"Mommy" said a little girl with black wavy hair.
"Yes, honey?"
"How did you and daddy meet?"
"When I first saw him or when I first talked to him?"
"Both!" said the little girl excitedly.
"Well, the first time I saw him was when I was at the academy. He was in his last year and I was in my second. He was flirting with some girl like usual and Rangiku pointed him out to me. I seriously didn't care.

"Daddy" had walked in and caught the last part of what she said.
"Oh Nanao-chan you are so cruel. You know you cared."

Nanao just rolled her eyes and Shunsui sat beside her on their daughter's bed.
"Anyways. The first time I talked to your dad was when we had to work together on a project for school."
"But mommy why would you two have worked together if there was a gap grades?"
"I was in lots of advanced classes. We only had one together. I don't remember what class it was, but Captain Yamamoto was the teacher. He had given out the project and said we were to have partners. He was picking."

"Oooo I remember this. Ahh my sweet wasn't too happy. I just don't know where she heard that I was lazy from."

At the comment the little girl, Jillian, started to laugh, "But daddy, you are lazy."
"Yare yare yare my daughter is even against me," he hid his face from her under his pink kimono.
"Uh huh, like I was saying, he got to choose partners and we ended up being partners."
"Oh darling, you know you loved it."

Nanao didn't reply to his comment and just continued, "Captain Yamamoto held us after class and said that if you father didn't get at least a B- he would fail the class and have to retake it."

Shunsui was now chuckling as if he was in on a secret and said, "We got an A."
"Psh, more like I got an A. He was too busy flirting to do much of any work, and then the day before it's due he comes to me and asks, 'What are we doing?'"
"Ahh yes I don't think I've seen you madder at me then that."
"When you get to the academy you must do better than your father."
"I'm not nearly as lazy as daddy is mommy."

"You're both lazy, you get your sleeping habits from him." All Shunsui could do was shrug and smile because he knew it was the truth.