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Chapter one!

"Please Sasuke!"

"No." Sasuke stuffed one hand in his pocket and started to close the door. Sakura stuck her foot in the way.

"Oh, come on, its just going to be a little Christmas eve party at Ino place, with all of rookie nine and Gai's team." Sakura pleaded.

Sasuke eyes narrowed. "All the more reason for me not to go."

"Sasuke, it'll be fun!" sakura said with a bright smile. Sasuke fought the urge to roll his eyes. Since when had this girl become so damn persistent? Yes, they were now 18 and Sasuke had come back from Orochimaru's castle, not with out killing him of course.

Itachi was still out there, living. The had encountered each other recently but Sasuke was not successful at fulfilling his goal. Sasuke's left eye twitched at the thought.


Sasuke returned his thoughts back at Sakura and stared at her for a while. That's when he realized that Sakura has really changed since they were 12 (no duh.). Her short pink hair had grew slightly, right past her shoulders, also her once huge innocent green eyes, became narrower, and dare he say seductive. Most of all, she got some major curves. Definitely, she was the most beautiful konichi(sp?) in all of Konoha.

"SASUKE!" Sasuke blinked, snapping of his thoughts.

"Were you ignoring me?"


"You know what! FINE! Stay here I don't give a damn." Sakura yelled with that O so famous temper of hers. Sakura stuck her foot out of door, and stomped angrily towards the Uchiha mansion gate.

Sasuke watched her, until she got out of his view. Sasuke, suddenly feeling cold, shut the door.

"I hate the stupid bastard," Sakura muttered, trudging her way through the freshly falling snow.

YOU SAID IT, inner sakura cheered.

Seriously all I tried to do was make his Christmas feel special, for once. Just maybe he wouldn't be alone. But, nooo.

He's a bastard and doesn't deserve you're attention.

"Yeah…" Sakura sighed and looked up at the sky, letting the snow fall on her face.

"Meow…" Sakura snapped her head into the direction where the sound had come from, and she saw a small little brown cat sitting on someone's front porch.

"Fife?" Sakura asked. She walked up to it and cautiously petted the cat. "What are you doing out? Mrs. Yale will have a heart attack knowing you're gone." The cat meowed once again and ran out into the middle of the street.

"Fife!...Ugh…" Sakura followed it to the middle of the street, "stop being so annoying."

Sakura sighed slowly to herself when she realized what she had just said. Those were the exact words Sasuke told her. Not once, but TWICE. That kind of thing can really scar a person for life.

Sakura was too wrapped up about thinking about her childhood she didn't notice a pair of headlights…

…speeding down the street in her direction…..

…she slowly turned around…

…..her jade eyes got huge….

…and paralyzed with fear she stood there.

The cat ran back onto the side walk….

….and it watched as the car slowly came….

…and hit head on to Sakura's small delicate human frame.



Sasuke growled, as he turned around in his couch sleepily. The phone had already rang four times, and every time he ignored it.

What the hell do they want? Sasuke thought, as he got up and walked toward the phone.

"What?" Sasuke demanded.

"SASUKE!" the voice from the other line shouted.

"Ugh…" Sasuke mumbled, already knowing who it was.


"I know that dobe."

"I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THIS, BUT IF YOU DON'T GET YOU'RE GAY ASS DOWN TO THE HOSPITAL…WHAT...oh sorry...Sasuke see what you did you got me in trouble… I was being to 'loud'"

"Shut up." Sasuke furrowed his eyebrows, just contemplating what Naruto had just told, well yelled, at him. "Naruto, why are you at the hospital?"

"You mean you don't know?"

"I don't know what?"


"What? Sakura? She might what?" Sasuke said gripping the receiver so hard his knuckles started to turn white.

"…you really don't know?" Naruto said his voice returning to a whisper. "Sasuke, Sakura just got into a car accident and…"

Sasuke dropped the receiver, grabbed his coat and ran out the front door, not even waiting for Naruto to finish.

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