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Chapter 7: Haquia

"What do you think she is thinking about?" a shrewd male voice said to a group of people.

They were all wearing maroon robes, but the robes where different. Each robe had its own pattern that symbolized the power and status of the person wearing it. On the lowest was the cadet and they wore robes that were plain maroon. As you went higher in the status (which was cadet, sergeant, major, commodore, general, assistant, commander, and master), the robes would be decorated with other dark colors and gems until you got to the masters, who wore robes that had little maroon on it for it was mainly made up of precious stones worth more than anything else on this galaxy.

This group was the Haquia, the group bent on destruction. They would seek out any enemies they ever had and make them suffer.

These people where chosen at birth to come to this group. Then there are some that join when they are older, and they are the ruler normally. When you are older in this group, you can choose to leave or stay. Most stay, but then there are those few that are brave enough to give up the group and leave.

Those who leave are rid of their memories at the Haquia and go out to the universe. These are the people that are the biggest enemies for the Haquia.

"She isn't thinking at all, that blast was an over dose of a drug that makes you sleep, so she is unconscious and has no idea what is going on. That is good, for us at least" said Seleana coming out of the shadows.

Seleana was a woman who was about 45 and was very pretty for her age. She had long, silver hair with tan skin and deep orange eyes. She was also about 5'7, was a dark fairy, and was a master.

There were three masters, two women and one man. These were the people who ran Haquia and there ancestors were the original leaders of the newly formed group thousands of years ago.

The second master came out from the ground and said "we need a plan to get the information quickly before she wakes up."

His name was Nezerath. He was a handsome man in his late 40's with dark skin and dark brown hair that contrasted his copper eyes. He was very fit and muscular. He was a specialist from a far off school and also a evil wizard.

The third master came in to a puff a smoke and said "I don't care how you do it; I want that prince miserable."

She was a female witch and was only about 21. She had semi-tan skin and turquoise hair with blue highlights. Her eyes were dark maroon and lips as black as darkness. She was the highest of the masters. Her name was Andorra and she was the most powerful being in the Haquia. She used to go a famous high school, and that was Barker Academy.

"Well do you have a plan?" Radikan asked.

Radikan was the highest commander, and when the masters were not around, he was in charge. He had long, jet black hair and very tan skin and was 22. He had dark brown eyes and was currently Andorra's boyfriend. He was very fit and most girls would die to have a man as handsome as he was.

Andorra snickered at that question and said "of course you moron I have a plan. Now listen up!' And with that she and the others listened to her plan and smiled in satisfaction. "That is a superb plan; you are turning into a wicked thinker like your parent, Andorra. Why settle for ruining the lives of the ghosts and prince when you could do a lot worse, especially with this poor little princess of Sparx."

They all snickered and went to execute their plan.

I know that wasn't my best chapter but I had to give you an intro into the Haquia. I hope you liked it!