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Even before she said it, I knew.

That night as he walked away, I knew.

The look in his eyes.

The way that he spoke.

He was gone.

And now I have to tell myself.

Forget about the boy

The day after.

I walk through town, hoping my face doesn't display my broken heart.

Everywhere I go, there is a memory of us.

The gazebo.

The bookstore.

The Inn

The bridge.

Forget about the boy.

As I sit here, I can see him so clearly.

I remember sitting here, his arms around me.

I remember the picnic here.

I remember him telling me how Luke pushed him into the lake.

Even now, that memory makes me smile.

I swallow the tears that remembering brings.

Forget about the boy.


I wish he could be here.

I can almost see his proud face.

As I make my valedictorian speech, I see my mom crying.

He would have smiled.

I saw Luke, beside Jackson, tears in his eyes.

Has he spoken to him?

Forget about the boy.

My phone rings again.

I know it's him.

I pour my heart out to him, the boy who let me down.

"I think I might have loved you"

I'll get over him.

I have to.

Forget about the boy.