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Pairings Naruto x Yuffie x Female Haku and Cloud x Aeris x Aerith and OC x Tifa x Shizuna and Vincent x Kurenai x Anko and Elmyra x Minato Namikaze x Kushina Uzumaki

Naruto's weapon are twin katanas,

OC weapon is a sword just like Trunks from DBZ.

Note Naruto is 3 years older then the rookie nine in this. And I know Aeris is Aerith but in this Aerith is not Aeris there twins.

Chapter 1,

From Naruto Namikaze to Naruto Gainsborough,

In village hidden in the leaf at its hospital we find the fourth he is currently waiting for one of his students to arrive.

As he is waiting he was also deep in thought and was nervous the reason why he was because he's about to do something he would never be able to forgive himself for.

As he thinks here hears a roar and knows that the demon fox that had attacked earlier that day was now very close.

He was soon however brought out of his thoughts by his old teacher who had come into the room where he was.

"You're still thinking about it aren't you?" Said his teacher also know as Jiraiya as he placed his hand on his students shoulder.

"Of course I am I'm about to do something very terrible and to my own child no less." Said the fourth also known as Minato.

"I know it's hard but it's the only way to stop the Fox." Said his teacher.

"He is right you know?" Said a women's voice.

The both of them hearing that voice turned towards the door and saw Tsunade.

"Hello Tsunade." Said Jiraiya.

"Hello mom." Said Minato.

"Hello son you know your father is right." Said Tsunade.

"It still does not make this any easier." Said Minato.

"I know at least you're wife gave her approval." Said Tsunade as she finally came into the room and closed the door behind her.

"Yes so I at lest do not have to worry about her being angry with me." said Minato.

Two minutes later there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." Said Minato.

"I brought the child as you requested Sir." Said a young man with silver hair who was holding a baby that was only a few hours old as he came in the room.

"Good thank you Kakashi." Said Minato as he took the baby.

"Not a problem." Said Kakashi.

"But sensei are you sure you want to do this both the sealing and using your son?" said a new voice coming from the door.

Minato at hearing that looked to where the voice came from and saw his other student Rin.

"Yes I am sure I what to do the sealing as it is my work and as for my son yes I do not like but I can not ask any one else to do this." Said Minato,

After he said that Minato left the hospital and headed off to the battle.

On the battle field the giant demon fox was now 1 mile from the village hidden in the leaf. It was being attacked by an army of ninjas.

As the fighting continued one of the male ninjas shouted.

"Hold the line the 4th well be here soon."

And as if responding to what he said the 4th appeared on the battle field on top of the boss toad.

The fox seeing him gave out a thunderous laugh after he had finished laughing he attacked.

But before he could get close enough to attack he saw his opponent covered in white light he soon noticed that he also could no longer make a move.

It was then that he noticed a pair of with ghost like hands coming at him from the mans abdomen area. Kyuubi then watched as the hands reached into his body and the next thing he knew he was in pain as he saw his sole being ripped out.

"What are you doing human?" he asked.

"I am stopping you from destroying my precious village and its people." Said the 4th.

"How do you plan on doing that? Just ripping my sole out well not stop me I well just reform 1 year later." Said the fox as his sole was almost out.

"I know so that is way I well seal you inside on my son." Said the 4th as he gives one more great pull on the fox's sole and pulled it out.

"No I have filled to protect the last two Cetra…" said the fox as is sole left his body.

Minato after he took out the sole he then disappeared from the battle field in a bright flash of light. He then a little while later appeared in a small room covered in weird markings.

In the center of the room Minato placed his son and put the demon in side him.

After he was done Minato looked at his son and said.

"I am so sorry Naruto for what I have done." And with that he closed his eyes.

Some time later at the Senji family home in the master bedroom on the bed we find a Minato opening his eyes.

"Is this heaven or hell?" said Minato.

"Its nether son you're in your room."Said Tsunade who was standing over him as she started to hug him to death.

"It's good to see your awake son." Said Jiraiya.

"How am I alive and were is Naruto is he alright?" said Minato.

"For how you your alive after you passed out the old man took your place. As for your son that is a little more of a problem." Said Tsunade.

"What's wrong with him did he not survive the sealing?" said Minato.

