Chapter 37: The Call of the Siren

Count Philip de Chagny was not in his best moods. It was bad enough the he had to become his brother's keeper and make sure he would not do anything foolish, but get a headache because the same brother suddenly disappears is pushing the limits. Count de Chagny had been worried of Raoul's relationship with Christine Daae for some time now. After the night he had entered the Raoul's room to find him gun in his hand by the window saying someone had jumped out, he knew he had to do something about the situation. In Philip's mind Christine had somehow influenced Raoul's state of mind in a bad way.

"That wicked woman" he muttered. "I'll show her to mess up with noble men".

To Philip de Chagny's ultimate surprise Christine Daae didn't sing this night and Raoul didn't appear to his box. Philip left the opera before it had properly even begun and headed to meet Moncharmin and Richard, the manager of this so-called opera house. He knocked three times to their doors with his silver headed cane before Moncharmin finally opened the door.

"Monsieur le count, what owes us this surprise" Moncharmin said, obviously panicked that this noble man had something complaining about.

"I wish to know where Mademoiselle Daae is" count de Chagny said as calmly as he could. To his surprise both Moncharmin in front of him and Richard, who had been sitting behind his desk, grew paler immediately.

Moncharmin found his voice first. "We do not know where our current diva is, monsieur, but I can assure that her understudy is fully qualified to take her role".

"I am not interested of the show. I wish to speak to Mademoiselle immediately" count said and hit the floor with his cane.

Richard rose behind his seat. "Monsieur le count, the situation is that we have received instruction that La Daae will not appear this evening and that we must not question her whereabouts at all".

Count Philip's eyes winded. "You are the managers of this opera house. Who on Earth is giving instructions to you?" he demanded.

Moncharmin and Richard changed glances before the latter continued. "We can not tell you anymore than we already have, monsieur count. And believe me when I say that even if we would tell you, you wouldn't believe us".

Richard and Moncharmin had every right suspect that count de Chagny would believe them, even if they did tell the truth. This "Phantom" who had been haunting them the moment they step inside this opera house had proved to be superhuman in more than just one ways. Sometimes his laugh could be heard in silent halls even when you couldn't see anybody. He knows your deepest, darkest secrets that you haven't confess even to a priest. Whenever it was time to pay him his salary of 20 000 francs they just had to be put to a pocket and they disappeared. Not to mention that during the last performance of La Daae managers had sneaked in to box 5 to see if anyone truly was there. For a moment they though they saw a tall thin figure of a man standing in the shadow but in the blink of an eye it had disappeared. Neither Richard nor Moncharmin entered to box 5 again.

So it didn't take a genius to figure that both men would prefer stay silent about it.

Phillip looked both men like he was having a stroke. Never in his life had anyone from lower class dared to refuse to give him what he wanted.

"You will hear of me!" count shouted and stormed of the office. He ran through halls of the opera house, asking random peoples if they had seen Miss Daae or young viscount. It was finally one of the workmen who said he had seen viscount de Chagny in the company of the foreign gentleman going down below.

Down below! This day just keeps getting better, I see…

Count stormed to the cellars, ready to hit his brother with the cane to the head and give a strong piece of mind to Miss Daae who no doubt was all over his brother.

Count cursed his bad luck when he realised that he needed a lamp in the cellars and even more when he realised how many cellars the opera house truly had. He had heard stories of the Paris underground catacombs, but never before had he had a need to actually see them. "Better not to go wonder around" Philip muttered. "One might get lost in here".

Philip went stairs down and down, but he didn't see even a glance of Daae girl, Raoul or the foreign gentleman whose part in this play Philip didn't know.

"I wouldn't recommend you to continue, sir".

Philip whirled around and almost cried when he saw a flaming head in the darkness. It took him a moment to realise that in front of him was standing a man holding a lamp to his face. Man smell terrible and his teethes were yellow.

"Don't mind me, sir, I'm just the old rat catcher of this opera house" man said. "Somebody's got to do the dirty work; otherwise the entire theatre would be crawling all over them. The rats I mean, sir" rat catcher said, giving a smile that almost made Philip disgusted.

"Tell me, my good man, have you happened to see a young gentleman in a tuxedo here, or a young lady?" Philip asked.

