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I woke up, and check the time on my watch. It was 10:30.

"Damn, is it really that late?" I thought. "Maureen's protest is in an hour and a half."

I tried to sit up, but felt like I was gonna puke. Then, realizing my condition, coughed. I went to wipe whatever was there, and felt something.

"Shit!" There was blood. Apparently, the thugs beat me so bad that my mouth bled when I fainted.

"Hello?" I heard someone call out, probably hearing my hacking. I keep coughing my guts out so they could find me.

"Oh, my god! Are you okay?" I heard them say. I looked up and saw a bright light, with a person standing over me.

"God?" I asked, half awake. "Am I in Heaven?"

"Um, not yet, hon. If we don't get you to a hospital right away, you might be." He said.

He. It didn't sound like a guy. He sounded like a girl, no offense, but he did.

"Yeah, sure." I tried to get up, but I couldn't. I was still in too much pain from the beating. He noticed that I was struggling, and gave me an arm. "Thanks."

"No problem. What's your name?" he asked.

"Tom Collins, but everyone who knows me calls me by my last name."

"Hi. I'm Angel." He held out the hand that was supporting me, and quickly stuck it back under my arm. "Sorry."

"It's alright. I'm used to the pain now. Where are we going?" I asked.

"Well, there's a good chance the emergency room's closed, considering it's Christmas Eve."


"So, I'm taking you back to my apartment. I live with my mother. She and I are like brother and sister." He crossed his fingers, showing they were extremely close.

"She won't mind if you bring home a stranger?" I asked, half-wanting to know the answer.

"Mind? She loves company. It makes her think we have family. I had a couple of brothers and sisters, but..." He paused.

"What? What happened? They move out, go to college?" I asked.

"They had Aquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, as my mother, and as I. My family has had it ever since my great-great-grandfather got it from some prostitute. So, it's just been passed down. We were all tested when we were babies, and we all had it. Kind of sad, huh?" Angel let me lean up against a wall, before he opened the door to his apartment. It wasn't small, but it had a kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a wide space in the middle.

"Well, it's weird, but...I have it too." I said, as he leaned me down onto the couch.

"It's not weird, and that just means we have that much in common."

"Yeah, well, it get's weirder..." I shifted my eyes toward the door, as if someone had just walked in.

"What, you're gay, too?" He hinted.

"Actually..." I started, but then the door slid open, and Angel's mother was standing there with 4 large grocery bags full of rice, beans, and lots of other fresh food.

"There's never fresh food in the Village. I wonder where she got it?" I thought.

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"¡Estoy en casa! " I'm home!

"Pensé que usted habría estado en casa ya... " I thought you would've been home by now...

"Encontré a un joven agradable, que pareció agradable para usted. Su nombre es la Marca" I met a nice young man, who seemed nice for you. His name is Mark.

"Wait, did she just say Mark?" I asked, looking very confused.

"Yeah, she did. Why?"

"Ask her what he looked like. I might know him." I eagerly looked back and forth between the two, and waited.

"Ok. ¿Qué Marcó se parece a?" What did Mark look like?

"El tuvo pelo rubio corto, gafas cuadradas negras, y él tuvieron una cámara."

"She says that he had short, blonde hair, square black glasses, and he had a camera with him." He walked over to the kitchen to help his mom with the groceries, and I stood up, but fell back down.

"Collins! Sit, come on. We'll make you some soup, and get you a blanket."

"¿La mamá, puede permanecer Collins con nosotros esta noche¿Apenas tan él re-coopera?" Mom, can Collins stay the night? Just so he can re-cooperate?

"¿Seguro, por qué no?" Sure, why not?

"She says you can stay. I'll take the couch, and you can have my bed." He went into what appeared to be "his" room, and came out with a blanket and a pillow.

"Wait, I can't stay. Mark is one of my friends, and he lives near here. I need to get there. I was supposed to stay with him. He's probably worried sick about me. I need to go."

Angel sighed. "All right. We'll get you bandaged, and leave."

"La mamá, el cambio de planes. El necesita llegar al lugar de la Marca. Nosotros le veremos más tarde." Mom, change of plans. He needs to get to Mark's place. We'll see you later.

"Bien. Esté en casa mañana. Adórele." Alright. Be home tomorrow. Love you.

So, we set out. I remembered where it was. 2 blocks down, 1 to the left, 1 down. Easy, right? Not yet.