"No he his fine in that regard but Minato the village once they find out about him and the fox inside him they well call out for his blood." Said Tsunade.

"I am sure they well under stand if I tell them that the fox is not going to harm any one. And that my son is a hero for holding the fox at bay."

"Your being a fool son the village well not see it that way. They have lost a lot that night and Naruto holds the one that did the damage they well only see him as the fox in a new body." Said Jiraiya.

"I have better faith in the good of the village I'll tell them to night." Said Minato in a voice that left no room for talking.

Later that night.

"People of the village hidden in the leaf I have some good news." Said Minato to the gathered villagers.

"What is it?" said villager.

Minato then grab his son and then said.

"I have sealed the demon into this boy…" bur before he could say son shouting started.

"Kill the demon before it can kill us." Said one villager.

"It's taken on a human form." Said another.

"We must kill it before it is strong enough to kill us." Said yet another.

But before they could rush Minato he vanished. He later appared at home in his room where his wife was resting after a hard birth.

"So how did it go did you have to bet the people off so that they would not shower to much love on are son?" said his wifeKushina as she to thought the village would under stand.

"Almost love and it would not be love they would shower him with but death." Said Minato.

"Why what happened?"

From there Minato told what happened and at the end Kushina was shocked as she thought the villagers would under stand but it looks like Tsunade and Jiraiya were right about the villagers only seeing the fox.

But before she could say anything a knock at the door stopped her as Tsunade, Jiraiya and Minato's twin sister Shizuna walked in.

"You were right dad the villagers did not aspect Naruto." Said Minato.

"Well we wish we weren't son. But that is not why we are here we have just come from a council meeting and it was not good." Said Tsunade.

"Why what happened?" asked Minato.

"The council voted on what to do with your son." Said Shizuna.

"I take the votes were all bad?" said Kushina.

"Not all the Hyuga, Inuzuka, Aburama, Nara, Yamanaka, Akimichi, Sarutobi and Uchiha all voted against killing your son but the rest voted to kill him." Said Jiraiya.

"That good with my and Kushina's vote we can win the vote." Said Minato.

"Your wrong son the others said if you and her did that there well be a civil war." Said Tsunade.

"So let it happen we have the 8 strongest clans with us we can win." Said Minato.

"Sure we can win but by doing that we well make are selves an easy target for an attack from other villages as this would weaken us more after being attack by the fox." Said Tsunade.

Minato hearing that knew she was right that this would leave them open for an attack plus as leader he could not let a civil war happen.

So coming up with a hard idea he said.

"I have an idea but it well not be easy for Kushina or me."

"What is it dear." Said Kushina.

"We must send are son away from here and disown him and say he is dead to keep my enemies from him." Said Minato.

At hearing this Kushina started to cry as she knew he was right as this was the best option.

"Where well you send him?" said Shizuna.

"I well have you mom and dad take Naruto to the land of waves where you well leave him on a well used road for some one to find.' Said Minato.

"When do we leave?" said Tsunade.

"Tomorrow night as I would like to have one day with my son and wife." Said Minato.

The next night we find Tsunade who is holding baby Naruto, Jiraiya and Shizuna going full speed to wave they well be there before day light.

They soon get there and place Naruto by a busy road but before they leave they each give him a gift.

"Naruto I hope this well give you luck." Said Tsunade giving Naruto her necklace with a name plate with is name on it.

"Here are some chakra work outs." Said Jiraiya placing a scroll next to Naruto.

"This is a book on ninja healing." Said Shizuna placing a book by Naruto.

After that they left going home at a full run not even looking back. But if they did they would have seen five men coming up the road.

The men are wearing blue uniforms with masks on the faces.

They are talking to each other as they walk.

"I sure am going to miss this place when we leave to go to Wutie." Said one of them.

"Me to but Shinra wants to get this war over with." Said another.

"Hey do you guys hear something." Said another.

"Yeah sounds like crying and it coming front in front of us." Said the first one.

Deciding to take a look the five of them run to were the crying is coming from.

"It's a baby." Said the first soldier.

"Yeah your right what's it doing out here." Said solider 2 as he picked up the baby.