"Can't say that I have, sir, this really isn't a place for young peoples to socialise. Only ones I see here is the rats, sir" man said a raised his other hand which was holding a sack. Something was moving inside the sack and Philip heard a terrible noise coming from inside. He had always hated rats.

"Have you seen a foreign gentleman then?" Philip asked impatiently, wanting to be rid of man's company.

"A well dressed dark skinned man? Not today but a few weeks ago then I did see him here. He was going down there" man said pointing a hand to the darkness. "There is still a one more store below us".

"Thank you" Philip said and started to head towards the darkness. Suddenly he felt the rat catcher's dirty hand on his shoulder.

"In the name of virgin Maria don't go in there, sir. There is something evil living down there. For the last ten years not one rat has entered there. In fact, sir, they seem to avoid the place by all cost" rat catcher said.

"No rats there? Even better for me!" count said and continued to the dark.

They are probably having some secret meeting there, Philip thought. The dark skinned man is probably their helper and has been coming here to make sure they know the path. Count walked carefully slippery stairs down to the fifth cellar where, to his ultimate shock, was not as dark. The place seemed to be covered by some bluish light that came from the underground lake. Philip had also heard stories of the lake but never thought he would actually see it.

Suddenly he heard a voice from the dark. A soft, singing voice seemed to fill the cave. The voice was so soft, so pure and innocent. It reminded him of something so long forgotten. He remembered the days of his youth in Austria. He remembered the young woman who had set him on fire by merely walking in the same room. The woman who he had admired, who had smiled to him sweetly and who had been the first to show him just how many ways you can love. Philip felt himself starting to cry. He hadn't had such a wonderful feeling since his youth, so many years ago then.

For a moment Philip was broken from the spell and he saw in the dark a two shinning cat-like eyes looking at him. But this didn't last long, when he heard a male voice whispering something and the song begun again and with it came that wonderful feeling. Philip refused to let go of this feeling he had so long ago then forgot. He reached out to emptiness and started walking towards the sound and the song. He felt ground disappear beneath him and then he was under the water. Beneath the surface he heard the singing more clearly. He didn't bother himself by the facts that it was dark and cold. For the first time in years Count Philip de Chagny felt himself carelessly happy again.

He closed his eyes and surrendered to it.

Chapter 38: The Decision

Christine was pacing in front of the window which revealed Raoul and the Persian in the mirror chamber. Both men were sweating and were had taken off their coats and waistcoats. Raoul was obviously loosing his sense of balance and the Persian wasn't doing much better.

"For God's sake, Christine" she heard Raoul beg from behind the glass "leave this place while you can".

Christine shook her head before remembering that neither of men could see her. "No, Raoul, I'm not going to run. Not this time. I know what I must do and I'm so sorry that I got you into this, Raoul" she said, her voice surprisingly strong still, considering the stress of past few days.

"It is I who should be blamed for getting you hear, viscount" the Persian said, also now showing sings of loosing balance. "And I agree with monsieur de Chagny that you should go, Miss Daae-"

"Shut up, daroga, you're annoying me greatly tonight".

Christine wasn't sure when Erik had came back but there he just suddenly stood. He waved his hand in front of the mirror and Christine couldn't hear anymore the Persian's voice. She still saw both men and their lips movement, but the sound was gone.

She turned to Erik, determined to make him realise. "Erik, you have to understand that I was going to come back to just before you barged into my dressing room".

"Haven't I told you already that your lies don't matter anymore, Christine?" Erik said with a hissing voice. "What matters now is your choice. I've given enough time to you, my dear, more than enough. Make it now! You are trying my patient!" he shouted the last bit.

Christine didn't flinch. She took a step forward and said spoke with a steady voice. "I was just about to come to that, Erik. This all is unnecessary, all this threatening and scaring peoples. My decision was already made before you appeared".

Erik was standing without moving. He kept his yellow eyes on Christine, taking her words in. Her eyes were showing him the very answer he craved for and now when it was represented to him, he hesitated. Never before would anyone given something so marvellous to him freely unless…

A low chuckle was heard underneath the mask. "I see. You want me to set the boy free and then…what? You would be my wife, eh?" he asked with a bitter, mocking voice. "And then what would you do, my dear? Drown yourself in the river perhaps? Or throw a dagger to your chest and die in your wedding dress? It would be shamed to cover that with blood…" his voice disappeared.

