The Unexpected: Part Five

The authorized continuation of the series started by KaySky

The Alliance has Simon and River, Kaylee's non-stop tears and the rest of the crew are searching.

He felt odd, no that's the wrong, he felt different. They had shared a bed often enough that he knew her body. Every curve, scar, freckle and grease stain. He hadn't expected to feel ownership, no that's the wrong word. Belonging, no, he had felt that that before at the hospital. What Book had said earlier about being one flesh, now that describes it. At the time he thought it had meant sex, but he was wrong. Those two words, one flesh, fit the way he was feeling and his thermo-dynamic miracle analogy perfectly.

He had started writing in his journals as an intern, to keep track of his hectic, confusing life. Now it was a compulsion. When he had shown then to Kaylee she had pouted, they were mostly written in Latin. Tonight he was using English, a surprise for his wife, another two word phrase he liked, so he could share his thoughts with her. One flesh, he must borrow Book's book to explore the concept more thoroughly.

She had lost weight the last few weeks, this had worried him. Luckily she liked him to "play doctor" as long as she was the "admissions nurse". Just a few missed meals and strenuous "exercise" was his prognosis. She was perfectly healthy, perfectly beautiful and perfectly loving. "Husband eyes", the brat was right.

While Kaylee was changing into her traveling outfit he had pulled River aside.

"You look beautiful mei mei, and happy."

She buried her grin into his chest in a big hug. 'You are such a boob."


"No! I have a sister now," she said grinning loudly. "I have many sisters now!"

Kaylee's sisters were smiling at them.

"You have brothers too," Mac added, putting a hand on River's shoulder.

Looking up at Mac with big, round, soulful, innocent eyes. "One brother's too many…"

(Dani's hanging onto the reddening Mac's arm to keep from collapsing in laughter.)

"… and eights not enough!" she adds kissing Mac's cheek.

"Watch your adding little one," Mal spoke from the crowd of laughing family that had joined the pair's private moment.

"You're no brother!"

"That's right, I'm your Captain!"

"Captain Daddy!"


With this Inara lost her composure, laughing at Mal's confusion. "Come on Mal. Let's get you something to wet the babies head," she said giving him one of her best non-companion grins.

"Simon, you see with brother's eyes, and doctor's eyes, now you see with husband's eyes," she chided while pulling him to the stairs, Kaylee was descending, looking radiant and excited in the white dress Inara had given her.

"Kaylee, I think Mal's wrong."

"About what?" she wondered, stopping on the last step to look Simon straight in the eyes.

"You're the criminal mastermind."


"Who else could steal a super nova and wear it as a smile!"

"You already got the girl…" Jayne was cut off by Emma punching one arm, Laney punching the other and Dani slapping the back of his head. "What's that for!?"

"For being such a lovely, cuddly teddy bear," Dani mocked.

"Damn straight!"

"Did you like the Groom's cake?"

" 'nother cake?" Jayne hungrily went outside looking for it, followed closely by Bester and Sammy.

"How mad do you think…."

"Just give him a drink and tell him he missed out."

All the hugs and kisses goodbye were accompanied by tears and grin, and here they were in the Inn overlooking the moon-laced lake.

"One Flesh." Simon said out loud as he closed his journal.

"Mmm…?" Kaylee murmured opening her eyes.

"You look very pretty with your hair down around your shoulders," bending over for a kiss. "Ouch! Why'd you kick me?"

Simon bent over double as she kicked him again.

"Wake up Simon Tam," sneered Travis Walker, taking aim for a third kick. "It's time for a little talk."


A/N: River's adding included Simon, Mac, Ryan, Sammy, Andrew, Wash, Book and Jayne. Captain Daddy is a reference to Safe, when she told Simon that daddy was coming for them.



Cole -– father

Katie -– mother

Emma -– eldest sister, married to Andrew

Laney -– middle sister

Kaylee –- youngest sister

Mac –- eldest brother/sibling

Ryan -– middle brother, married to Ruby

Sam (Sammy) – youngest brother, married to Molly

Andrew -– married to Emma

Ruby -– married to Ryan

Molly -– married to Sam


Holden Blake -– uncle to Daniel & Danielle (Dani), rich, jewelry store owner

Daniel Blake -– older twin of Dani, former divorce attorney, now a marriage counceler

Danielle (Dani) – younger twin of Daniel, psychic, wedding planner

Travis Walker -– Alliance official, currently has Simon in custody


meimei -– little sister

baebei -– precious jewel

gorram - darn