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Summary: Dumbledore finishes the last of the Harry Potter books and hires the darkstalkers to help protect and train Harry. Cause Harry also has the soul of the dark.

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Darkstalkers meets Harry Potter

Chapter 1: Preparations

Professor Dumbledore the current headmaster of Hogwarts Witchcraft and Wizardry was sitting at his desk in his office. After finishing the last "Harry Potter" book, it was confirmed that the author was not just a seer but a psychic as well and saw a possibility of what was to come. Thankfully she used different years and dates in the book about Harry Potter was to go to Hogwarts. Ex. In the book Harry went to Hogwarts in 1991, but in reality he was born in 1995 and the year now is 2006. Harry would be 11 years old today.

Dumbledore was trying to delay Voldemort's spirit as long as possible. The auror's all ready tried in vain to capture what was going to be the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor Quarral. But he escaped and could not be found.

With a sigh Professor Dumbledore started looking at a device he himself created in order to monitor Harry Potter. Not just him no. Dumbledore made this device to monitor Harry's soul. You see there are two different kinds of souls, one kind is a normal soul in which normal people have, which include wizards/witches, muggles, and some kinds of magical beings. The other kind is what Harry himself has, the soul of the (Dark). Dumbledore knew you did not have to have a Dark soul to be (evil), nor did you have to have a normal soul to be good. He also knew the difference between light and dark, they are both neutral elements in which only the person can decide if they are (good) or (evil). Thankfully Harry's soul was not tainted with evil energy, so Dumbledore still had time to prepare.

Dumbledore reached into his desk and retrieved a key, now this isn't your typical unlock a door type key. It did unlock a door, but the door is actually a gate. A gate to the Makai, also known as the Demon World.

Some of you are probably wondering why Dumbledore of all people would have such a thing? While a long time ago right after he defeated the Dark lord of his time period, the king of the Makai Belial created a portal and invited Dumbledore to his castle. Dumbledore went and became a representative of the Wizarding world. When he got there Dumbledore found out there were 2 gates to the demon world, one to his world and another (Human world) that was separated from his world. Belial took notice of Dumbledore's interest in the other human world; he then explained why it was separated from his world. You see creatures in this second human world are called Darkstalkers, some were good and some were evil. Then their where those who were neutral! Belial himself was neutral or at least tried to stay that way. Even though the king's name was Belial did not mean he was evil. No…he was far from it. He fought and killed both evil humans and other darkstalkers that lived in the Makai that either tried to take his throne or killed for their sick pleasure.

Belial also told Dumbledore about the time difference between his human world and the other world. The worlds originally had a 10 year time difference, but when Dumbledore destroyed the Dark lord of his world, the energy usedin the fight was so strong it must have shifted time between the world's even though they both look the same as they did before. But when Dumbledore looked down and saw a broken Time-Turner, he understood what happened and explained what a Time-Turner was. Belial understood and realized the explosion of energy collided with the magical energies of the Time-Turner shifted time in Dumbledore's world and forced it to be nsync with the other human world.

After several days there, Dumbledore finally decided to leave with permission of Belial. But before his departure he found out Belial had a daughter which was a succubus rather than a giant like Belial. The king also said if he (Dumbledore) needed anything he could ask him (Belial), if he was still around or ask his daughter Morrigan in the future, since she was going to be Belial's heir to the throne of the Makai.

Back to the present

Dumbledore looked at the key and decided to use it, Voldemort would not be gone forever. He need help to protect Harry Potter and help him control his Dark energies. Then what better way to do so than to ask for help from the daughter of the former king of the Makai. He got up and left Hogwarts. He arrived at a underground temple that he and a few others knew about and created. The gate was located near Diagon-ally and the town of Hogsmede. The gate looks similar to the gate from (Stargate SG-1). Dumbledore proceeded to use the key and open the lock.

Arrived in the Makai. After remembering where the Aensland castle was, he walked up to the front gate and was greeted by one of Belial's old servants who brought to the meeting quarters to speak to Morrigan. After several minutes, Morrigan appeared with someone else. Dumbledore took note that the new person was at least between 13 and 16. Morrigan and the girl took a seat across the table from Dumbledore but sat next to each other. Morrigan took notice to where Dumbledore's gaze was upon and understood. She then explained to him the events that lead up to her meeting the girl. The girl in question, noticed he was starring at her and she introduced herself as Lilith Aensland. Morrigan noticed how Lilith looked a little uneasy then asked….


"Mister Dumbledore, (Morrigan began) it's nice to meet you again, but what is the reason you are hear?"

"Miss Morrigan, the reason that I am hear is that in my world, there is a book series about a soon to be student named Harry Potter. Harry's life in the book is actually a life of what could have happened. The author in question is both a seer and a psychic and for saw a possibility of what could have happened to him. In the first book the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor played host for the disembodied spirit of the Dark Lord Voldemort."

"So the reason you came hear is you need help protecting this boy and to change his future of what could happen correct?"

"Yes you are correct, but what was going to be the professor disappeared and cannot be found."

