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The music Gundam Seed opening one

Chapter 1

A new life

Deep in space, we find a large ship this ship is a colony ship that has just left earth to find a new home. It is here that our story begins. In the ships engineering section we find a large crystal that is used as the ships reactor. All seems quiet until red lights start flashing and alarms going off. "What is going on?" said the chief engineer in a strong voice.

" Sir the pacses has developed a crack in it and two small pieces has broken off. The pieces are the size of a basketball and are very unstable and could explode at any minute." Said one of his subordinates.

" This is not good pieces that size can destroy a city the size of Chicago." Said the chief. He had to come up with an idea and fast he came up with one but before he could see what it is another one of his subordinates said.

"Excuse me sir but another two-pieces have broken off and are the same size as the first two. In addition, judging by the readings that I am receiving all four pieces will explode in two minutes."

The chief is now sweating bullets he has very little time to put his plan into action. He starts to give out orders telling them to put two pieces in two separate containers and dump them into space. They follow his orders to the letter and dump the them. The colony ship executes a jump taking them to safety. On board the ship cheers are going off everyone celebrating the averted catastrophe but little did they know that at that very moment a raft of an imaginable strength was happened this little rift would destroy the relationships between men and women for almost a century. Even now no one knows what caused the little rift .

Meanwhile back at the two containers they are about to explode when to pieces of space debris hit them these pieces of space debris come from a blown up Sun and have strange qualities. They hit the containers causing the piece of crystal to open up two different holes in the dimensional wall. Propelling the pieces in to two different realities.

In a different universe the planet Earth it is after colony 200 we find HeeroYuy he is in Brussels Germany were the last war was held. Three years of almost undisturbed peace it is also been two years since the war started by mariemaia kushrenada the daughter of the late treize. In which she had tried to take over the world supposedly following her father's ideals. She had almost succeeded if not for the gundam pilots showing up and putting a stop to her plans. we find Heero Yuy now 20 years old he is now much taller almost 6 feet 3 inches tall and his body was much more grown up. his hair had grown out it was now to the middle of his back. He is wearing black blue jeans a black muscle T-shirt and a leather trench coat think Kadaj leather coat from AC I do not own AC and a leather cowboy hat along with steel toe shoes and fingerless leather gloves. He is currently riding his motorcycle. On his way to a party that is being held to celebrate the peace at the world preventers headquarters mansion as he nears the mansion he passes a preventers base that is near the mansion. He pulls his bike alongside the military bases fence. He is looking inside the bases in the center of the base is his badly damaged mobile suit the Wing Zero custom and right next to it was the equally badly damaged Tallgeese III right next to it is the Mage Launcher also in bad shape . He decides to go look at his Gundam seeing as he had some time before the party. Geting off his motorcycle he decides he will jump the fence most people would think that's crazy no one human would be able to jump it Considering that the fence is almost 2 stories tall but Heero is not your average person jumping this would be easy for him. While Heero was a baby he went under genetic enhancements making him stronger and faster smarter and able to heal much faster. After he jumped the fence he approached his gundam looking at it. It looks like How he felt on the inside broken and destroy. The gundam was badly mangled it was missing its head its left arm as well as other pieces. When he finally got their he jumped up to the mobile suits cockpit-getting inside he looked around the badly damaged cockpit circuit and relays were all over the place. He flicked a few switches and nothing happened just like he knew it would his gundam nuclear reactor was removed a long time ago and even if it still had it the gundam operating system was out to. Even the once feared zero system was off-line there was nothing left to salvage. Getting out of the cockpit he looked around and found the badly damaged twin blaster rifle. That great weapon was also far beyond repair. It was destroyed when he was pushed it beyond its limits.

"Sad is it not the two greatest mobile suits ever to be built in history are now in such bad shape" said a male voice.

"Who ever is out there show yourself right now or suffer the consequences." Said Heero taking hold of his handgun.

