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Chapter 5

Ever since that faithful night in northern Brazil Jack had been hooked by his daughter and he and Irina had begun to get reacquainted with each other after so many years of not being close to each other. Most of the time Jack met with them he would spend all of his time with both his daughter and his wife, but there were days where Irina would send off their daughter to spend some time with her aunt Katya or with some friends and they would have a romantic evening or weekend alone just romancing each other.

All in all their life was pretty good for that time, you know excluding the fact that they had to watch their backs everywhere they went and that any wrong move they made could be the one their governments caught and if they were caught both knew that their governments would shoot first and ask questions later. That was the life they led ad the life they had chosen for themselves before they met each other so neither complained.

After Jack and Irina supposedly died in Mongolia and Hong Kong respectfully and Jack had recovered from the bullet wounds, they decided to leave Irina's home in Northern Brazil and move to a hotel in the country's most urban and populated city, Sao Paulo.

The only help, or security really, they brought with them were Irina's bodyguards Viktor and Ira. They were the two people, besides a few chosen family members and friends, who Irina trusted completely. They were also the ones who kept Irina in contact with all of her businesses, of which there were quite a bit legal ones thrown in that all the money they used to pay for their hotel bills and anything extra with just that income and never touched the illegally made money.

That morning Viktor walked into the dining room just as the Bristows were sitting down for breakfast.

"I'm sorry for coming so early but I think you both should see this."

He walked over to the VCR and pushed in a plain black tape. Soon an image of lower east side London came o with the star attraction being none other than Julian Sark, currently being chased by a man who was obviously one of Irina's operatives. In his hands was a device which Irina instantly recognized but had never thought she would see.

Instantly she became worried, though she didn't show it. After Jack had recuperated they had gone into Sloan's lair and destroyed all of the artifacts he still had, this one was not one in his collection but both had seen the place which was saved especially for it. All the one's Irina had managed to collect on her own had been destroyed as soon as she had been able to make a good enough copy. Even the Horizon which was really coveted was not as coveted as this one and if Sark had it now it meant that he learned of its existence while he was working while working for Sloan and he hadn't said anything to his boss.

This was possibly some of the worst information they had ever received because if he had it now it meant that he had the means to protect it which meant he had a small army. This was going to make it harder to get it away from him and that probably meant that she might lose some of the men she sent in to retrieve it.

Jack on the other hand did not know what he was looking at exactly, he knew it was something important because when Irina's eyes fell on it she had instantly become rigid, he could not even guess at its properties though.

Once the video finished Viktor took it out and stood by the TV awaiting his orders.

"That was called the 'Horario Nobre', it was one of the last things Rambaldi worked on and if the manuscripts I read were correct, the most powerful of all his creation, especially if used on conjunction with the Horizon."

"What does it do?" Jack asked as he turned to look Irina in the eye.

Getting up and moving to the other side of the room she told him. "This device is said to be able to take people back in time and send them forward into the future."

He too stood up and began pacing with his wife. "Can we be sure it's the real thing?"

"Yeah, if my people were chasing him it's the real thing. I had gotten word that they might be on to something but I just did what I normally did when I go information on something regarding that lunatic. I told my men to find it and destroy it and then bring me the pieces. I never thought they would actually come across it but I guess they did."

Still pacing Jack put a question out to Viktor. "When was this recorded?"

Stepping closer the bodyguard answered them. "The package said yesterday morning. I believe, from the way it was worded that Mr. Sark may be arriving in Sao Paulo within the hour and that he knows you are in the city but not the specifics."

"I thought it was weird he wasn'tcaught in London, you men aren't usually so careless." Jack joked at the expense of Irina because he knew the trouble she went through to ensure that her operatives were better than the CIA, something that when he found out convinced him even more the entire time she was in their custody she would have managed to get out if she had any desire to do so.

Not paying him any notice Irina gave her orders to Viktor. "I want two men on his tail and I want to know every thing he is doing, where he is staying, who is with him, the people he meets with, everything. Anna is going to go stay with Katya until he clears out. She will leave tonight and I want Ira to go with her and make sure she gets to my sister alright. Tell him not to pack because he is dropping her off and coming right back here, Katya has her own guards and I need you both here because I have a feeling that the CIA is also on his tail and we are going to be getting some visitors soon."

"Yes Irina, I will get right on it. What name should I book the flight under?"

She thought for a moment for a name that the CIA would not find too suspicious should they come across it. "Mark and Janice Hewitt. They will be father and daughter, I'll tell Anna, she'll understand."

"Alright then I will let you know as soon as I have any information."

Jack suddenly remembered something. "Make sure that neither Jacobs or Silva go, Sark will instantly recognize either of them. You better put Yacovich as one of them, he is the safest bet."

"I will do that." Viktor left and Jack looked expectantly at his wife, he could see the wheels still turning in her head and knew that she had something else to say.

"Tomorrow we'll go see an old friend of mine and try getting some intel on our own. Now lets go to our daughter, she must be going crazy by herself all this time."

When Viktor ad come in they had sent her off to her room so that they could talk in private, and that is where she had been all of this time.

They were not naïve thinking that she would always obey them and would never catch their conversations and eventually figure out where their money came from, but they were going to try and shelter her from this life as much as possible.

The rest of the day was spent with their top priority, Anna, and was spent doing whatever their little girl wanted. Soon the time came for her to leave and both parents felt saddened and relieved that their daughter was not going to be with them for as long as Sark and the CIA were around. Sad because they couldn't be with her and relieved because they did not want her in the middle of any of the fights they knew would come up.

Now all they had to do was wait.