Jellicle Side Story

Disclaimer: I don't own West Side Story. Or CATS. Or any of the characters. Or the songs. BLAH BLAH BLAH. U get the idea. I do, however, own Magoslavia, Romelus, Amelotte, Apollo, Cierro, and the rest of the cats in the shark tribe. But I don't own the sharks. Too bad, so sad. On with the story!

There are many different tribes of cats in the junkyards of the bigger cities. But the two most powerful are the Jellicles and the Pollicles. The Pollicles technically aren't in this story. Oh, well. Anyway, the Jellicles inhabit a junkyard which has a tire with magic powers to take one lucky cat a year to the Heaviside Layer. But it only shows up once in this story, and you already knew that from watching CATS. The Jellicles were often under attack by Macavity and his tribe: the Sharks, who were a subdivision of the Pollicles. So, it was decided that the strongest toms were to stand guard at the front of the junkyard and to attack any intruders. Five toms were chosen: Munkustrap, The Rum Tum Tugger, Mistoffelees, Pouncival, and Romelus. Romelus had been nominated by Munkustrap, being his best friend. Romelus was the son of Jennyanydots and a tom named Cesarion, who had been sent to the Heaviside Layer before Romelus was born. Jennyanydots adored her son from the moment she realized she was pregnant with him. She would spend her days stroking her huge belly and knitting little blankets for her unborn kitten. When he was born, she would take him into the house she frequented and show him off to her humans, meowing "This kitten is MY son! Isn't he just the cutest?" When he grew older, he learned to catch mice and to tie complicated knots and, most importantly, although Jennyanydots, who was a pacifist, did not like the endless fighting, how to spot a Pollicle or any member of a Pollicle subdivision. Romelus was also a wonderful big brother to his younger brother and sister, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, and his stepfather, Skimbleshanks, became his role model and idol. Romelus grew up to be an extremely handsome tom, seconding only to Tugger. He had golden fur with orange tabby stripes, and fifties-style head fur with a mullet that would make John Samos jealous. He became one of the best warriors in the tribe, and Munkustrap was always telling him, "Romelus, you could lick any Pollicle who set foot in this junkyard." Even with all of this, Romelus was not the happiest cat in the junkyard. He wanted to find love more than anything in the world. He wanted to have a gorgeous queen by his side, and to be a father to many beautiful kittens. Just any queen would not cut it. Oh, no. This queen would have to be special. But where would he find such a queen?

Near the grimy roads of Tottenham Court, in the No-Man's Land, lived the Sharks. They did not have the junkyard facilities that the Jellicles took for granted. Instead, they lived in abandoned office buildings and restaurants. Grizabella, the glamour cat, had been adopted into the Sharks when she left the Jellicles, and her-um- "work" had given her a beautiful daughter. The girl's name was Magoslavia. Magoslavia had not had as peaceful an upbringing as Romelus had had, not by a long shot. Yes, Grizabella had been devoted to her sweet little kitten, but she was-ahem- "working" every night, Macavity was always ordering them to go on missions into Jellicle territory. When Magoslavia was a little kitten, Grizabella adopted a little motherless kitten named Apollo. Apollo was a handsome kitten, and grew into an even handsomer tom with long black fur and bright green eyes. He was the mate of Amelotte, Magoslavia's best friend, a serious young Siamese, a realist and like a second mother to Magoslavia, being a year older than she. Magoslavia grew into a beautiful queen with soft, grey and white fur, with three huge grey patches, one that covered her ears and head fur, one that formed a sort of cropped top over her chest and one that went halfway down her legs like a pair of shorts and over her long, beautiful tail. Her blue eyes shone like moons and around her neck, she wore a stolen collar of Woolworth pearls. Cierro, her brother's best friend, who had fur like a bundle of rags, was interested in her, but all Cierro could think about was fighting Jellicles. Toms like Cierro were a dime a dozen. Magoslavia wanted somebody special. But who?

In Jellicle territory, Pouncival was standing guard at the front of the junkyard. It was his first time protecting the junkyard alone, and he was afraid. He looked to the right. Nothing. He looked to the left. Nothing. So far, so good. Suddenly, he was ambushed from behind by Shark warriors. They leapt on him and began scratching and biting wildly. Apollo's claw pierced his ear. Pouncival yelled "Jellicles!" Munkustrap, Tugger, Mistoffelees, and Romelus leapt on the Sharks and began clawing and biting. The battle continued for hours. Then, in the distance, they heard a noise. It was the barking of dogs. "RUN!" they all yelled, and ran for their territories as a Pit Bull bounded at them.