Christine felt infuriated and frustrated. "Why are you thinking that I would kill myself? Isn't marrying me what you wanted?" she asked desperately.

"I WANT A LIVING WIFE!" Erik cried and turned around, his shoulders violently shaking.

Christine looked at his back, understanding dawning. Erik had not expected her to choose him out of free will. He had expected to kill Raoul or gaining a prisoner for himself. Christine turned to look Raoul who was now on the ground while the Persian was looking something on the wall, eyes winded with fear. Hallucination probably, Christine thought.

"Erik" she said softly and touched his shoulder, which stopped shagging immediately. "Close the light from the chamber. Let them go free and I'll show you that you will not marry a corpse".

Erik whirled around, eyes boring to her. For a moment he just stood there watching her. Then he turned to the glass and waved his hands in the air. The light went out, so that black glass was reflecting only Erik and Christine now. In the next movement the glass opened and Erik stepped in. He returned carrying unconscious Raoul de Chagny in his arms and took him to Christine's room, laying him to her bed. Very tired looking Persian followed Erik.

Erik moved to the kitchen and returned very soon with a two steaming cups in his hands. He handed both to the Persian. "Stay with the boy, daroga. The tea will help you" he said and moved out of the room, closing door behind him. He came back to Christine, who was now practically radiant and smiling. Erik felt a piercing pain in his chest. Christine took a two step to Erik and with a slow movement, not to alarm Erik, she reached to his mask and took it off.

They stand there looking at each others. For the second time in her life Christine saw his face. A yellow-skin covering the skull, thin lips hardly concealing teeth, sunken yellow eyes in his skull and a black hole there where should be a nose. She looked at him without the slightest feeling of revolting. She congratulated herself for being able to watch him. A small smile appeared to her face when she took the final step to him.

"From here on I call myself your wife, Erik" she said. The decision had been made.

Erik's body was beginning to tremble as he took her face to his hands and felt almost ecstatic when she didn't flinch away. He lowered his head down and put his lips to her forehead. He raised his head up again to watch Christine…who hadn't died! She was still there, smiling at him. She put her arms to his shoulders and rose to tiptoes. Still smiling she put her lips gently to his.

The kiss wasn't deep or passionate and it didn't last long, but it was very intimate being the first for their both. Christine broke apart and for the first time saw a ghost of a smile on Erik's deformed features. And then a tear appeared from his sunken eyehole. It was soon followed another.

Erik fell to his knees as he cried for the first time in almost four decades. All the pain, love, passion, hurt and sorrow he had kept locked inside of him was coming out. He buried his face to his hands when he realised that this was not going to stop. But something took his hands away from his face. It was smiling Christine, who also had tears in her eyes. She kneeling in front of him and embraced.

Erik continued crying, burying his face in her hair, holding her close like his life was depending on it.

Everything else stopped existing to him.

Erik didn't know how long they had been like that, felt like hours to him. Even when his tears had stop running and his sobs quieted she still held him close. They stayed like that, accepting each others and Erik felt strange feeling going through him. Was this…happiness? He hadn't felt anything like this before.

"Could you play your Don Juan for me" Christine's voice broke the silence.

"What part of it" he asked silently.

"The one you played today".

Erik didn't need to answer. With some difficulty he rose up and guided Christine to the pipe organ. He sat down, Christine beside him, and played. The massive music came out of the pipes filling Erik's home. It took some time for him to find his voice and fill the room with it.

"While floating high above,
I hear, you speak my name.
Your voice, so sweetly calling me,
To come to you again.
I stole into your dreams,
I touched your soul to mine.
I gave you music, and soon,
You must rest here with me,

Before Erik could continue another voice filled the room. The voice came from the angel beside him.

"The tiny spark you give,
Also set my heart aflame..."

Erik felt overwhelming happiness as he joined Christine and they sang his masterpiece.

"That all the songs you hear me sing,
Are echoes of your name.
Our voices blend forever,
Ascending high above.
One day I'll fly as high with you,
And in Heaven's arms we'll be,

Erik felt his voice broke down so he took a little moment before finishing the song.

"We'll share paradise..."

Christine rested her head on his shoulder and sang with him.

"We'll share paradise..."

Christine smiled. Maybe they could share the paradise.

