A/N: I know this story is a tad late for the season, but the idea was rolling around my head during the holiday break and I finally gave in and figured to write it down.

Pairing: Erk/Serra and in my opinion one of the most hilarious FE pairings. :D

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Okay, onto the story then!

Chapter 1: Squggle Hug of Doom

Serra was proud of herself.

Very proud.

She really believed that she could pull it off.

Slowly, a wide grin drew across her face and thus Plan 28031 aka Get Erk under Mistletoe with Most Wonderfully Beautiful Girl on the Planet aka Serra, was formulated.

Serra's smirk only grew wider as she congratulated her oh-so-fabulous-genius mind on a job well done. Even she had to admit, she didn't know that it was in her. Whipping out a piece of paper she quickly scribbled down a to-do list. She hastily grabbed a thumbtack from her drawer and pinned the lipstick-smeared paper on the wall.

"It looks a bit messy, she critiqued herself. "Oh, well," she shrugged. "Only a geek like Lowen would have a pencil ready at such a crucial moment." After stopping for a few seconds to admire her work Serra reached for her purse, flung her dorm door open, and flounced down the hall screaming, "Erky!" on the way.

Erk groaned as the screams of 'that accursed woman' boomed through his dorm walls. Rubbing his finger against his temple he concluded that he really would indeed go insane. What with his already piling load of schoolwork and the stress of the upcoming holidays, dealing with Serra was the last thing that he needed.

"Erky! Open up! We need to do some Christmas shopping." Erk shuddered at the thought; because of his last shopping experience with Serra, he could now never set a foot within a ten-foot boundary of Bath and Body Works. Erk rubbed his temple even harder and quickly dismissed the horrid memories.

"Erky!" The colledge freashman hoped that if he could keep quiet long enough Serra would just think that he wasn't there and leave.

"Erk! Open up, I know you're in there! Quit holing yourself up in your room and give me a ride to the mall!"

"The whole dorm building must have heard that! What did I do to deserve the curse that is Serra?!" Erk grumbled inaudibly. With a defeated sigh he shut the screen of his latop and grabbed his car keys. Bracing himself for the impact he slowly unlocked his door and began to turn the handle. His cautiousness went to waste as the knob was yanked from under his hand. Before he knew it the huge hunk of a whitewashed door was being swung straight into his face. Hurriedly, he took a step back only to be tackled to the ground anyways by, what the dorm building had come to refer to as a "Serra Squggle Hug of Doom."

"Oh, Elimine. This is going to be a heck of a day."

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