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Once upon a time there was a hunter who roamed from village to village, looking for the one thing that would make him feel whole. He did not know not exactly what that thing that would fulfill him was, nor did he have the slightest idea of where he would find it. His search brought him to wondrous places with unique and awe-inspiring landscapes and filled with riches such as silks, gems, and gold. Still he could not find what he sought.

One day, as he traveled though a thick wood, he caught sigh of something luminous and white in the distance. The creature ahead of him was singing a song so beautiful that it could rival that of a siren. The hunter stalked closer to this mysterious creature and hid in the bushes. From there, he had a crystal clear view of the creature. It resembled a fair young woman, fit to be a princess, robed in pure white. Small, delicate wildflowers swam among her cascading golden curls.

The hunter murmured, "She is too beautiful to be human. Surely she is a fairy of some sort. A fairy such as her would no doubt make me whole again." He became determined to carry off this fairy. An old medicine woman that he'd met at one of the villages he'd passed through had told him that if an arrow was shot into a fairy, it would not bleed but fall into brief slumber. So the hunter raised his bow, and shot the arrow at the fairy. Something was wrong though. A few red droplets appeared on the fairy's pure white gown. She let out a horrible scream of pain.

"So you are not a fairy?" the hunter cried as he emerged from the thicket.

The "fairy" sobbed, "Of course not! I am only a human girl. Since I am human, now I shall surely die." She fell to the ground and the hunter rushed to her side to aid her in any way that he might.

"Go," the woman hissed. "A victim has no affection or even respect for their murderer." Her body went limp, and the hunter left to continue to roam. Alas, he had destroyed she who would have made him whole.


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