"I can not believe you do not remember me but it has been quite some time since we saw each other." said the voice.

"Wait a second I do recognize your voice now. Come on out Zechs were ever you are." said Heero.

"I am right over here Heero." said Zechs. Heero then looked to where the voice was coming from and found his old rival coming out of the Tallgeese III. He was wearing dark blue jeans a leather jacket sunglasses boots and a red shirt.

"What are you doing here Zechs?" said Heero.

"I can ask you the same thing?"said Zechs raising an eyebrow.

"I am here to put my past to rest. However, I could not do it."

"Same here I find it hard to live in this peaceful time. After so many years of trying to get revenge and fighting for that cause. And finally in the end all that I wanted to happened did." said Zechs in a rather sad tone. He's about to speak again but Heero cut him off.

"And at the end you found out you couldn't handle civilian life or the life of peace. You once told me when you destroyed the Powercore of Libra that you would live the hard life of a warrior." said Heero.

You all right you look down. If you are just like me you also find it hard to live in this peace. You find you are on able to adjust . If you are just like me, you are a true warrior. Someone on able to live without war or fighting around him. Said Zechs.

"You may be right in that I can not live without war or fighting. However, I'm going to have to try. Although I may want to fight in my Gundam once more . I know this peace will last. I just like you came here to relive the happiest times of my life even though they were of war to me they were when I had a purpose to my life. After the wars I tryed to make a normal life for myself got work at a mass driver. I even started to go out with your sister. But in the end though her and me found out we were too different from each other. She like the other pilots are able to go to future. I am stuck here in the past unable to move forward. I just like my mobile suit am a relic of the past. " said Heero.

"You are not the only relic I am also unable to go forward. That is why Noin left me. Even now I look a round and find the world movieing foreword while I am stuck in the past. A past were I went under genetic manipulation to be a better pilot so could have my revenge. With my revenge and wars I had a purpose and now I have none. Hey would you look at the time we have a party to go to." said Zechs looking at his watch.

"Yeah let us get going." said Heero. Soon both men are walking back to the fence they both jumped it. Heero then makes his way to his motorcycle. As he is getting ready to go another motorcycle pulled up alongside his. On it is Zechs he turned and said looking back at both mobile suits.

"Rest in peace my admirable friend thank you for all your help. Well we should get going to that party."

"Yeah right but could give me a moment please." said Heero. Farewell Wing Zero thank you for all of the good times. May you also rest in peace? " And with that both men rode off to the party at the preventers headquarters.

Upon their arrival they both dismounted their motorcycles. As they walked up the steps to the large mansion Zechs decides to ask a question that has been bothering him.

"Heero might I ask you something why are you going to this party you know relean is there right ? You do know she has a new boyfriend right. I am greatly surprised you want to come here considering that she is here."

"I could ask you the same question you realize Nion is in their right she also has her new boyfriend with her." Said Heero.

"Well to tell you the truth I wasn't planning on coming tonight but the pilot of the Sandrock somehow found out that I was not going and called me practically begging me to show up. Saying my destiny had reached an impasse or some thing like that."said Zechs

"You to he also did the same thing to me telling me I had to come here saying that my destiny was going to be affected. At first I emphatically refused him but he kept calling me for days until I finally said all right all show up." said his emotionless voice

"You believe in this destiny business?"said Zechs in a very serious voice

"Well knowing Quatre there probably is some validity to what he's talking about. But I make my own destiny." said Heero in a very strong voice.

"I too make my own I don't believe in fate." said Zechs. But little did they know that later on that night destiny and fate would somewhat prove them wrong.

They arrived at the front door and walked in and right away they were out of place everyone else was wearing tuxedos fancy dresses and all sorts of other stuff. This is making them feel uncomfortable not just because of all the fancy clothing but everyone in their was a bureaucratic or politician or some big business owner. Or some high-ranking officer in the preventers organization. They soon heard someone calling their names thay both look to see who's calling out to them it is the person that made them come here in the first place. And he's not alone the other three pilots are with him and they are approaching is the first to speak.

