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"Ok, great. If you just want to send my things to the Miami address and Randy's to the St. Louis address, that would be great. Thanks so much. Bye." Ali hung up her phone.

"Is your dress done?" Trish asked looking up from the magazine she was reading.

"Yeah, and so are the bridesmaids dresses and the tuxes. Only a few weeks left Trish. I can't believe I'm getting married. I honestly never thought I would."

"Life surprises us sometimes." Trish said looking up. "So are you going to peek at the tuxes?"

"No. I told Randy I would let him and his 'men' pick them out. But if he got that damn white pimp tux that he and John were talking about, I may just turn and walk back up the aisle."

"Well, at least neither of you are holding a title at the moment, so you can actually slow down a little and focus on the wedding. Plus, there are no major pay-per-views coming up. Everything is full speed ahead! So, since there is a little more than three weeks before the big day, planning anything for the groom?"

"Well actually, starting Saturday, there will be no sex until the honeymoon." Trish started laughing. "What is so funny?"

"You are going to kill the poor guy, or get him addicted to porn. How do you plan on doing this anyway?"

"It won't be that hard. All it takes is a little will power." She said looking at Trish. "Separate beds? Houses? I'll figure something out. I'll just stay here and he can stay in St. Louis."

"He's gonna be a very lonely man."

"Who's going to be lonely?" Randy asked walking into the house, John right behind him. Trish started laughing again.

"Hey. That was the guy at the bridal shop, the tuxes are done. I'm having them sent to St. Louis since that's where you'll be till the wedding." She said, saying the last bit is a quieter tone.

"Repeat that last bit one more time."

"I'm having them sent to St. Louis." Ali said walking into the kitchen. Randy looked at Trish before following her.

"What's this all about?" John asked sitting next to Trish.

"She's cutting off all sex with Randy until their honeymoon." John started laughing.

"You said something about me staying in St. Louis. Where will you be?"

"I'll be here. This is where my dress is being delivered."

"Why can't I stay here too? I promise I won't peek at the dress."

"Well I wanted to try something new before we got married." Ali said rummaging through the fridge.

"And that would be…" Randy said sitting down on a bar stool.

"Um…How about we stop having sex until our honeymoon?" Ali said turning around. She had to smile at Randy's now pail face.

"You want to what?"

"It won't be that bad. It's only 3 weeks till we get married. My friend did the same thing before she got married and she said it really made the honeymoon worth it."

"So I have to stay in St. Louis?"

"Randy I know you. You will just make this difficult. Seeing you at work all oiled up and wearing those little Speedos will be hard enough, I don't need the temptation while at home too. We can do this."

Randy looked at his fiancée, still digesting what she had just told him.

"Do you really want this?" He looked at her as she nodded. "Ok." She ran to him, knocking him over as she hugged him, he started laughing.

"Thank you. We start tomorrow." She said as she kissed him.

"I thought you were cutting off the sex." Trish said standing in the doorway with John.

"We are. I was just thanking him." Ali said smiling up at them.

"So when does this start?" John asked. "I just need to know so I can start buying some magazines and videos."

"Tomorrow, I think you know the way out. I'll see you tomorrow." Randy said. John and Trish laughed as they walked out, locking the door behind them.

Almost 3 weeks later…

"Randy! Where are you?" John called walking into the house Jeff and Adam behind him. He saw a hand from behind the couch. John shook his head as he saw the lifeless form on the couch. "Is it really that bad?"

"I have seen her on and off for the past 3 weeks. I haven't really touched her, just watched her. The way she swings her hips slightly when she walks and how her nose wrinkles when she laughs. You guys, she's perfect."

"You need help, you sound like her stalker." Adam said throwing a pillow at him.

"And here we thought you would be hiding in a corner jacking off to some old porn film." Jeff said.

"Thanks Jeff. No, I'm doing just fine with this no sex thing. Well…I'm surviving, and counting down the hours till we leave for the Bahamas." The guys laughed.

"When are they flying in?" Jeff asked.

"In about an hour. We booked the entire Mariott Hotel for them and the rest of the WWE. Everything is ready, at least as far as I know."

"You know, all the ladies are already here. Your girl is flying in alone." Adam said, Randy perked up a little.

"Get your ass going and go pick her up you retard." John said throwing his keys at him. Randy smiled as he walked out to the garage.

Randy stood at the gate where Ali's plane had just landed. He had a baseball hat pulled over his eyes and a pair of sunglasses on. He smiled as he saw Ali step out of her gate. She walked over to baggage claim to get her suitcase. He walked over to her, grabbing her suitcase before she could.

"Let me get that for you."

"Well, a handsome man to my rescue."

"It's no problem miss. I'm looking for my fiancée, she was suppose to come in on the last flight. She's about 5'6", has deep brown eyes and curly brown hair. Do you know her?"

"I didn't see anyone of that description on the plane."

"Well shit. I'm gonna need a stand in bride then. Interested?"

"For a handsome man like you, I'll consider it." Ali said placing a gentle kiss on his lips. "Now, as much as I love seeing you, I need to get to my hotel."

Randy smiled as he grabbed her suitcase and started walking down the hallway in the airport. Ali smiled as she watched him. She couldn't wait to tell him her surprise tomorrow.