DJ Grows Up

It was a Saturday morning in the Tanner house. DJ and her sister were in their bedroom playing a board game.

"Steph, I'll be right back I am going to go the bathroom real quick," DJ said.

As DJ pulled down her underwear in the bathroom she noticed a red spot in her underwear. O my God I got my period thought DJ. What I am going to do. I mean I guess I have to tell Dad! How embarrassing! "Dad! Dad!" screamed DJ.

Stephanie heard her sister screaming and ran and stood outside the closed bathroom door. "DJ, Dad's downstairs with Michelle. Are you ok?"

By this time, DJ was crying, "Steph, just go get Dad!"

"DJ, are you hurt?"

"Steph, just get Dad fast!"

Stephanie ran downstairs quickly.

Danny was in the living room playing with Michelle. Stephanie came flying down the stairs. "Dad, Dad DJ's upstairs in the bathroom crying and saying she needs you right now."

"Ok, I'll go make sure everything's ok. Michelle, I'll be right back."

"Ok, Daddy," said Michelle.

Danny ran upstairs to check on DJ, with Stephanie close behind. "Steph, honey, while don't you go back to your room while I check on DJ."

"Can't I see what's wrong with DJ?"

"Honey, if she wants you I'll let you know."

Danny knocked on the bathroom room door. "Deej, is everything ok?"

"Dad, I started my period!"

"Honey, that's great! You know I put pads in the bottom drawer for you not too long ago, for whenever you to start to need to use them. Why don't you clean yourself up and then we can talk."

"Dad, I really don't want to talk about it, especially with you."


"Dad, I am fine, just leave me alone."

Danny then ran back to DJ and Stephanie's room.

"Dad, is DJ ok?"

"Steph, why don't you go downstairs and play with Michelle for a little bit."

"Well, DJ and I need to finish our game."

"I am pretty sure your game is over."

"Is something wrong with DJ?"

"DJ's fine, but I think she wants to be alone for awhile."


"Honey, it's none of your business. But can you please come down and play with Michelle a little bit. I need to talk to Uncle Jesse and Joey."

"Ok, I guess."

Danny and Stephanie both with downstairs. "Now Stephanie both you and Michelle here in the living room, I need to talk to Uncle Jesse and Joey, ok?"

"Ok," said Stephanie.

"Ok, Daddy."

Danny ran into the kitchen. "Jesse, Joey can you guys come up here. I need to talk to you for a minute."

Both Jesse and Joey came up the stairs from the basement.

"Whats up? What do you need to talk to us about?" asked Jesse.

"Is everything ok?" asked Joey.

"Well, DJ just started her period. I talked to talk her about it but she refuses to talk to me."

"She probably won't talk to us either, I mean we're all guys," said Joey.

"I just don't know what do. I mean she's upstairs crying and embarrassed and I can't do anything about it or say anything to make her feel better. Obviously none of us have personal experience when it comes to this. Also Stephanie knows something's wrong because she's the one who heard DJ scream."

"The only thing I can think of is I could call Becky and see if she could come over and talk to DJ. Maybe DJ will to talk to her. At least she could relate to what DJ's going through since she's been there," said Jesse.

"I could take Stephanie and Michelle to the zoo so they won't bother DJ," said DJ.

"Thanks guys."

"I'll call Becky right now."