Okay, everyone, I know a lot of you are looking forward to this chapter, so let's skip the pleasantries and get started.

Book Three: Fire

Chapter 2: Training

Our story continues the next day in the Earth King's palace. The sun begins to rise, signaling the new day has arrived. We now focus into one of the rooms; the one Aang is sleeping in. Sleeping on the table is his Lemur; Momo, and perched on the railings outside the balcony is His newly acquired Eagle; Spirit. Aang was sleeping peacefully when the door to the room slid open, on the other side was Iroh, who had woken up a few minutes before.

Iroh: Rise and shine, young Avatar.

Aang heard Iroh and he lifted his head from the pillow and let out a small yawn.

Aang: (a bit groggy) Iroh? Is it morning already?

Iroh: It sure is, and you know what that means. It's time for you to learn the basics of Firebending.

Aang: So early?

Iroh: As you know, Aang, Firebenders gain their strength from the sun, so we always rise with it. Now get out of bed, the Earth King's chefs have made quite a banquet for breakfast and you need your strength.

Aang: (yawns) Okay, I'm getting up.

He gets out of bed. Putting on his shoes he wakes up Momo.

Aang: Come on, Momo, breakfast.

The Lemur's eyes opened instantly as he herd the word "Breakfast." He got up and crawled towards Aang's left shoulder. Suddenly, we hear a screech noise and the Eagle, Spirit landed on Aang's right shoulder.

Aang: Ok, Spirit, you can come too.

Both Aang and Iroh left the room, as they were walking down the hallway, they see one of the other doors open. It was Katara getting out and she had a small smile on her face. As she closes the door, she sees Aang and Iroh.

Katara: Oh, good morning Aang, good morning Iroh.

Iroh: Good morning, Katara. Will you be joining us for breakfast?

Katara: Yeah, I was just about to come.

Aang: That's great. We can all go together.

Katara: should I wake the others.

Iroh: Toph, Suki, your brother and my nephew are already up.

Katara: That's good. Let's go then

We now focus in the Earth King's dining room, where we see the table filled with breakfast foods and the rest of the gang eating them. Suki, Toph and Zuko were eating calmly why Sokka was wolfing everything down like he hadn't eaten in weeks.

Suki: Sokka, please, don't eat so much.

Zuko: I agree, save some for the rest of us.

Sokka stares daggers at Zuko, still chewing his food. At that moment, Aang, Katara and Iroh arrive.

Aang: Good morning everyone.

Suki: Good morning, Katara, Aang.

Sokka: (mouth full) hey.

Zuko: Good morning, Avatar.

Toph: Hey, Twinkle toes. You slept ok? I felt you pacing back and forth last night.

Katara: You were?

Aang: Uh… yeah, don't worry about it. I just couldn't sleep that much.

Toph: Why's that?

Aang: I don't want to talk about it.

Iroh: Well, let's hurry and eat. That way you can start your lessons in Firebending.

Momo jumped off Aang's shoulder and made his way towards the fruits on the table. Then Spirit came and started eating some of the nuts on the table, next to the fruit. As Momo began to reach for the nuts, Spirit let out a loud screech, scaring the poor lemur away.

Aang: Ok, knock it off you two.

Aang sat down next to Zuko and Iroh sat next to him. Katara sat next to Toph and she began looking over the table, thinking on what to eat.

Toph: So, how was your night, Sweetness?

Katara: It was alright.

Toph: Have any interesting dreams?

Katara: (in annoyance) No.

Suki: Interesting dreams? Why ask that?

Toph: Oh. No reason. (Laughs evilly a bit)

Iroh: Well, anyway, let's get to eating. The quicker we finish breakfast, young Avatar, the quicker we can start your training. (To Zuko) Will you be joining us, Prince Zuko? I'm sure you'd enjoy a refresher course.

Zuko: Thank you, uncle, but I have other plans.

Sokka: (suspicious) What other plans?