"I am so glad you two could make it tonight. How are you two doing?"he said with kindness in his voice.

"I fine." said Heero always in his emotionless voice

"I'm also doing just fine in fact never better." said Zechs trying to sound like he's telling the truth.

This dose fool most of them

But it does not fool Quatre one little bit. His space heart it was telling him they were not fine they were both in a depression. And he knows why both these men were meant to be soldiers and without war they have no more reasons to live. But that is why he had called them there that night. Prior to the party he was having strange visions. These visions were of war and fighting. The strange thing was the fighting was on scales that completely dwarfed the fights they participated during the colonies wars. He them he saw massive destruction people being killed and having unspeakable horror done to them. During one of his visions he saw a large ship standing up against this great evil and along with this great ship there are strange looking fighter planes, weird looking mobile suits he also saw weird looking machines that he could not place but the thing that got his attention the most was the four giant shadows that would always appear at the end of his vision. At first he could not recognize them then after a while he began to recognize two of them they were Tallgeese III and Wing Zero. He would sometimes hear voices saying. These four mobile suits were needed along with their pilots and soon fate would come for them takeing them to a new reality where they would find new purposes to live and die for. And it also told him that the time would come soon and that he would know when the time was right and that he would have to help them in the beginning to their new lives. This was going on for a month and then one day the voice told them it would be in three days meaning it would be at the party and when he found out that they weren't going he called them for two days straight until they both agreed to show up. And here they are ready to start their new lives even though they don't know it quite yet.

"While I am glad you two could make it to the party." said Quatre.

"Yes it's good to see you Heero." said Duo coming up to Heero and shaking his hand. "Man you really change over the years ." And it was true out of all the pilots he has changed the most wefui now had a beard and cut his hair short. Trowe was a little more hefty. Duo cut his hair to look more respectable considering he now owned the biggest scrapyard in all of looked almost the same except for the fact that his hair was little more gray.

"Well why don't we all sit down and reminisce about the old days." said Wefui. So they all went to a table that was reserved for them and begin discuss old battles . While they were talking everyone began to grow quiet. Everyone then turned towards the stairs of the great mansion all of pilots looked and there was Relean and her new boyfriend.

For Heero this was a little awkward looking at the woman he once loved with another man. The man she was with was a colony ambassadors Son. Heero didn't really know the guy but from what he knew was a bit of a spoiled brat.

Next to them was her female bodyguard Nion and her boyfriend who was also a bodyguard. for Zechs this was tough he once planned on marrying her but over the years he grew more distant with could not understand why and in the end they broke up she went back to earth where she met a bodyguard that was working for Relean at that time .

Relean made her way to a podium where she made a speech about how the piece was obtained and how it must continually be defended and so forth her speech lasted for about two hours and at the end of it everyone exploded in to cheers of appreciation. Then came the part of the night Heero and Zechs were dreading the dancing both men not wanting to be there for that part went outside to have a discussion with each other. They both went out unnoticed or so they thought Quatre did though knew how tough this must be and realizing that soon it well all be over and they will be happy .

While all this was going on in another reality we find another Earth it is C.E.72 the Ord Union we find two best friends they are at a abandoned military base/junkyard looking at the remains of their mobile suits Freedom and Justice.

The Freedom was missing a leg its head and arm various weapons and so forth while the Justice was just its bank unit it head and left arm. Both pilots were in a sad state right now.

Kira the pilot of the freedom was thinking about his former love Lacus he was planning on asking her to marry him a few months ago when she dropped a bomb on him she was going to marry Atlantic Federation politicians Son to help maintain the peace between the earth and the plants. Even now he can remember her words.

It was a starry night in orb and two people were out taking a walk along the beach Kira had everything planned tonight he was going to ask Lacus to marry him. He turned to her and asked "Lacus will you marry me and make me the happiest man alive." He then brought out a beautiful 2 diamond ring. He was about to take her right hand and put it on when she stopped him. he looked into her eyes expecting to see happiness and joy over this but what he saw surprised him he saw sadness and pity in her eyes. She then spoke to him.