Chapter 39: The New World

Even when the steaming green tea did make him feel better, Nadir Kahn was still utterly confused by the turn of the events. He had been shadowing Miss Daae and young viscount earlier that day and followed them to the staircase leading to the roof. They had come down couple of hours later and after them he had seen glimpse of Erik running in the catwalk. It took only that one glimpse for Nadir to know that Erik was furious. Later he discovered that Miss Daae had vanished and the young viscount confirmed Nadir's suspects of the responsible.

Nadir had been nervous of what might happen when he was leading viscount to Erik's lair but nothing had prepared him for what happened. He soon found himself in the mirror chamber with viscount and realised that it had been trap. Erik must have predicted what Nadir would do and allowed him to see that one glimpse of him which immediately put him to action. Nadir cursed himself for being a fool and leading the young man to a certain death. In his worst nightmares Nadir hadn't imagined that Erik would be capable of making a young woman to decide between a death of a dear friend, possibly a love one, or spending life in the dark.

Nadir hadn't heard much what had been happening as Erik must have closed the sounds. Nadir remembered seeing hallucinations: seeing those bodies again in the hooks. He had seen them moving, pleading help from him. Nadir had wished to die soon.

And then door opened and Erik marched in and carried viscount out, commanding Nadir to follow him. He laid viscount to a beautiful bed, which had obviously been made for a lady, and handed two cups of steaming green tea for them both before leaving them to the room. He was feeling better now, though he probably didn't look like it, and was thinking what might happen now. Did Erik move them out merely for teasing them? Or had Miss Daae convinced him…? As ludicrous as the idea was Nadir had never seen the look Erik had when he led them to this room. He seemed to be excited and frightened at the same time. And now Nadir had been sitting here, watching still unconscious Raoul de Chagny, and praying that this day would bring no-one death.

The music made him jump a little. Erik was playing organs. Nadir didn't recognise the music but judging by how emotional it was he dared to think it was one of Erik's. Soon his voice was heard but it wasn't strong as Nadir had used to hear. It sounded like Erik had been crying. Nadir didn't have time to think this much further when another sound was heard. Miss Daae was alive and well, it seemed. Nadir dared to walk out of the room and venture as close as he could; to the door of the music room. What he saw surprised him even more than anything that had already happened. Erik was sitting at the organ, unmasked, and Miss Daae was sitting next to him, her head on his bony shoulder.

They sat like that for a long time after music had stopped.

Erik's low soft voice broke the silence. "I don't have rights to take you with me".

"Since when has that stopped you?" Christine said just as softly.

Erik sighed. "Is this truly what you want, Christine? If we take this path together you are chained to me till the end of time itself. If you won't leave me tonight you never will, I can't allow you to. And I've seen beyond, Christine, and there are no guaranties that you'd be free of me even then".

Christine raised her head from his shoulder and put her hands around him. "I've been chained to you ever since you saved me from that alley five years ago then, Erik" she said simply. "And whatever happens after we die is the concern of that time".

Nadir wondered if there had been something drugging in that tea or that he was still in the mirror chamber seeing hallucinations.

Christine continued. "You don't have to keep me locked up, Erik. I won't run away ever again".

Erik let out a sound that resembled a sigh of relief. "Then you should go and say your goodbyes to viscount before we leave".

Christine looked at Erik. "Leave?"

Erik sounded amused. "You didn't think we would be living here, did you? My wife deserves a better home with sunlight".

Nadir was dumbfounded. Not only was Erik planning to live in the light, which Nadir though would call little more than just a magic trick, but he clearly saw how delighted Christine was when Erik called her his wife.

Christine gave a quick kiss to his cheek, or cheekbone more likely, and then stand up to the door. She gave surprised sigh when she noticed Nadir. Erik turned to him also. "Ah, daroga, I was hoping to have a word with you. Come in, I won't bite" he said.

Christine muttered an excuse me when she passed Nadir. Erik spoke to him the moment he stepped inside the room. "Isn't she amazing? Such a good girl" Erik spoke in awe.

"Erik…are you sure what you are doing?" Nadir said carefully, knowing how easily Erik's mood could be changed.

To his surprise Erik looked him with a grin on his distorted face. "Truthfully I have absolutely no idea at all!" he said and laughed. Not the chilling quiet laugh that sends shivers to anyone's spine or maniacal laugh that he made in during his insane moment. This laugh was rich and pleasant to hear.

"Seriously you don't think that I would ever harm her, do you?" Erik asked. "Not after what you saw?"