Zuko: None of your business.

Before Sokka said anything else, Zuko got up from the table and turns to Iroh.

Zuko: I would like to be excused, please.

Iroh: Of course, Zuko.

Zuko takes his leave, leaving the others looking confused.

Suki: What did he mean by "other plans"?

Sokka: I bet he's trying to find another way to double-cross us so he can capture Aang.

Katara: Sokka, you know that's not true.

Sokka: How would you know? How does any of us knows that this isn't just some plot Zuko's planning?

Toph: One: I can tell if he's lying and he isn't.

Iroh: I know that you still feel negative towards my nephew, but I assure you, he has changed for the better.

Time passes for a few moments and soon, everyone finishes their breakfast, including Iroh and Aang.

Sokka: Mmm... Boy, that was good. My complements to the chef.

Iroh: (Gets up) Well, I guess we should be going. Come on, Avatar. Let's start your training.

Aang: (Gets up) Yes, Sifu Iroh.

Both Aang and Iroh left the dining room, leaving only Suki, Sokka, Toph and Katara. Suki notices that a conserned look is on Sokka's face and became curious.

Suki: Is there something on your mind, Sokka?

Sokka: It's Zuko. Call me paranoied if you want, but I still don't believe him. He says he's changed, but I still want to know what he's up to, and I won't rest until I know what it is.

Toph: (Sighs) Look Snoozles, if it makes you feel better, why not have someone look after him. You know, spy on him and see what he's doing?

Sokka: I'd like that. (Gets up) I'll see what the creep is really doing.

Toph: Not you, Sokka. You'll be burnt to a crisp if your caught.

Sokka: Okay, fine, you can do it. I don't care who does it as long as it's done.

Toph: Good, then you won't have a problem when I recommend having Sweetness here to do the job (gestures Katara).

Katara: What?

Suki: Why her?

Toph: I've learned from my own personal thoughts that if Katara is caught, Zuko won't hurt her.

Sokka: And why would you think that?

Toph: (smiles slightly at Katara) Oh, I have my reason.

We now focus on Aang and Iroh as they began their training. They chose to train in the Earth King's court yard where all his other solders did their training. Aang is barefooted, as he is usually when training, while Iroh is in front of him, still in his Earth Kingdom clothing.

Iroh: Okay, young Avatar, it's time for you lesson.

Aang: I'm ready, Sifu.

Iroh: Now, to begin, you must first learn more about Firebending: as you already know, it is one of the most complicated of the four bending arts. Unlike water, earth and Airbending where the bender needs the element with them, Firebenders can not only manipulate any flames around them, they can create the flames from within them. Like most animals in the world, humans are warm-blooded; we are always warm in our bodies, despite the weather around us.

Iroh laughs at this little joke, as does Aang. He continues…

Iroh: Firebenders can manipulate that warmth and use their bodies to feed the fire they control. As you have already learned from your first lessons with Master Jeong-Jeong, Firebenders also draw their strength from the sun, our most powerful source of fire. And you have also learned that power and Firebending comes from the breath and that good breath control will help you control the fire you create. So far, you already know some of the basics, so we will continue where you left off with Jeong-Jeong: Controlling flames. Now, get into a wide stance.

Aang gets into a horse-stance and widens it a bit. Iroh walks over to a tree and pulls a leaf from one of the branches, he places his index finger and thumb in the center and it starts to smoke.

Iroh: You must control the little flame on this leaf so that the sides don't get burnt. Try to keep the flame lit as long as you can.

Aang: Ok. (Takes a deep breath) I can do this.

Aang takes the leaf and he begins to concentrate. The little hole in the center leaf starts to grow as the edges glow brighter.

Aang: Easy… Ea….sy…

The little embers on the leaf continue to glow but the hole stopped growing. Aang smiles at this.

Aang: I did it. I did it! YES!

Suddenly, when Aang began cheering, the leaf ignited and turned to ashes. Aang sees this and his smile becomes a frown.