"Kira I'm glad you want to marry that makes me happy but we can't get married you see on going to marry Atlantic Federation's politicians son to help maintain the peace between the Earth and space. And before you say anything like what about us. Think about the people should are happiness overshadow the greater good. Even though I loved dearly I can't do that. So I'm going to have to turn you down please forgive me. "and with tears coming out of her eyes she ran off. He was going to pursue her but he couldn't.

Several emotions were going through one was a great sadness it took him a five-month to get over Flays death to propose to her second was anger he thought she'd loved him more than anything but what she just said proved that may be not enough. He then left to go home to the apartment he shared with his best friend Athrun Zala. When he got home his best friend wasn't there and he knew why tonight he was proposing to his twin sister. Both boys had it all planned out a double wedding where they would both be each other's best man as well as groom. He sat down on the couch in their living room and began to cry.

Back to the present even now remembering that day makes him cry.

His best friend Athrun Zala the pilot of the Justice turned his head to look at his best friend understanding how he felt he asked his best friend's sister to marry him and also got turned down she told him she was going to marry Yunna Seiran to keep the peace of the Orb Union. He remembered the night he proposed to her it was the same night Kira was going to propose to Lacus.

The past

Athrun brought Cagalli to a very secluded spot inside the city park where he was going to ask her to marry him. He knew at that very moment Kira was asking Lacus to be his bride. Both of them have it all planned out they are both going to get married in a double wedding so they could both be each other's best man in each other's wedding. He brought her to vary beautiful pond that was inside the park taking her to a bench that overlooked the pound they both sat down he then turned to her and said.

"Cagalli I love you very much I love you more than all the stars in the sky that is why I'm asking you to be my bride. " As he said this he brought out the box containing the2 gold diamond ring. He then took her right hand and he continued to say . " I Athrun Zala want to have children raise a family and to grow old with you which is why I'm asking you to marry me. Than taking her hand he tried to put on the ring. But she put a stop to that motion. He was stunned by this he then looked into her eyes she was crying and they were tears of joy they were of sorrow she started to speak all while crying.

"Athrun I am so glad you want to marry me but I can not you see I have to marry Yunna Seiran to keep a civil war from striking the Orb Union. I know you're going to say what about us but we can't be selfish you know I am a leader of this country and I can not allow it to fall into civil war. Please understand that I can't marry you but I will always love you. " And with that she ran off crying into the night.

Athrun was shocked he did know what to do his first reaction was to follow her but from what she just said it would be no use. So he decided to go home to hopefully find some solace in his best friend. When he got home he saw Kira crying on their couch approaching him he asks what happened after Kira explained Kira begins to cry harder. It is then Kira notices tears in his friends eyes after asking what happened both men start to cry over their lost loves.

Several days later it was all over the news the marriages of their girlfriends. It was also at this time they got visions of war but not of any war of wars that were so big it frighten them in the visions they saw humans being dissected and killed and other horrible things being done by a great evil force. They also saw a great ship it was standing up to this evil. They also saw strange looking mobile suits as well as strange looking mobile armors. At the end of their vision the also saw weird looking machines and four big shadows for a while they could not recognize them . But after a while two became recognizable they were Freedom and Justice. They also heard a voice saying soon you will have a new fate to follow. It also told them they would know what to do when the time was upon them.

Back to the future military base a few months later.

A few days ago they both started to feel that it was time they both tracked the feeling to today. They followed their feelings to this basis. Despite the fact that today was the double wedding of their girlfriends. Even though they were invited they decided they would follow their hearts which is why the are here waiting for what they have no clue. All they do know is the fact that the feeling that they have is getting stronger every second.

