Naruto Fantasy VII

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Pairings. Naruto& Hinata and Female Haku and Neji & Yuffie also cloud & Airis & tifa maybe Vincent & Kurenai And/or Anko

Summary. Naruto is banished from konoha after retrieving Sasuke going with him are Hinata and Haku along with Kurenai Anko and Neji. They are then thrown into the world of final fantasy VII were they meet up with avalanche. For year they help them with fighting Shinra by blowing up facilities and so forth. But one day a mysterious man appears he has spiky blond hair. He then helped them with a bombing mission. Soon after that they're thrown into an adventure to save the planet.

Chapter I

a strange new world.

Naruto is in front of the Konoha Council. With him was all of the rookie nine plus team gai. Along with the Hokage the rookie nine sensa and team Gai and Anko. His former schoolteacher Iruka and some one he saved on his first mission from death Haku. His new teacher . He thought he would be recognize for the accomplishment of bringing back that deserter Sasuke. Boy was he wrong.

"Naruto Uzumaki. You are charged with reckless endangerment of a konoha ninja." Said Councilman.

"What do you mean ?" Asked Naruto.

"You used excessive force in your mission." Said a councilwoman." For that you are to be punished. Your punishment will be banishment from Konoha." Finished the smirking Councilwoman.

"But on a much better note. We of the council has decided to make our next Hokage. Sasuke Uchiha. He will take the position as soon as he is trained for it to." Said a Councilman by the name of Hiashi Hyuuga.

At this all of his truly precious peoplel said something in his defense.

"You can't do this. Said Iruka. He did what he had to do."

"Iruka is right Naruto-kun did everything within his power to bring the trader back ." Said Haku. "I know the real reson why you're doing this you're doing this because of a certain nine tailed fox demon." she then noticed all the surprised look she was getting from almost everyone except Naruto and Hinata and Neji. She knew why they were surprised at lests the older people. "What are you surprised . Naruto told me all about the demon fox that is contand in him . You then use him as a scapegoat for the damage the demon caused in konoha."

"How do you know about the demon inside naruto?" Asked Iruka. "That is a S-class secret. Only those that were there or old enough at the time no that. So how do you know?"

"I know because naruto told me it on the way back from wave. "said haku. "You see after he defeated me in wave I asked him about that red chakru he used. He was a bit hesitant at first. He then told me that if I knew what that red energy was that I would hate him just like the rest of his village does. After I reassured him that I would not. He told me. But not just about the Fox but also about his life and the way he was treated because of the Fox. You're just using this incident as an excuse to get rid of him."

"That's right." Said Hinata without her usual stuttering. "You're using this as an excuse to get rid of Naruto-Kun. Just because something he had no control over. It's not his fault that he has the demon fox sealed inside of him. The day he was born."

"My cousin is right. This is the most disgraceful act I've ever seen." Said a Neji.

"How do you two know about the Fox as well?" Asked Hiashi.

"Allow me to answer this Hinata and Neji." Said Naruto. "You see with your family's bloodline limit you can see chakra right? Well Hinata looked at me once with her ability and saw two sources of energy. This was after the incident with the forbidden scroll. She came up and asked me one day but I refused to tell her. That day and many proceeding afterwards. But she was very persistent. One day I decided to tell her. After I told her I expected her to run away screaming monster. But to my shock she gave me a hug and told me she'd loved me. She also told me she would keep my secret. Now for Neji he found out the day we fought at the exams. You see after the whole incident involving the invasion was finished. He came up to me and asked me what that weird energy I was giving off. I was going to make something up. But then Hinata came out of nowhere and told me to tell him the truth. She said that he would understand. And she was right. It was also when the two of them became friends again. But I should probably have Hinata tell you."

"You're probably right. But better yet all have big Brother Neji show you." Said Hinata. She then motioned for him to remove his four head protector. He then proceeded to show them his four head. He no longer had the caged Bird seal. "I set him free of that accursed mark. And I know what you're thinking that takes a lot of energy to remove. Will you see I was holding back all my life. You see I am at least three times stronger than I let on."

"This is not acceptable. Said Hiashi. You have no right to do what you did Hinata. And for that you are banished from the family along with Neji. But that is not all .Your also to be banished along with the demon.

"If you're going to banish Hinata I shall go with her as well ."said Kurenai.

"Same goes for me." Said Anko. " I'm not about to be without my best friend."

"I too will go with them." said Haku. " I will not live in a place that will turn its back on a true hero for a disgusting piece of trash."

"Fine then all of you are banished from konoha you have until six o'clock tonight to leave." Said a Councilman.

Finally the Hokage she said something.

"You can't do this without my permission. And guess what I will not give it."

