Chapter One: Truthful Lies

Screaming. Always growing louder. Always the same voice-rasping and incomprehensible. It didn't sound human. Screeching at the top of their lungs-who ever they are. That's all I hear. People around me try to speak but either they can't talk or I just can't hear. They look concerned for me. They want to help, to comfort me. But it doesn't work in the slightest bit; all their efforts are in vain. They're all strangers. I can't trust them. And I don't want to.

The tortured howling dies away. That's when I realize I was the one screaming. Why? Why are my clothes torn? Whose blood am I covered in?! It wasn't mine. What happened? Where are my-?

Then it hits me.

The images come flooding into my mind. The twisted bodies, the horrified expressions, the rivers of blood that didn't stop. I knew why I had been screaming-my parents were dead. They'd been murdered. And I had been there to witness it.

The neighbors had called the police when they heard my shouts. Police. So that's who these people were... It makes no difference, they wont believe me if I did cooperate with them. Even I barely believe myself. It's all too much to take in. I cant except it as truth. I keep thinking as long as I deny it, I'll wake up from this horrific nightmare and everything will be OK.

But I don't wake up.

A blond woman, a police officer, gives me a small smile then in a firm tone of voice asks me something. I don't know what she's saying. My head spins. I can hear the blood pounding in my ears. My gaze becomes unfocused, everything is a blur. The world around me falls into darkness. I slip out of consciousness.

I wake with a throbbing headache. I'm in a white room. As I look around I notice it's a hospital. I'm the only patient. A nearby nurse sees me awake, she comes over to my bedside and asks how I feel. I don't respond and she frowns, grabs a chart and leaves the room. My mind's a blank; and I prefer it that way, devoid of all memories, of all emotion.

A doctor enters the room; he looks nice but I know it's all an act. He sits on the edge of the bed and tells me something. I ignore him. He checks my pulse and my temperature then nods at the door. A police officer enters; not the friendly blond lady but a stern looking man. They talk for a bit, glancing over at me every few minutes. The doctor seems upset at what the officer is saying. He sighs and walks over to me. With a forced smile he assures me that everything will be okay.

How can it be? Everything is gone.

I'm taken to another room where I'm interrogated or at least they try to interrogate me. They act concerned and ask what happened back at the house. I stare at the wall. The police get impatient and try the 'bad cop' approach. They get no response from me. This goes on for about two hours, I'm not entirely sure. Minutes seem like ages now.

The wall didn't change from the time the cross-examination began till when they gave up. They left me alone in the room then some time later another nurse came and escorted me to a different ward. This room had a bed and a very small window high up in the wall. I doubt a person could fit through it and even if someone could I don't think they'd be able to reach it.

I read the nurse's name tag; Sandra. She told me to get some rest and locked the door behind her. The lights turned off causing me to jump. I made my way over to the bed and sat down. I sighed knowing that my sleep would be plagued with nightmares.

I was right.

They make it impossible for me to ignore them now. "Who murdered your parents? Did you see them?"

I didn't answer. They wouldn't believe me anyway…

They get in my face, blocking my view of the wall, forcing me to look at them.

"Answer me! DID YOU SEE THEM?!"

"Reapers…demons in the night…" I said barely above a whisper.

He exchanged glances with another officer, surprised I had spoken and even more so by what I had said. "She's delirious… Don't you want to catch the scum that killed your parents? Tell me who did it!"

I didn't change my story. I didn't know who they were…but I knew they couldn't be human. No one could do such a horrible thing…

"Stop lying! Tell me who did this?!" the man yelled holding up a picture from the murder scene.

I froze; my eyes transfixed on the picture. It took me back to that moment, when they died… It was too much. They had gone too far. I sprang up from my chair and lunged at the picture screaming like a banshee. The startled officer drew back in surprise as I clawed at him like mad. People rushed in and held me back. I felt a prick of pain in my arm. Looking down I realized I had been injected with something. My muscles turned to rubber and I collapsed into one of the doctors. They brought me back to the room with the bed. This time they restrained me as a precaution in case I were to lash out again.

I was left alone in the room…just as I was in the world…alone.

All I did was tell the truth…