Both realities at the same time a rape in the dimensional wall has happened in A.C 200 the container holding two pieces of the Crystal has appeared so badly damaged is that container that it rips open both pieces of Crystal are now in space each one of them is then joined with a piece of the destroying sun turning them green they start to to plummet through the atmosphere on their way to Brussels Germany. Back in C.E.72 the second container has appeared it also is badly damaged it also rips open spelling out its pieces. The pieces are joined with the pieces of the destroyed sun makeing the Crystal green they begin to fall through the atmosphere going straight to the Orb Union .

A.C. 200

Heero and Zechs had just stepped out onto the mansions large grand staircase. Out there they began to talk.

"You know Zechs at one time you were my greatest adversary. But now you are probably my greatest friend. I can tell because the last time we fought it was more for the enjoyment of fighting than anything else." said Heero.

"Your right our last flight was more about the pleasure of fighting. I like fighting you more than anything else. I get a great feeling fighting you Heero it makes me feel alive." said Zechs.

While they were talking inside the party Quatre got a very strange feeling at first he couldn't place it but after a while he knew the time for Heero and Zechs departure was upon them.

Back outside the two men had just finished talking and were now shaking hands when a noise got there attention looking to where the noise was coming from they saw two streaks of green light heading towards the military base where there destroyed mobile suits are. They both take off for the base. They arrived there just as the two green lights hit their respective mobile suits. The explosion created by the impact throws both men back. When they regain their footing the site that they see leaves them speechless.

The pieces have just hit their respective machine and are now starting to unite with their mobile suits.

On the zero the Crystal has lodged itself in the green crystal on the zero. From there it became a liquid spreading all over the mobile suit. It seeped into burnt out circuitry power systems so on. Then hit the learning computer once it hit that start to learn all about the Wing Zero custom. As it was doing this it regenerated all the lost parts making the Zero hole again. The liquid that hit the sleeping zero system and once it got there it started to repair and awakened it. As all the information from the zero system and learning computer was downloaded into the liquid it also got information on the pilot of the gundam HeeroYuy. The Last thing the Crystal did was become a power source for the missing nuclear reactor.

While with the Tallgeese III the same thing was happening to it. The piece of the Crystal hit where the old reactor on the mobile suit was and then from there spread all over the Tallgeese III It started to repair the damaged mobile suit. It then hit the learning computer where it learned all about the Tallgeese III including the pilot Zechs Merquise . It then finally reached the inactive zero system on the Tallgeese . The last thing it did was become a power source for the great mobile suit.

At the end of all of this both mobile suits began to rise to their feet. This shocked both men not just because both mobile suits stood up on their own but were also regenerated. Then to the greater astonishment the Zero walked over to the destroyed twin buster rifle it than took hold of the destroyed weapon and just like with the mobile suit liquid came out of the mobile suit hand and covered a great weapon and started to repair the great weapon. With the tallgeese III following suit with the Mage launcher.

Then to their greater astonishment both mobile suits turned their heads looked at their respective pilot they both came forward. And with one quick motion scooped up their pilot.

Heero was in shock as he was brought into his once destroyed mobile suit. The mobile suit then closed the cockpit on him. The next thing that happened was a bright green light. It then vanished never to be seen in that reality again

Zechs was surprised as he found himself once again back in his old friend the Tallgeese. What happened next surprised him even more. The hatch was closed and then there was a bright green light. And he along with his mobile suit was gone never to be seen it that universe again.

Back at the party everyone came running out at the sound of the explosion and they were all shocked by what they saw in a span of one minute two destroyed mobile suits were repaired and were now standing up. And to add to their surprise both mobile suits got their respective pilot's and they were then surrounded by a bright green light and were gone.

Everyone was shocked all except for Quater as both mobile suits vanished he got a vision of both men. Heero had two beautiful women hanging on him at all three that were smiling. While Zechs had another beautiful women with him. As the vision faded he said this. "Goodbye Heero and Zechs my you both be happy with your new life."


