her skirt sild midway up her thigh, catching Booth's attention. He tried desperately not to stare at the creamy skin colour of Temperance's leg, and the way her muscles flexed while her legs were crossed.

When Mrs Clark finally walked into the room, Booth snapped his head up from Temperance's thigh, as if caught doing something naughty and felt his cheeks flushed a pink colour as a result.

"Agent Booth, Doctor Brennan," Mrs Clark greeted whilst taking a seat on one of the couches opposite them. "I have spoken to my children, Daniel and Kimberlee about the bone Bruce found. They do understand that it is human, but I would prefer you didn't go into too much information about it," Mrs Clark explained glancing at Temperance. She was still a little disturbed by the thought of having a human bone just lying in her home. After a slight nod from Brennan Mrs Clark continued, "They are getting their shoes on now and will take you both on their usual walk. I trust that they will be safe in your care," Mrs Clark said now looked at Booth for reassurance.

"Thank you Mrs Clark, I will ensure nothing will happen to them," Booth said feeling a warmth spread through his body at the thought of the level of trust this woman was now placing on him.

Mrs Clark nodded her head once as if sealing a secret pact with the Agent. She trusted him. She knew they would be safe in his presence.

Mrs Clark let them both back to the foyer where her children were waiting. After some brief introductions Mrs Clark gave her son, Daniel a warning of being on his best behaviour while out with the partners. He gave a mischievous grin and agreed to the terms, then walked out the front door to collect Bruce. Out the front door Bruce was waiting with their nanny and Daniel took his lead and they began their walk.

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