Aang: Aw, rats.

Iroh: Do not feel so down, Aang. No one is expected to get it at the first try. (Takes another leaf) Let's try again.

Meanwhile, Katara began walking through the palace walls, looking for Zuko. As she walked, she was muttering angrily at her current situation.

Katara: I can't believe Toph made everyone agree to me spying on Zuko. Stupid Toph, She's taking advantage of me ever since I let slip that dream I had about Zuko. If she keeps this up, I'm going to shove an icicle right up her-

Before she could finish her rand, she hears a small explosion. She looks up and on the rooftop of one of the palace buildings she sees smoke coming from it.

Katara: Looks like I found him.

Katara rushed to where she saw the explosion. We now cut to her running up a flight of stairs; she was in the building where the explosion took place. Once she finally made it to the top, she hid in stairs and found who she was looking for. We see Zuko standing on the rooftop, looking over a view of mountains. He takes a deep breath and begins moving his fingers in circular motion, Katara recognized this pattern: it was the same movement Azula always makes before she shoots lightning from her fingertips. He finally pushes his fingers forward, but instead of lightning, flames erupted and exploded in his face, pushing him back and landing on his back.

Zuko: (sighs) Come on, Zuko, you can do this.

Zuko got up and sets up his stance; he performs the same action, and ends up getting the same result: exploding in his face. He stays lying on his back for a few moments, looking up into the sky.

Zuko: (sighs) Why do I bother? I'm never going to do it.

Voice: (Katara) That's not the Prince Zuko I know.

Zuko gets startled by the voice and he looks over his head and sees Katara, coming up the stairs and out of her hiding spot.

Zuko: Katara?

Katara: The Prince Zuko I know never gives up on something, no matter how many times he fails.

Zuko: (stands up) Yeah, well… I haven't been a prince for a while. What are you doing here?

Katara: Oh, that. (Pauses) Well…

Zuko: Let me guess: your friends still don't trust me so they asked you to spy on me.

Katara: What? No… no.

Zuko looks at her with a "be honest" look.

Katara: (sighs) Just my brother.

Zuko: I don't blame him. If I was in his position, I wouldn't trust myself either.

Katara: Well just be glad it isn't him who's spying, he actually wanted to.

Zuko: And you volunteered yourself?

Katara: Tch. More Toph volunteered me.

Zuko: The blind Earthbender? Why'd she say you?

Katara: (blushes) Well… (Laughs a bit) Toph's always been kind of a jokester.

Zuko: Well, I suppose you're wondering what I'm doing here?

Katara: Well, sort of. But I recognized the way you moved your hands the same way Azula does when she shoots lightning. How can she do that, anyway? And why is it when she bends, her fire is blue for a moment.

Zuko: She's a prodigy. A highly-skilled Firebender can bend flames to any level of heat. Blue fire is one of the hottest of all fires.

Katara: Well, what about the lightning?

Zuko: Another skill for an advanced Firebender. Lightning is fire's most pure form; without restraint. My uncle is the only other person I know who can create lightning. He's been teaching me how, but… So far, I could never get it.

Katara sees that Zuko looks really disappointed; she began thinking of away to help lift his spirits a bit, but what? She then came up with an idea.

Katara: Say, Zuko. How about a short sparing duel? Just you and me.

Zuko: A sparing duel? (Thinks for a moment) I could use something to take my frustration out on.

Katara: (laughs) Good one. Okay, let's start.

Zuko: Wait. Maybe we should be near a stream, or we could practice by the moat.

Katara: That won't be needed. My water skin is full, so I can fight.

Zuko: Are you sure? Usually when we fight, you're near a river, you could be at a disadvantage, and I wouldn't want that.

Katara: Don't worry, Zuko, (opens skin) I'll manage.

Katara makes the first move with her single water whip. Zuko, sees this and moves, dodging the whip just as it was about to hit him.

