Upon waking Capricorn stared around in confusion at the shady grove. He had dreamed about a sorcerer, who had ripped him away from his home to a strange place. Then he remembered: it was no dream.

"Basta, you idiot, wake up!" He growled. Basta sat bolt upright for barely a second, before he leapt to his feet. Basta groped at the air where his sword should have been. He too had a lingering dream of the sorcerer.

As Basta found reality, his master stared around dejectedly at their surroundings. The grass was green as emeralds around them, the trees turned slighty paler by the light filtering through them; it may have been mid-morning.

Basta looked at Capricorn. There was a wild fear in his eyes but it disappeared as Capricorn looked at him, to cold indifference. "What are we to do?"

"Find our way back," Capricorn answered. "There must be a way." He stood up, staring at his mutt as if he had betrayed him. Basta flinched accordingly.

A strange whooshing noise, as if of the wind, ran away from them on their right. Basta took off toward it, to investigate. Capricorn followed at a brisk walk.

Basta stood on the edge of the black patch of land they had crossed last night. White and yellow lines were painted down it, leading the way into unknown territory. The noise, as it had gone past, had scattered leaves into a pile a few feet from it.

"Look!" Basta pointed down the black river, nearly knocking his master over with his arm. "A blue." A blue, rectangular object was speeding down the river, sending up a glare from itself.

"Well it's gone now, no use in dwelling on it." Capricorn stepped onto the black path and walked down it in front of Basta, a sign for him to follow.

They walked for maybe twenty minutes and all they saw were the flowering trees on either side of the path. Capricorn tread on the yellow line, looking down at it as if might spring up and bite him. Basta walked on the grass, something familiar to him, slighty behind Capricorn.

They heard it before they saw it. The whoosh but joined by a grinding, coming towards them where they were facing. A huge, lumbering, thing sped down the blackness. It was white and long and had at least ten wheels on it, it sent up black smoke from its head. Capricorn was set on edge, almost puffing up like a red cat, though Basta seemed to slump where he stood.

It screamed at them, and Capricorn staggered off of the yellow line, back into the grass.

As it disappeared he asked: "What-what sort of animal do you think that was?"

"I have not an idea." Was Basta's answer.

Finally they continued on, though Capricorn no longer walked along the yellow line nor on the black frozen river: huge beasts dwelled there.