Nadir felt like he had been hit to the face. Of course Erik had known him to be watching them the entire time.

And then he realised that what exactly he had witnessed.

When Christine had her hands around him Erik wasn't the manipulating, cold-blooded ruler, who had never even heard of a conscious. He had been nothing more than a puppy or a child feeding himself with the love he was receiving. Nadir felt almost light-headed when he realised the importance of what he had seen. For Christine's love Erik was ready to make peace with the entire world! For her he would be ready to cut skies open and drown the world in blood but he didn't need to. As long as Christine was by his side he had no reason to harm another soul. Christine would protect the entire world and as long as Erik received her love he would be satisfied. And for what Nadir had seen he figured Christine would never stop giving her love to Erik.

Nadir felt relieved. For the first time in his life in almost 25 years he didn't need to be afraid of what Erik would do. The whole new world had opened its door right before them.

"I can see you have realised it" Erik said, still sounding amused. He stood up and collected his mask from floor. He settled it to his head. "Do not try to follow us, daroga" he said briefly, before walking away from him.

Chapter 40: In the Dark

October, 1911

Five months, Raoul de Chagny thought angrily. Five months since he stand at the rooftop of the Opera house and confessed his love for Christine. Five months since he ventured with the Persian underneath the Opera house. Five months since the day that still haunt his dreams.

Raoul made let himself in from the main doors of the Opera house and so happened to come across with Firmin Richard and Armand Moncharmin in the grand stairs.

"Good day, viscount. What brings you to our Opera house?" Moncharmin says as he spots the young aristocrat.

"We thought you had left for Europe" Richard adds, avoiding the word front. It is still too impossible thought to think that there is a war on their doorsteps that might come in anytime now.

"I wanted to come to see that place one last time. You know the place in the fifth cellar" young man says.

The managers looked at each others, as if not knowing what to do.

"Are you quite sure?" Richard asked.

"I'm positive. Just one more time and I won't come back anymore" Raoul said firmly.

"You couldn't even if you wanted" Moncharmin said. "The rats have started to appear back to fifth cellar. First time in ten years the rat catcher said".

Of course, Raoul thought, now that he's no longer living there.

Raoul knew the way already. He went to auditorium where Mme. Giry was holding a lesson. She noticed him.

"May I help you, monsieur?" she asked.

Raoul hardly even noticed her. "No need to bother because of me, Madame. I'm on my way to the cellars". This simple statement caused whispering among the ballet girls. But hardly could anyone say another word when Raoul already had headed to the backstage and there to the cellars.

He took a lamp to guide his way and used his walking cane to get rid of the possible rats on the way down. As he succumbed to the darkness he remembered that day five moths ago as if it had been only yesterday.

His head hurt terribly and his throat was dry. He tried to see where he was but it seemed as if one eye saw only black and other bright light. The last thing he remembered was to be in the chamber of mirrors and hear Christine's beautiful voice and HIS terrifying hiss. But where was he now? Not in chamber that was for sure.

Maybe he had died and gone to hell. But if this was hell why did it feel so comfortable? Then again if this was heaven why did his throat hurt? Maybe he was in limbo. Maybe his destiny had not yet being decided.

Just then Raoul felt a soft hand caressing his face and something was brought to his lips. He tasted warm tea in his mouth and it felt good.

"Take it easy, Raoul. We don't want you to choke" said a voice in distance. A voice that he knew well. Christine! Raoul blinked his eyes and all the messed up colours started to settle down. He realised he was in a comfortable bed and that Christine was standing above him.

"Christine?" he asked, hardly believing it. "Where are we? What happened?"

"Shh. We are all well, Raoul, don't worry. The worst is over. You need to rest now before you try to get back up above" she said.

That woke Raoul up. "Above? You mean we are still down in the catacombs?" he asked, worrying already replacing tiredness.

"Yes, we are still down here, but don't worry. There is nothing to harm any of us anymore" she said.

Raoul felt hope. "Is he letting us go? Is that monster still here?" he asked.

Raoul wondered were the light and shadows on Christine's face making him seeing things or did she look rather angry at those words of his? The expression on her face lasted only a moment but Raoul was sure he had seen it.