Zuko: So I see, very well.

Zuko gets into a wide stance and shoots his fist forward, shooting a ball of flames, followed by a kick. Katara jumps left, dodging both blames. She then crystallizes the water into ice, launching an ice-dagger, but Zuko caught it with only his right hand.

Zuko: Hold on.

Katara: (taunting) What, you want to quit already?

Zuko: Of course not. I just wish to point out that every time we fight, we always attack from long range.

Katara: And your point being…?

To answer her question, Zuko closes his fist together. From the ends of them, he creates his fire-daggers, and taking a stance, he positions the daggers so they'd be ready to strike.

Zuko: Let's see how go you are at close range?

Seeing this challenge, Katara forms from her remanding water two ice-daggers, positioned the same way as Zuko's fire-daggers.

Katara: Sounds fun. (Smiles) Bring it.

Zuko lunges at Katara and Katara charges back: Katara swings her ice-daggers a bit while the flames Zuko fire-daggers begin glowing more intense. Both combatants swung their weapon, both collated, but only Katara's ice-daggers got snapped in half. Zuko smiles at Katara's predicament, but she just concentrated and mist started to form around the daggers, turning into water and solidifying into ice, repairing the daggers. Zuko looks surprised, but then he smiles.

Zuko: Impressive.

Katara: I'm full of surprises.

Zuko: Yeah? Well, so am I.

Meanwhile, back at the court yard, we see Aang concentrating on another leaf, or more specifically, his seventh leaf. However, Aang manages to keep the leaf from burning up for at least two minutes, Iroh smiles at this.

Iroh: Well done, Avatar Aang, You've managed to keep it from burning.

Aang: Does this mean I can move to the next step?

Iroh: Patients, young one.

Aang: Oh, sorry.

Iroh: Actually, you're right, (laughs a bit) you're ready for the next move.

Aang: Great!

Iroh: Since you're still in your stance, I want you now to create a ball of fire in your hands.

Aang takes a breath and holds out his hand, creating a ball of fire.

Aang: There, fireball created.

Iroh: Good. Now I want you to shoot a stream of fames at this target.

Iroh moves his hands and creates three flame rings, making it look like a bull's-eye, he holds it up in the air and Aang looks nervous.

Iroh: Something the matter, Aang?

Aang: Well… yeah. What if I hit you by accident?

Iroh: Don't worry. I'm far away from the target, you won't hit me.

Aang begins to attack, but he hesitates, he tries to do it again, but keeps hesitating until finally, he gives up and extinguishes the flame.

Iroh: Is there something wrong, Aang?

Aang: I can't do it.

Iroh: Sure you can, you're getting the basics really well. At this rate, you should be-

Aang: (interrupts) No, I mean I can't because I might hurt you… just like I hurt Katara.

Iroh: (realizes) Ohh…

Aang sits down on the ground in his lotus position. Iroh walks over and sits next to him.

Iroh: Something… happened to Miss Katara?

Aang: I got reckless when I was Firebending and I burned her hands by accident. If it wasn't for her Waterbending healing abilities, her hands might have been scared.

Iroh: So this explains why you're having a hard time learning, you're afraid to hurt someone... mainly, one of your friends.

Aang: I am.

Iroh: I know how that feels.

Aang: You do?

Iroh: Yes. You see Aang; I was around your age when I started learning the basics of Firebending. I was under the training of my Firebending teacher; he was the one who taught Jeong-Jeong Firebending as well. I was first reckless with my bending and I hurt others as well. But I never gave up; I knew that if I kept training and mastered my Firebending, I could make sure I'd never hurt anyone again, including the ones I care about. And if you master Firebending, you can control how you use it and make sure that you never hurt anyone as well.

Aang: You really think I can do it?

Iroh: I know so.

Aang: (smiles) Thanks, Sifu Iroh.

Iroh: Please, call me Iroh.

Aang: Ok, Iroh. Let's get to training.