"So you came hear to ask for help if I would be interested in being a teacher for the year. But I will only go if Lilith is able to go as well."

"That can be arranged Miss Aensland."

"Also can you tell me what is so special about this boy?"

"The boy in question Harry Potter does not have a normal soul, he has what you have a soul of the Dark. He will need help controlling the powers as they manifest themselves. That is why I came to you."

Morrigan looked over to Lilith, who looked like she wanted to say something. She then nodded to Lilith, who then began to speak what was on her mind.

"Professor Dumbledore, like your suggesting perhaps Morrigan and I as well as several others that we know personally could help by either becoming teachers or even students. Besides….Morrigan and I are normally in our Human World, so all we really need to do is leave directions for our servants to do. Now the others should be easy to persuade, to be perfectly honest they do need a vacation away from all the fighting every now and then."

Morrigan looked at Lilith and understood by what she mean't by students. Not only did Lilith mean herself she also meant Anita, but wasn't she 19?

"Yes Morrigan I meant Anita, I know she would help us."

Dumbledore looked at the both of them and spoke, "Excellent and thank you"

Morrigan spoke to end the meeting, "We will get everything ready Dumbledore and also have a safe trip back to your world, good by."

Dumbledore left the castle, Morrigan took a sip of a drink that she just got from one of the servants then Lilith spoke, "Personally I think his a little old for you." Which made Morrigan spit out her drink.

After several times at apologizing to Morrigan, both of them went to their Human World. They teleported to America and landed near the Felicia House orphanage. Lilith walked up to the front door then knocked, after 15 seconds one of the orphans opened the door and Lilith asked if Felicia was there. The orphan looked up, the eyes went wideand the child started to nod then went back inside. Felicia came out and saw them, then asked if there was a reason that they were there. Both Succubuses started to explain what Dumbledore explained to them and what Lilith's plan was. Felicia thought for a moment and quickly dialed Jon Talbain who was at the time finishing up his exercises (in his Martial Arts dojo that he built 5 years after Jedah's demise) when he heard the phone ringing and answered.

"This is Jon Talbain speaking"…. (on the other line Felicia spoke to Jon, she told him everything and in turn he said that he would get in touch with Donovan, Anita, Hsien-ko and any one else who would agree to help.

Dumbledore quickly arrived back to his office who was met by Professor McGonagall as well as Professor Snape who looked around the room with an emotionless gaze.


McGonagall was the first to speak, "Albus what is the reason both of us were called down here to your office?"

Dumbledore then spoke, "Before I get down to why where here, either of you want a lemon drop? No? Well then let's get down to business. I assume ether of you read the book series of what could of happened to mister Potter?"

Both Snape and McGonagall looked at each other then looked back at Professor Dumbledore and nodded.

Dumbledore spoke again, "Very well, as you must know Mister Potter is not what he seems." (At this both Snape and McGonagall give Dumbledore strange looks). Dumbledore closes his eyes for a second then reopens them and explains to them.

"What I mean is that Mister Potter does not have a regular soul like you or I. I'm telling you this because what was said in the book about Quorral being host to the disembodied spirit of Lord Voldemort. Which it is why we must protect Harry at all cost.. McGonagall interrupted the headmaster, " Albus how can we do so?"

Dumbledore then looks at the both of them and stated, "Since Harry has a Dark soul, he is going to need special training to control his special powers that were to come. Luckily

I have asked of a favor that an old acquaintance gave me and I asked the adopted daughter if she would be interested in receiving the position for the Defense Against the Dark Arts and she agreed. She also said that she would find her other acquaintances to help fill up the other positions."

Snape was the one who spoke up next, "Albus, who exactly is "she"? As in meaning your acquaintance that you told us about. Also how do you know that "Potter" does have a "soul of the Dark" as you say he does?"

"Well Severus, (Dumbledore began as he went to his shelf and brought back a Dark colored sphere that glowed a eerie dark colored purple light) for your second question "this" (pointing to the sphere) is called a "soul-sphere" all it needs is a drop of the persons blood willingly given of course by Mister Potters parents who gave me permission to use it on their son, before their tragic end that Halloween night all those years ago. The sphere in question turns either a Dark purple or a light blue depending if the persons soul was born of the Dark or of the Light."

"The sphere also monitors the soul and alerts the holder of the sphere if the soul is tainted evil energies."

"Finally your first question Severus, my acquaintance is none other than the Queen of the Makai "Morrigan Aensland" who took the throne of her adoptive father Belial Aensland." "Her soul was split into three pieces at the time of her birth. One piece stayed with her, the second piece was put into a pocket dimension but later escaped, gained a transcended body, as well as an identity for her self and she called herself Lilith, and finally the third piece was sealed inside of Belial himself until Morrigan was strong enough to handle that type of power."

McGonagall spoke up saying, "What level of power was Morrigan at her birth? Also what will Lilith Aensland be going as?"

"Well foe the second question Miss Aensland will be going as a student who is willing to help protect Mister Potter. Also for the first question Morrigan was born of the powerful S-Class."

(At this one Severus Snape fainted.)

(End Chapter 1)

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