Kira and Athrun both got a weird feeling it took them a while to register it but after a while they know the time to leave was almost upon them. They both hear a noise they then look up and see two balls of light coming towards their mobile suits. The balls of light hit their mobile suits causing a great explosion from where they our they are blown back by the explosion. Once they get their bearings they see something that is very shocking.

A piece of Crystal lodged itself in the Freedoms Powercore right where the nuclear reactor was. Once in their it took shape of the reactors housing. It then fed power through though the mobile suits power relays and circuitry. Once it reached the main computer terminal it got information on the freedom it's pilot and so forth. It then started to regenerate the mobile suit. Once it was all finished the Freedom was as good as new.

The second piece of Crystal hit the Justices back unit where it hit the power plant used to be once there it took shape of the core housing. Then it spread through the back unit until it hit the on board computer where it learned about the original Justice it then extended out hundreds of little liquid energy arms to the surrounding area when it came in contact with things the Crystal enhanced computer thought was useful it took it. The only things in the area were three badly damaged M1 astrays and of course the head and left arm of the justice. It took the head and left arm it then grabbed two legs and torso and one right arm it then fused all of them together re-creating the Justice.

In less than a minute both mobile suits were as good as new. They both stood up and made their way over to Kira and Athrun both mobile suits then extended both of their

right hands to their pilots.

They both got on their respective gundams right hand they were then brought to their cockpits were they both got in then both mobile suit' they were starting to get situated they got to an emergency all points radio communications coming from space. Apparently the wedding for both of their ex-girlfriend's which was being held on an asteroid was under attack by blue Cosmos . Both of them decided they would rescue them. They then had their mobile suits blastoff into space. Not really paying attention at the time that they did not need boosters to escape the planets gravity. When they got their they saw a group of M1-astrays along with a group of strike daggers within a few Ginns being led by the rebuilt and repaired buster and duel Gundam's intercepting a group of mobile armors equipped with nuclear weapons. They quickly joined the battle in defending the large asteroid. As they join the fight the pilots of the other two Gundam's got in contact with them.

"About time you two got here." Snarled Yzak as he destroyed two nuclear missiles.

"Glad you guys could make it." Said Dearka as he shut down some mobile armors.

Neither Kira or Athrun replied as they attacked all of the nuclear missiles that were in flight. They thought they had destroyed all of them when out of nowhere the last nuclear missile headed straight for guided the freedom to shoot it down. The beam connected as the nuclear missile was in close proximity to them. There was a bright light neither pilot nor mobile suit was seen after the explosion.

"There gone." Said a shocked Dearka

Soon everyone came to realize they were gone. Everyone then mourned the loss of the two great pilots. But the two that mourned the most were Lacus and Cagalli.

In a new universe it is the year 5083 A.D.. There are two plants the male tarke and the female planet mugare. These two planet have been at war for about a century. Right now there is a battle going on.

A male fleet from Tarak was having a ceremony to commission their latest ship the Ikuzucha when they were attacked by female pirates from Magair.

Things on the battlefield were going badly for the men the women were winning very easily. They have already captured the older section of the Ikuzycha. Even though the women were winning one of their pilot's ended up getting stuck in the old section. Where she met her first male person.

Wall that was going on a bright flash of green light appeared in the middle of the battlefield and out of that light which shown brighter than the brightest sun came Tallgeese III and Wing Zero custom.

Inside their respective mobile suits Heero and Zechs were just finishing putting on their space suits which were under their cockpit chairs. During their transit to wear they are they were puting them on. Once they were ready they took a long look around they were shocked by where they saw they were not on earth Hell they were no where near Earth.

Wall that was happening there is another flash of light this one is green to and is a million nuclear explosions. Out of that light came the Freedom and Justice who had escaped their nuclear destruction somehow. The two pilots of them were already in their respective space suits before they vanished they were already putting them on.

Kira and Athrun were looking around and were also very shocked they were in space and nowhere near the planet Earth in fact they were above a weird looking planet.