Iroh: Yes… right after a nice cup of tea.

Aang: Actually, tea would be good. I hope it Jasmine, it's my favorite.

Iroh: Really? Me too.

Aang and Iroh laughed together as they made their way inside.

Meanwhile, we return out attention to Katara and Zuko. We now see them lying on their backs on top of the rooftop where they were; they're breathing heavy, they have a few scratches on their bodies and they are sweating a lot from the spar duel they were in.

Katara: Wow, Zuko, you sure do know how to give a work out.

Zuko: Hmm, I'd never though I'd ever hear a complement about me from you. You have a gift for combat.

Katara: You're telling me. Close combat really takes it out on you.

She bends water from her skin and splashes it on her face and then she un-braids her hair so it's now loose.

Katara: You're such a good fighter. I can see how you survived Azula for so long.

Zuko just goes "Heh" at this.

Katara: You're just as good as she is. I'm sure you'll do that lighting thing.

Zuko face sank a little, making him frown a bit.

Zuko: Somehow I don't think that.

Katara: Sure you can, you have potential.

Zuko: It's kind of you to say that, but I'm still not sure. My uncle says that I have so much turmoil, and with turmoil I won't be able to master lightning.

Katara looks a Zuko, and then she turns to the sky. She knew that Zuko had what was in him to master that lighting move, but he was very unsure of himself. She began thinking of someway to help Zuko rid of some of his turmoil. It was about a minute that a though came to her.

Katara: …I have an idea.

Zuko: (looks at her) I'm sorry?

Katara: A way to help you with your problem.

Zuko: (curious) really?

Katara: Yeah I … (pauses) …never mind.

Zuko: Something wrong?

Katara: Well… yeah, it's kind of a crazy idea.

Zuko: Oh… alright.

Zuko turns his attention back to the sky, but the though of Katara having some idea to help him with his block stayed in his mind for a minute.

Zuko: What was the idea, anyway? I'm a little curious.

Katara: I don't know. It is a pretty crazy idea.

Zuko: (gets up) What do I have to lose?

Katara: (sighs, then gets up) Alright I'll tell you. You've told me that when a Firebender creates lighting, they are able to separate the yin and yang of the energy.

Zuko: Yes, and the energy tries to restore balance by coming together fast and that makes lightening.

Katara: Well… I was thinking of… a demonstration.

Zuko: I'm not sure if I understand.

Katara: Let's pretend that we are the energy. I'm the Yin energy, and you are the Yang energy.

Zuko: … I still do not understand...

Katara: (sighs) Ok, you say that first; there is the energy, which is both yin and yang together.

Katara takes both his hands into hers and brings Zuko closer to her, Zuko looks a bit nervous.

Katara: We are the two energies and we are now together, with me so far?

Zuko: yes…

Katara: Good. Now, the Firebender who is trying to create lightning is able separate the yin and yang.

She let goes of him and walks away a few steps from him.

Katara: Now we are separated.

Zuko: Yes, I see now. And the energy tries to restore the balance.

He then rushes back to Katara and holds her like she did him.

Zuko: like this.

Katara: (laughs a bit) Yes, but when they collide, they do it quickly.

As she says this, she moves her face close to his, as she speaks she moves another inch closer to him. At this action, Zuko starts to feel a bit uncomfortable and nervous.

Katara: And that (moves close) … creates…

Katara keeps moving and then stops, her face at least a centimeter away from his.

Katara: (whispers)… lightning.

She closes to gap between them and places her lips on his, kissing him, she then forces her tongue in his mouth, letting her feel the inside of his mouth. Zuko's eyes widen at this, but he then feels a surge of power coursing through him, something that felt pretty close to lighting. It was passion, but it was stronger then what he felt last night and he soon let it take over him and he kisses back, his tongue sliding across hers as he returns the favor. Katara was very nervous at first; she though he wouldn't want to kiss her when she thought of the idea, that the events of last night was just the heat of the moment, but when she felt Zuko respond to the kiss and began kissing back, Katara knew she made the right choice. Katara pulls away from Zuko, seeing his face still in the position as if she was still on him. He realized this and his face returned to normal, followed by it turning to a look of enjoyment. The look on his face made her feel giddy, it made her feel like she was powerful, that she did that to him, that she can kiss him and he would like it.