"That is where you're wrong. If you do not do this you will cause a civil war. Because we will take this to the people. I don't think you want to do that." Said Mr. Haruno.

Before she could say anything Naruto finally spoke up.

"It's okay. I am actually happy to be leaving. This place was a living nightmare to me. It is time I woke up from this horrible nightmare." And with those words he removed his symbol of the leaf and threw it up at one of the Councilman. "I'll be out of here by five o'clock."

And with those words he and the rest going with him left together their stuff.

Sometime later at the Northgate.

"Is everyone ready to leave?" Asked Naruto. He had a backpack on. He also had a new clothes. A pair of blue jeans black shoes black T-shirt and a leather coat.

"I'm ready Naruto-Kun." said Hinata.. She also had a backpack. But was wearing her usual clothing.

"As am I Naruto-kun said Haku." She also had a backpack. And was wearing the same clothing she wore when they battle on the bridge.

"Yeah. I ready to go." Said Neji. He also had a backpack. He was wearing his usual clothing.

"That goes for us as well." said Anko. She had a backpack and was wearing her usual daring outfit. Next her is Kurenai carrying a backpack and wearing her usual outfit she trained her team when they were in konoha.

But before they could go. The rest of the rookie nine along with their sensei and team Gai and their sensei arrived along with Iruka. After everyone said their goodbyes. The six person party left the village.

Two hours later at the border of the fire country in a forest.

"I think we should take a rest." Said Naruto. "We went far enough today."

Everyone agreed with him and decided to camp were they were. It was then that Haku noticed a weird little round object. It was glowing black.

"Take a look at this everyone." She said as she picked up the object. Everyone gathered around to look at it.

"It's really weird." Said Neji.

"Whatever it is it's got a lot of power. " Said Anko." I never felt so much in my lifetime."

It was then the black object begin to glow even brighter. Lightning came out of the object. Striking all of them causing everyone to lose consciousness. When they all woke they were in a clearing.

"Where are we?" Ask Anko.

"I have no clue. But we have company coming look." Said Neji. He then pointed to a group of weird looking wolves there are 12 of the weird looking creatures . He then took a defensive posture.

"They don't look friendly. " Said kurenai. She then got into a fighting posture.

"Lets show these things who they're messing with." Said Anko. She then said "shadow snake hand" several serpents shot of her sleeves at one of the creatures biting it in the neck. She then using the snake tossed it into the air . Once in the air Haku pumped them full of ice needles she created. Killing the creature..

"This is too easy." said Naruto. He then said "shadow clone Justu.' There were now three clones plus the original on the field. Each clone took on one Wolf. Using his speed and quickness Naruto and his clones easily dodged them. Then all of the clones along with him charged the Rasengan up and drove them into the wolves they were fighting killing them.

Hinata along with Neji were using there bloodline limits to score hits on a group of four wolves. Once the wolves were stunned by their moves Haku used her ice needles to finish them off.

Kurenai with the help of Anko were taking care of the last three using allusion moves Kurenai tricked the wolves into attacking images that were not real. Allowing Anko to kill them with her shadow snake hand using her energy she had the snakes coiled around the wolves throats and began to suffocate them. The move worked in the wolves died from lack of oxygen.

When the fight was over they looked over the battlefield. They saw some very strange moved to pick them up and said .

"Some of this is money." He said as he held a little pouch full of gold coins. " And this looks like a potion of some sort. " As he put the little pouch of money into his pocket . He then proceeded to pick up a little bottle of green liquid. While whatever these are we should get out of your and find out where we are. " I don't think where in our world anymore.'

"Why do you say that?" Asked Anko.

"Those creatures they won't like any animals found in our world. Plus they attacked us. Most wild animals run away from humans. These things came towards us." He said

"He's right ." Said Neji. "We should probably find a town and ask them where we are."

"That is very good thinking Neji." Said Naruto. With those words spoken the group moved out towards the west. Seeing as they saw smoke on the horizon. After about an hour walking in several fights later they were at a place called Kalm.

"So what should we do first?" asked Neji.

"I don't know about you guys? But I'm going to find a local bar." Said Anko. She then walked away from the group.

"I will find us a hotel. " Said Kurenai. She then walked off towards a place she thought was a hotel.

"I shall accompany you." Said Hinata. She then followed the older woman to wear a hotel might be.

"I'll go gather information." Said Neji." I want to know all about this place. I'll give you a report later on my findings." With those words spoken he walked off to a place with a lot of people.

"I think I will go find the local blacksmith. And see if he can't forge us more ninja weapons. " Said Naruto. "What about you Haku?"

"I shall accompany you." She said. They both walked off into the town.

So begins the journey of Naruto & Co. in the world of final fantasy seven.

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