Kira in his temporary shock accidentally hit one of his energy weapon switches and opened fire with his back weapons system the shot went right for the Tallgeese III.

Inside the Tallgeese III Zechs got a weapons incoming signal he then effortlessly evaded the shot he turned his machine to where it came from he saw the freedom and justice. Getting in contact with Heero he said. " Heero two unidentified gundam's at 10 o'clock. They appear to be hostile. I'll take on the one that shot at me while if you don't mind you take on the other. I also think we should reframe from using the Zero system for now."

"Agreed you take on the one with the weird looking wings while I take out the red one. I also agree the zero system will be our ace in the hole if they are to dangerous." Said Heero to his now tag team partner. With all that said.

They both shot off towards Freedom and Justice intent on taking out two supposedly hostile Gundam's. Heero was the first to open fire using his Wing Vulcans he fired upon both mobile suits. When he opened fire energy rounds came out this was a little shocking at first but Heero took it in stride. Both men know they would have to look at their machines specs later but right now they were in a fight.

Back with Freedom and Justice their pilots just got over their shocks when they gone an incoming enemy fire alert. They both easily evaded it. They then turned to where it came from . The site that greeted them was two hostile mobile suits closeing in on them. Athrun was the first to speak.

"Kira we have company you take the white one all take the one with the angelic looking wing's. Also we should not go into seed mode it will be our trump card if these guys are too dangerous. " Said Athrun.

"Yeah you're right we don't wanna expose all our abilities to soon. Good luck to you my friend." Said Kira.

With those words said both Freedom and Justice shot off to engage their designated enemy.

The mobile suits ment halfway then there was a clash of beam sabers as both sides opted for close quarters combat.

While all this was happening the female pirates along with the man of Tarak were shocked at first by the appearance of these strange vanguards and then to the greater surprise one opened fire on another one causing two of them to charge at the other two engaging them in a fight. The weapons they were using were even more surprising both sides seem to be using some sort of energy blade.

Several on the battlefield were transfixed on the fight they were women. One had blue hair the second green they were looking at the one with the angelic looking wing's. To them it was almost like they were the called to it. Another was bigger but had green hair she was looking at the one that looked like a white knight with a red blade. Another women with long blond hair was looking at the one that first opened fire she was transfixed on it almost like she was being called to it. While not on the battlefield but out in space many light-years away a young woman in a suspended animation capsule cracked a smile. She had blue hair.

Heero was having the fight of his life While he was engaging the red mobile suit in a saber fight. His opponent was very tough just as tough as him without using the zero system at first heero thought this would be an easy fight but after a while that idea went out the window. He had just missed a uppercut by the enemies being saber he then began to open fire with his Vulcan gun's he pelted the enemy suit with 200 rounds per second.

Athrun was having a hard time he had to admit the pilot of that suit was good just as good as him without going into seed mode. He tried to deliver an uppercut with his beam saber only to have his opponent easily dodge it. Before he could react he found himself under energy fire he was worried his phase shift armor can only withstand solid rounds he thought he was in for some heavy damage but to his surprise the armor with stood the onslaught. Like it was nothing .He deciding after the battle he would look at his mobile suits data. But right now he had a opponent to defeat deciding to connect both of his beam sabers together he charged at his opponent.

Zechs was currently using his heat rod trying to take out his opponents right arm but to no avail the pilot of the suit he was fighting was pretty good just as good as he was without using the zero system. He then swung his beam saber in the hopes of removing the legs of this Gundam.

Kira was really having a hard time taking out this white mobile suit. The pilot was just as formidable as he was without going into seed mode. He just evaded a downward slash by the enemies beam saber he retaliated by firing his head mounted Vulcan guns in hopes of pushing him back. It seemed to work giveing him some space to counterattack. He then launched into a series of saber slashes at the enemy mobile suit.