Zuko: (dazed a bit) I ... I see...

She giggles at his response.

Katara: Okay now, I want you try that lightning move again.

Zuko: (snaps out of it) What?

Katara: You've got a demonstration on how it happens… sort of (giggles) now try it for real.

Zuko: I'm not too sure. I mean-

Katara: (interrupts) Just one more try. Please.

Zuko looks at her and the turns to the clearing he was facing before. He pauses for a moment, thinking, before he takes a deep breath; in to the nose and out through the mouth.

Katara: You can do this. I know you can.

Zuko closes his eyes as he performs the pattern with his fingertips. In his mind, he envisions the yin-yang symbol followed by the kiss he and Katara just had, he was so focus into that image he didn't notice that his fingers began to spark yellow. Finally, his eyes open and he thrushes his right hand forward, expecting an explosion, but he sees a yellow lighting bolt shooting from his fingertips and into the mountainside. Unfortunately, he and Katara weren't the only ones who saw it. Just as Aang and Iroh finished their tea and left to resume the training, they saw the lightning bolt hit the mountainside.

Aang: What was that?

Iroh: It was… (Shocked a bit) Lightning…

Aang: (sacred) I must be Azula. She's back!

Iroh: No, Aang. I believe that lightning came from… somewhere else.

Aang: Well, we better check it out.

Aang takes his glider-staff and folds the wings out.

Aang: (to Iroh) Hold this behind your back.

Iroh takes the glider-staff and holds it like Aang does, Aang then climbs on his back and holds on the glider.

Aang: Hold on tight.

Iroh: Shouldn't we just (Aang lift off) Waaaaaaalk…!?

Aang uses his Airbending and the glider to lift him and Iroh into the air.

Iroh: YAH! Wow… I'm flying! This is incredible!

Aang: Yeah, it's great alright, now let's go, I think the lightning came from over there.

As Aang and Iroh make their way to the source of the lightning, Zuko continued to look on in shock, as did Katara, but her shock soon turned to excitement.

Katara: You did it! You made the lightning.

Zuko didn't hear her, but he was just as aware as her, he placed his hands down as stares at the spot on the mountainside where he hit.

Zuko: (low voice) I… did it… I… really did it.

Zuko lets out a small chuckle, but then it turns into laughter, happy laughter, he keeps repeating "I did it" between laughs. He then looks over to Katara and smiles at her. Without thinking, too overjoyed at the events that happened, he hugs Katara and spins her around. She giggles at him doing then and stops once he puts her down.

Zuko: Katara… Thank you. I don't know what you did or how you did it, but because of you, I finally created lightning.

Katara: (blushes) Oh, I didn't do anything.

Zuko: Yes you did. You wouldn't give up on me, you helped me. I am forever in your debt. If there's anything I could do, I'll-

Katara: (interups) Well… (Bashful) there is… a way you can make it up to me.

Katara winks at Zuko, and he gets the message. Closing his eyes, he starts to kiss her again, but just before things start to heat up…

Iroh: Zuko?

Aang: Katara!

Both of them hear their voices and the suddenly stop, they turn and see both Aang and Iroh flying towards them on Aang's gilder-staff.

Zuko: Uncle!

Katara: Aang?

Iroh: (lands) What's going on here?

Zuko: Uncle, I have great news. I did it, I created lightning!

Iroh: What?

Aang: So that's where that lightning bolt came from? You?

Iroh: Zuko, that's great! (hugs him) I knew you could do it, nephew. How did you do it?

Zuko: I… (Looks over Katara) Had some help.

