It seems like most people would do anything to be me. Well I would do anything not to be me. I love my friends and I am happy, but… nothings happened. As in nothing interesting… no adventure. Nothing at all. I hide under my big smiles and happiness. But can the people see that it's a fake? Who will save me? For 2 years I've been wishing for something absolutely AH-MAZING happen to me. Not yet has it happened to me, the one every claim to be so AH-MAZING, Brooke Myers.

"HANNAH! Hurry up! Were supposed to be there already!" I screamed up the stairs. I looked around at her house. It was so much better than mine. It was clean. It was big. It was awesome.

Hannah and I have known each other since we were born. Were best friends. Our parents are best friends. We practically live with each other in the summer. The only thing that sucks about our friendship is that she goes to a private school for really smart people and I go to a public school. But we always find ways to hang out.

Today is just a regular summer day in Georgia of 2006. We were supposed to be going to a birthday party hosted by our parents but if Hannah didn't come down soon I don't think were going.

"HANNAH! If you don't get down here now I swear—" I ran up the stairs and burst through Hannah's bedroom door. I stopped abruptly when I realized no one was in the room. "Hannah? Where are you?" I turned my head and saw Hannah's closet door open.

"Yes! Finally I can borrow some of her clothes!" I thought to my self as a mischievous grin approached on my face. I tip toed slowly towards the closet just to be careful if Hannah was still in the room. I grabbed the closet door knob lightly and walked in pulling the door closed behind me. When the door shut all the way I felt different. Something wasn't right.

I pushed the feeling aside as my grin began to grow bigger. I walked further and further in to the closet. The further I got it felt like the closet began to close in on me. Then I saw a door at the end of the path. "That's strange… that's never been there before…" i thought. I reached for the door knob. It was cold as ice. I quickly opened the door and stepped inside. The closet behind me disappeared and the door with it. My heart began to pound faster as I walked further in. I tripped over something small and landed face first into SNOW?