Ok, I'm in the middle of my other story, but I thought I should post this one too.

Disclaimer: I don't own the winx club, but I partially own this story (me and my friend are writing it)

Here's an intro:

Bloom is the main character as you probably had guessed. She is going to a new school called Barker Academy, and she gets a dorm that is supposedly haunted. Now it's up to Bloom to figure out what happened in the past, and save the school before it's too late.

Chapter 1: Barker Academy

A young red head walked down the halls of the huge corridor. The walls were purple with blue stripes through them. She could hear people hugging, introducing themselves, and unpacking. "103, 102, 101, oh man, mines is downstairs" she said as she walked down the stairs to the basement. This would be her home for the next nine months, the campus of Barker Academy.

Barker Academy was a college and high school for the wealthy upper class. People from all over the realms came here to learn, and get training for different subjects. There were classes for heroics, magic, technology, beauty, nature, music, and many more. Most people that came to this college were princes and princesses, but there were some non-royals. The campus was huge and laid on the western part of the planet Eraklion, and was very beautiful and pleasing. When you first came there, you would think that is was a happy place, but all who were final year students knew there was something mysterious and almost haunting about that place. No one knew what it was exactly, but there was definitely something strange about that campus. But everyone put that aside and went on with their lives.

"Well, here we are Kiko. Room 100" the girl said as she took her key and opened the dorm room. Her room, unfortunately, was in the basement. There was a rumor that someone had used that room 6 years ago, but then was killed in it and it was haunted, but Bloom, assured by the teachers, didn't believe that. She and her little bunny went into the room, surprised by its appearance. She had requested a single, for she would only be staying for one year, like most other princes and princesses. For she had already went to a high school and college, and was only here to learn some ways to become better royals, for she was the princess of Sparx. She was 22, and was very beautiful. Between her sapphire blue eyes, her semi pale skin, and her red hair, most guys would instantly love her, which she didn't like. She knew she would have to get married in the next two years, and all the guys she had met only liked her for her looks, not for her personality.

Back to the room, though, it was dusty, and looked like it hadn't been cleaned for years. It was a royal, single suit so there was a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and office there for her. The room was dusty and smelled horrible, and all the furniture was covered with cloths. "Oh well, Kiko" she said to her little pet bunny, "This is our home for a while, might as well clean it up." Bloom cleaned up the room and unpacked her things. "There", she said "all done." Just as she had said that, a group of Sparxians (people from Sparx) came, all close friends of Bloom. "Come on, princess Bloom!" a young blue haired girl named Chloe said. "Yeah hottie, we don't want to leave you here!" a handsome brunette guy, whose name was Jake, said as he came up and kissed Bloom. Bloom showed a happy smile on the outside, but her heart was saying something different. "What is wrong with me? I have a great boyfriend. But what if he's into my looks, and not my personality? I know, I'll do a little test to see how true he is to me." And with that she left with her friends, thinking up a little test to give to her boyfriend Jake. But what she didn't know was that while she was cleaning, nine pairs of eyes were watching her every move.