"Erik is still here. He is talking with the Persian gentleman at the moment" she said softly. Then her face leaned close to Raoul's. "Thank you, Raoul, for being a friend to help me when I needed help. You've done much for me and I can't begin to thank you. I just want you to know that come what may I'll always hold you dear" she said. Then she kissed him on his forehead. "You'd better rest now" she said and pulled away. She walked to the door and looked Raoul one last time. Then she walked off. It was only then that Raoul noticed how beautiful wedding dress she had.

Raoul didn't know how long did it take for him to get up. It could have been five minutes but felt like hours. He walked with shaking legs out of the room to the most amazing hall he had ever seen. There he saw Christine again, except she had dressed now to a blue dress. The Persian was also standing there and seemed to be in a far better shape than Raoul was.

"Ah, monsieur de Chagny has risen up" said a voice behind Raoul. He didn't have to turn around to see him because the person behind him walked past him to the hall. He was thin and tall and had a long black cape covering him. He also had a black hat and…no mask. But neither did his face look revolting. Dark hair covered the back side of his head. His skin was sickly pale but he had nose and lips and everything.

"Well, what do you think, Christine? Work for now? I intend to make it more realistic in time" Erik said. Astonished Christine walked to Erik and touched his cheek.

"It looks so real…one could never guess" she said.

It was then Raoul noticed that man's face was nothing more than a mask. Raoul didn't know what it was made of, was or rubber, but it seemed to move with his facial movements. One wouldn't see difference unless being very close to him. Did he say he was going to make it more realistic?

"And to put your mind to rest, daroga, I give you these" Erik said and pulled parchments under his cape. He handed them to the Persian who had a shocked expression on his face.

"Erik, these-"

"…Are stolen from the most private library in Persia. I give these to you because I have no more use for them or the forbidden knowledge they hold. I give them to you to use as you see the best".

The Persian didn't hesitate one moment to walk to the fire place and throw parchments and whatever they were about to the fire. Erik had a blank look on his face but replaced it quickly by turning to Christine. He opened his cape like a huge bat opens its wings.

"Ready my dear?"

Christine walked to him and put her hands around him. Erik closed his "wings" around her, covering her to his cape. Christine was smiling, resting her head on his chest.

"I love you" she said.

Erik's masked face was surprised, shocked and beaming all at the same time. He kissed Christine's head gently and turned to Raoul.

"I advice you to move to the door" he said. Raoul couldn't comprehend his words but the Persian moved to him and guided him to the door that was open, leading to the lake.

"Christine…?" Raoul asked weakly when Erik suddenly raised his hand and throw something to the ground. And then a sudden burst of light appeared and in a matter of seconds both Erik and Christine's bodies were covered by flames.


Raoul tried to get to her but the Persian hold on. Raoul was too weak to fight against him and, to his surprise, he saw that same flames were covering the entire hall very fast. Raoul looked to the Persian in order to shout to him but he talked first.

"He burned the place to protect his secrets. That nobody else can now his architectural genius".

Then blackness covered him again.

Raoul hadn't understood it then. Why had the Persian being so calm? He didn't understand it five months ago then. Not until a month, when the workmen had being able to come down here and try to get access to the place. They got in, but couldn't understand how someone had lived there. They found destroyed furniture's, musical instruments and a bed.

But no bodies were found. Flames should have at least leave bones to be found but they had found nothing. Of course the Persian had been calm. He knew that dying was not in Erik's plans.

Raoul had been in a panic first. He had tried to make a plan to found them but after four months they had disappeared. Now Raoul was going to go to Europe, seeing how bad the things had get in there, but he had to come one last time to see this place. To say goodbye, for Raoul knew it was time to let go.

Now that he watched the dark cave in the dim lamp light it felt like an eternity ago then when he was here. After that day his brother Count Philip had been found from the river. Doctors said it was a miracle he was still alive, though something had changed. Just two weeks later Philip decided to got to Switzerland, even when everyone knew how unsettled the things were in Europe. He just said he wanted to meet some of his old friends.

Raoul took one last look at the lake where had been heard no siren singing anymore and made his way back up, feeling tired but somehow relieved. Back in the opera house he met Meg Giry, a beautiful young girl who had a strong will of live.

"Do you think we will see her again" she asked him.

Raoul looked at her, allowing himself to admire strong willed woman she had become during the past months, when she had helped him to get workmen down below.

"Who knows what is waiting for us in the dark" Raoul said and decided to stay change the subject.


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