"I think it is abounded but why?" said the 3rd one.

"I have know idea but we just can't leave him here so what do we do with him?" said the first one.

"I say we take him back to the ship and ask coronal Gainsborough what to do." Said the 4th one.

"Good idea.' Said the second one.

And with that the five Shinra guards as they ran back to there ship at a speed a high level gin would be happy with.

Soon they get back to were there ship is and go right for the coronals office.

They were soon inside his office were they say he was talking to a Turk with long blue hair with green eyes when he asked why there were there they told him how they fond the baby. When they were done the coronal told them to leave but leave the baby.

Once they were gone he said.

"Alex I what you to go to town and get me baby food and anything else he well need."

"You're adopting the boy Jack?"

"Yes I am my wife Elmyra and I have all ways wanted a child but we are both starle. This baby well be are son." Said Jack who has black hair with blue eyes.

'That's all well and good sir but we do not have time to take him to Midgar."

"So he can come with us." Said Jack.

"But were going into a war zone he well get hurt."

"Then get a nurse so he can stay on the ship and when we go home we pay her and take her home."

"Alright if you're sure."

And with that he left after he was gone Jack looked at his new son. And fond his name plate.

"So your name is Naruto I like it and now from this point on your name is Naruto Gainsborough." Said Jack.

After Alex came back the ship with the stuff the ship left. 3 mouths later the war ends but Jack dies but Alex lives taking Naruto with him back to midgar were once there Alex made his way to his friend's home under the city.

When got there at 6:00 am he knocked on the door of the home of his friend's home. He waited a few seconds when Elmyra opened the door.

"Hello Elmyra I have some bad news and some good news." Said Alex.

"I already know my husband is dead." Said Elmyra as she brought Alex inside the home at and had him set in the living room were she finally saw the baby in his arms warped in a blanket.

"I see but do you know that he had adopted a baby over seas?"

"No I did not Alex but he did?"

"Yes he did and I am going to ask if you want him or not." Said Alex holding out the baby to her

"Of course I what him my husband choice him and that good enough for me." Said Elmyra as she gently took the baby.

As she looked at him she said.

"He's so cute I'll take good care of him."

"I know you well now I have something for him from Jack." Said Alex as he placed two swords on the coffee table.

"Those are Jacks swords."

"Yes they are he is to get them on his 10th birthday." Said Alex as he leaves the home but before he gets out the door he says. "By the way his name is Naruto."

And with that he left to never come back as he is killed five weeks later on a mission.

After he is gone Elmyra takes Naruto into the kitchen and takes out a high chair from when she baby sits she then starts to make breakfast for her two adopted 4 year old twin daughters.

A half hour later the two girls came down stirs in pink pajamas.

"Good morning mom." Said the two girls together.

"Good morning Aerisand Aerith." Said Elmyra.

With that the two of them took a sit at the table it was then they saw baby Naruto and Aerith said.

"Mom way are you baby sitting so early in the morning."

"Yeah and why didn't you tell us?" said Aeris.

"I am not baby sitting Naruto and that's his name by the way." Said Elmyra.

"Then way is he here?" said Aeris.

"He's here to stay he is your new baby brother you see my husband adopted him over seas before he died in the war. He was just brought here this morning by a friend of my husband." Said Elmyra as she placed the food she had made on the table.

"So we have a baby brother now?" said Aerith with joy starting to show in her voice.

"And he's not going any were?" said Aeris also with joy getting in her voice.

"Yes." Said Elmyra as she was happy that the girls were happy.

"Great." Said both as they went and hugged there new brother.

Who was happy to get if the cries of joy were any clue.

As that was going on outside of Naruto inside him a certain fox was all so happy.

"This works out better then I hoped I can now protect the last two Cetra. Though I do hate the fact that I now see I was tricked by that man that smells like snakes into thinking that the Leaf was going to kill them." Said the fox as he now knew that the Leaf was not going to kill the last two Cetra like he was told.

"I have to make this up to the kit one day but how?" said the fox as he thought an idea came to him.

"I got it I'll teach him my fighting skills and give him the fox contract on his 10th birthday as that is the day he gets his swords." He said as he went to sleep and would not awake until Naruto's 10th birthday.


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