Katara looks away, blushing a bit.

Iroh: (understands) I see. (smiles mischiefly) I guess that would explain that… moment we saw.

Zuko looks back at his uncle and, surprisingly, his face is a little red too.

Zuko: You… saw…

Aang: We both did. I'm not surprised though. I had a feeling this would happen again.

Katara: Again?

Aang: I… I saw you two last night.

Katara: You… did?

Aang: Yes…

Katara: … (Sighs) Oh Aang, I didn't want you to find out like this. Mainly because I didn't know how you would react.

Aang: You don't have to worry about me.

Katara: You mean…

Aang: Yes, Katara, I don't mind you liking Zuko. I… may not like it, but as long as you're happy, it's okay with me.

Katara couldn't believe how understanding Aang would be. In a sign of gratitude, she gave the young monk a big hug.

Katara: Thank you, Aang. I'm so glad to have a friend like you, you're the greatest.

Aang: (smiles, hugs back) You are too, Katara.

Iroh: Well, now that that's all taken care of, how's about we all go for a nice hot cup of tea?

Aang: But we just had tea.

Zuko: Actually, tea would be good right about now uncle.

Iroh: Splendid.

Hours later
It was near sunset at the courtyard, and we now see Aang focusing on a stream of flames, with Iroh supervising.

Iroh: Very good, Aang, you're getting the hang of this.

Aang: Well, I have a great teacher.

Katara and Zuko were watching the training.

Katara: Way to go, Aang!

Zuko: He's actually getting it faster then Azula did. I am impressed

Suddenly, we see Sokka, Suki and Toph coming there way.

Suki: Hello, everyone.

Katara: Hi guys, how was your day?

Toph: Pretty good. Fan-girl here taught me some cool moves with those fans she uses.

Sokka: So… Katara, how was… you know… did you watch (points to Zuko) you know who?

Zuko: I'm well aware that you sent her to spy on me. And if you must know, I was training.

Katara: Yes, Sokka, Zuko hadn't done anything bad. He was training, and I… helped him.

Katara starts to get into a giggle fit and Zuko begins chuckling. Sokka was confused, as was Suki, but Toph understood, she waked to Katara and whispered in her ear.

Toph: Ooh...Way to go, sugar queen.

Before Sokka could ask, Aang got everyone's attention.

Aang: Look at me, everyone. I am an official Firebender.

Aang shoots a stream of flames into the air and everyone applause.

Sokka: Alright, way to go, air-head!

Suki: That was great.

Aang: It sure is Suki. I'm ready to take down Ozai. As of right now, I am a fully realized Avatar. I can bend air…

He performs his air-scooter…

Aang: … water…

…he takes a stream of water from the nearby pond and bends the stream….

Aang: … earth…

…he stomps his feet, releasing a bolder…

Aang: … fire…

…he shoots another stream of flames in the air again.

Aang: And I can control the Avatar State.

Aang closes his eyes and starts to concentrate. His tattoos begin to glow, but to everyone surprise, the flicker and stopped.

Aang: What?

Sokka: Come on, Aang, let's see the Avatar State.

Aang: Right.

Aang concentrates again, but the same thing happens.

Aang: Come on, already!

He does it one more time, but this time, the tattoos don't glow at all.

Sokka: Aang, stop kidding around. If this is a joke, it's not funny.

Katara: (worried) Aang, what's wrong?

Aang: (scared and shocked) I… I can't do it.

Toph: What?

Aang: I can't do it! I don't know why or how, but… I can't do it! I CAN'T GET INTO THE AVATAR STATE!

Everyone gasped at this and looked very shocked, and scared. If Aang couldn't go into the Avatar State, then he can't face the Fire Lord, let alone defeat him.

End of chapter two
This is bad. Will Aang ever enter the Avatar State again? Why can't he enter it? And will Katara tell the others about her and Zuko? Keep reading and find out, and sorry for the delay.