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Chapter 11: The Dark Summer (Part 2)

Several weeks of peace and quiet had come and gone during the summer in the Aensland castle. Yet, just like Murphy's law, somthing bad happened.

"Why won't she shut up!" Cried Draco as he was running away with Harry from Lilith who for some strange reason, would not keep quiet at all.

After the fourth lap around the castle, both of them had enough of it and desided to do something about. As soon as Lilith was walking around the corner of the hallway, both of them grabbed her, tied her up, and tossed her into a near by broom closet and closed the door.

With a sigh, Harry said,"I thought we would never get her to shut up."

Darco looked at him and replied, "True, but just to be safe." He opened the door again while having summoned some matieral earlier and quickly gaged her. Harry then shut the door again.

"Is that really nessessary to tie her up like that?" Anita who just got up that morning and rounded the corner at the same time of the stunt.

"Oh yeah, then you try to listen to her ramble on and on about demon world history!" Harry practically screamed.

All Anita could say was "Oh."

No more than two seconds later coming down the hall way was Morrigan who seemed to be following the three headed puppy Fluffy in search of her little sister and its master.

"All right!, Where is she?" asked Morrigan who seemed agitated at the moment.

Both Harry and his brother where trying their best to act innocent as possible while trying to detor thier grandmother a way from the broom closet who realized what they where doing. As she moved them, Fluffy started clawing at the door frame and slightly wimpering at the same time. After several unsuccessful attempts to either to blast, smash, and or obliterate the door, Fluffy got aggrivated enough that he started to glow a demonic blood red and fired a triple stream of fire from its three mouths at the door. The door its self, burned to hell and fell off its hinges to floor with a SLAM! After the dust cleared, the people who were around the door frame saw a particular site, Lilith upside down being licked in the face by her puppy.

After seeing her sister was alright, Morrigan turned to leave but looked down at Anita and said, "Anita? You do realize that your nightgown is slightly on fire."

Anita looked down and didn't see any thing at first but when looking toward her left, she quickly smothered the flames that ate at her nightgown and quickly as she put the flames out, she quickly left to her room to change.

Several minuts passed since then, until she came back waring a small navy blue dress. (Think of her outfit in Dee's ending only small size and minus the hat.)

A servant came up to Morrigan and told her that breakfast was ready as well as the guest were there. Morrigan looked at the kids told them to follow her.

In the dinning room, the children saw Donovan Baine, Remus Lupin, Jon Talbain, and Sirius Black.

Sirius spoke while laying down an issue from the Daily Prophet, "Apprently people have been found turned to stone. While others have been found lifeless. I don't know if this type of thing happens often in this world, but I know that's not normal to have strings coming out the skin of dead corpses or having statues not having shadows underneth them in our world."

Morrigan looked shocked at the realization of who was doing this. She then looked over at Lilith who had grim look on her face. Lilith turned to Morrigan saying, "I thought they were destroyed when Jedah's Dark Demension vanished?"

Morrigan spoke again, "True, but without Jedah, those two can't be controlled and they will start becoming more unpredictible."

Remus asked a question. "Who was this Jedah and who are these two beings your talking about?"

Jon stepped into the conversation for the first time. "Jedah was a very powerful vampire-demon that also known as the self proclaimed Dark Messiah or better known as the "Dark Savior. His Dark Demension in general, was a hellish place with color that was warped. Jedah's room was the creepiest part of that nightmare world, it had a gient demonic fetus that was created to contain al the "worthy" Dark souls. In reality though, he was trying to unite all the Dark souls into himself so he could save his sorry ass from a so called apocalypse that never came. Jedah dead twice before, after the first time he used an artifact called the "Door of Time" that aloud him to return to the living realm."

"The two we were talking about before, are named Shadow and Marionette. Shadow for instence is what his name is...a shadow. The problem with him is that after he possess some one then kills someone else, his first victim he inhabited turns to stone while he can inhabit the newly dead corpse. Marionette is a spirit puppet whose strings and body control either a dead corpse or transform into a complete copy of her opponent with all abilites and powers. They really don't have a weakness unless they possess someone. In other words, there practically impossible to kill unless they have a host." Jon finished

"You mentioned a "Door of Time"? What happened to it?" Asked Sirius

"Well I would be the cause of the destruction of that item." Anita explained

"What I don't understand is, what happened to Jedah's Dark savior powers?" Harry asked

Anita explained, "Actually in general, his powers were given to him by that door. So when he was obliterated, those powers went back to the item."

Draco spoke, "Then when you destroyed the door, you ended up destroying those powers with it...right?"

With a shake of her head Anita spoke again, "Not really, the powers desided to choose someone else."

"Oh, who might that be?" Morrigan asked while raising a eyebrow

"The powers desided that my mind and soul didn't have enough balance between them. I had too much light which was gradually trying to shut down my mind which in my perspective was one of the reasons that I want emotionless. The other was when my village was attacked leaving me the only survivor. So in other words the Dark savior powers created a balance allowing my mind to act like a normal person without going insane or losing it all together. So any questions?" Asked Anita

Donovan looked at Anita with a mix curiosity and being upset with her by with holding information and spoke, "And why didn't you tell us about this 5 years ago?"

Lilith corrected him by saying, "Actually, the final battle with Jedah was 6 years now."

Donovan shot her an annoyed look at being corrected while Anita began to explain why she didn't tell them sooner.

"The reason for that is because, one: I wasn't ready to tell you and two: I guess I was afraid that you and the others would think I was going to become another Jedah or something."

Every one in the room that was a darkstalker thought to themselves and realized that Anita was kinda right on that subject, so no one blamed her for being scared.