As the shock of the four strange vanguards appearance begins to wear off the male and female forces begin their struggle once again. Soon The men were in retreat they also left behind the old section of the Ikazucha the women were quick to capitalize on this and surround the ship. The dreads then began to circle it while their mother ship came closer. It is then that the captain of the pirate ship got in contact with all her fighters she said.

" Attention all dread units you are to return to the mothership. Meia you a long with Jura and Barnette are to board the captured ship and locate Dite and to make sure she is all right." She was about to close the com channel when Meia got in contact with her.

"Captain what about the unidentified vanguards are we to leave them just the way they are.? She asked.

"Yes leave them where they are there too busy fighting each other to pay attention to us. And what a very impressive fight it is. Those four strange vanguards put the others to shame. They may even be better than our dreads."said the captain.

"Yes mama doing as ordered and heading straight towards the captured ship to start looking for Dita." And with that said she and the rest that were assigned to her went to look for their way word pilot.

Back with zero and Tallgeese III they were at a stalemate with the two hostile suits it was then both Heero and Zechs decided to use the zero system and finish off their opponent's both of them tight into their computers the code zero activating their zero system. On the outside of their mobile suits their eyes glowed green and with that they charged forward to destroy their opposition.

Freedom and justice were evenly matched with the opposition it was then that Kira and Athrun decided to use their seed mode to finish off the opponent. Once they were both in seed mode they charged forward their gundams eyes glowing green. The fight that was already beyond anything the men of Tarak saw or the women of mugaer saw just got more intense.

All four mobile suits charged at each other with fierce ferocity. Neither side giving any quarter. Heero charged at the justice intending to impale the cockpit with his beam saber but inside justice Athrun Saw the move coming and dodged to the left of the attack he then tried to use his beam saber to cut off the Zero right hand which held the beam saber but Heero expect the move brought out a second beam saber and used it to block the attack. Heero had the justices energy weapon position between both of his weapons right for with the justice trying to drive it energy weapon down on top of the chest area. While that was going on Kira decided to use long-range attacks on the Tallgeese. Using his all-out fire mode he sent a long series of energy attacks at the Tallgeese. Inside the Tallgeese Zechs nearly got hit but with a few quick maneuvers he dove right for the Freedom evading all the shots. He then brought down his beam saber on the now supposedly defenseless freedom but the last second Kira had a energy sword in his right hand. Effectively blocking the attack. Then a quick series of sword slashes was exchanged between the two. Then both sides backed away from each other.

Everyone were shocked at the display . No one had ever seen a fight so intense or violent. And it still looked like they were still warming up. And that thought alone was very scary.

Meanwhile on the male battleship that separated from the old section a man prepared their ultimate weapon to destroy the female pirate. Even though the blast would destroy the unidentified vanguards it was well worth it for victory. When the missile was ready it was launched straight at the old section where the female pirates and strange vanguards were dueling.

Onboard the female pirate ship the crew tried to get out of the way but they were too slow the captain thought that this was the it. She thought this hit or miss it is destiny.

Well inside the old section for women and a young man were trying to get out but it was no use they were trapped.

Outside on the battlefield all four mobile suits detected the missiles their computers showed they were like nuclear weapons as if coming to some on seen agreement they stopped their fierce battle for now . The Zero brought out its twin buster rifle and took aim at one of the missile while the Freedom prepared a full shot attack. At the same time they launched their attack trying to intercept the enemy missile.

Back inside the old ship it reactor core let off a powerful energy wave engulfing all around and just as it did this the attacks by the gundams hit the missiles there was a bright flash of light the ship was gone but not blown up the crystal transported them out of their.

Inside their respective mobile suit each pilot saw some one or if you were Heero he saw two people. They then saw many more people falling with the at least eight not counting them there is also a weird oval shaped item falling with them they were all following it to a sea of blue and green . Then all of the pilots could hear someone saying in a screem "MR. ALIEN." Last thing each pilot saw were giant weird looking shapes.

Ending music original Vandread season one.