Lilith was thinking of something from way back when she was working on Jedah's side and suddenly at the thought hit her she quickly spoke up, "I think I know why Shadow and Marionette are doing what thay are doing."

Everyone looked at her as if silently asking, ""You know something we don't?""

She continued, "Twelve years ago in 1995, Jedah created two orbs. One of them contained samples of his blood mixed with some other darkstalker blood. The other darkstalker blood could have been samples of our blood that could have been collected during the turnament. The other orb I believe contained one of his projects he work on during that time but...

Anita quickly understood that Lilith still wasn't over the fact of what she was tricked into doing by Jedah, so she quickly read her thoughts and was shocked but spoke for her, "Jedah created a true copy of the Dark savior powers that he had and contained it in an orb form. Then gave them to Shadow and Marionette to keep hidin away from anyone so one day if the "Door of Time" was destroyed, he has an aternative for returning from the dead. So in other words, there collecting power."

Donovan looked at everyone and saw the grim looks on thier faces he spoke, "While were on the term of grim subjects, I ran into small traces of left over Earth Magic in an abandoned factory in this territory that seemed to have leftover traces of BB Hood's aura mixed in it as well. From what in can tell, she opened a rift to Harry's version of Earth."

Sirius then opened an artical in the paper and pointed at it.

Everyone looked at it while Sirius read it aloud.

Mysterious girl found in Forbidden Forest

Just as the school year closed, a mysterious girl was found within the Forbidden Forest dead. The girl was sent to a Magical Morgue in hopes in identifying the girls identity. The girl in general was waring to what to be a Red hood that resembles Red Riding Hood in Muggle fairy tales. She also appears to be around 13 yrs of age. Muggle machinery was found in a wooden basket next to the body. From what aurors could tell, she was killed by the killing curse. When investigators went to take another look at the body in the morgue, the body was missing. An further investigation is under way.

"What do you think of this Morrigan?" asked Lilith

Morrigan looked at her other half saying, "To tell you all the truth, this is very troubling and I don't like it."

One day after three weeks have past, Lilith went up to Anita.

"Hey Anita, do you want to spar I'm board and I wanted to test myself aginst your Dark savior powers."

Anita looked up from a book she was reading and smiled, then got up and agreed.

They went into the courtyard of the castle and got into fighting stances.

Lilith started it out by running up toward her for a frontal assult by transforming her left wing into a hand drill. But was shocked by what blocked it. A pair of bluish/purple bat wings protected Anita who on the other end was smirking and was trying not to laugh at Lilith's reaction.

Lilith spoke in a cofused voice, "What? How? When? I thought you were pure human?"

Anita quickly explained to her that since the Light Savior were always human while the Dark Savior was always either a Male or Female vampire or a succubus. Because of her having both powers, she was able to manipulate up to half of her DNA to be either vampire or succubus or even become the same type of species that Harry and Draco were. Although They were Half Human, Part vampire and part incubus, she could become half human, part vampire and part succubus."

While Lilith was trying to study Anita's movements, Anita herself made it seem that she made her wings disapper but really tranformed them in to tentacles that traveled underground.

Lilith sinced something was coming so she did a high jump backwards just as spiked tentacles ripped out from the ground missing thier target excepted for one. That one tentacle wrapped around Lilith's left leg and picked her up unto the air then slammed her into the ground leaving a small crater. Although struggling, she managed to get up and launched herself at Anita who seemed shocked at her new found speed while trying to keep up with the attacks. With a powered up Soul Flash, Anita lost her defense which left her open to Lilith's right punch to her stomach.

Anita suddenly got an idea in her head, when Lilith went for another punch, Anita did a back flip through the air dodging it. As soon as she was close enough away, Anita stood her ground and spread out her wings. Lilith came close to Anita but then wishing she hadn't cause as soon as she did, Anita shouted, "Dark Pierce" and launched a few dozen knives out of her wings that seem to seep out of them.

With a "eep!" Lilith managed to jump behind a boulder that was there a the time. The knives either clanked off the boulder or got stuck in it. With the odds weighing aginst her, she remembered she had her wand with her. After pulling her wand from a small demensional pocket, she jump out from behind the boulder and shouted the first spell that came to her mind at that moment, "Wingardium Leviosa!"

Anita began flouting in the air but by her power though. Lilith had a smirk on her face, as she started to twirl her wand in a circle which caused Anita to spin. Faster and faster the wand went, Anita became more and more dizzy to the point that when she was let down she quickly ran behind the boulder that Lilith hid behind moments ago.

Several minuts later, both of them of them began walking torward the castle laughing although Anita's meemed more forced than Lilith's.

Several days till the week of the new year started, a man with white hair waring a red trench coat with a black under shirt, gloves, and black jeans, walked right up to the front doors of Hogwarts. He looked to his left then to his right and realized no one was coming so he desided on taking his foot and bashed the doors wide open while only leaving one of them attached to thier henges.

The man walked up to another man who was looking at himself in the mirror. The man with the trench coat over heard the man's self prasing comment on how he looked just absolutly smashing. He then desided he heard enough of it as he grabbed the man by both his legs and arms then walked out with him.

The man with the trench coat came to a nearby window and tossed his luggage out of it. He then smirked and thought to himself saying:Man, I love this job.: After his thoughts, he proceded to the HeadMaster's office and caught him as he was entering.

Dumbledore walked to his desk as the stranger took up one of the seats in the room infront of the desk.

The Headmaster spoke, "Care for a lemon drop?"

The trench coated man shook his head no.

"Then perhaps you care to tall me your name?"

The man looked at the Headmaster and said, "Dante...Danta Sparda."

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